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  1. Don't leave yet! It's been years since someone illiterate graced our boards. The raw amount of half baked memes you're spouting will surely prove you're a superior intellectual. Perhaps if you call a few more of us autist's you'll feel more secure about your place on the spectrum
  2. Tl;dr: what Blackout said about Bran but instead it's my idea
  3. So apparently it's supposed to be a full white walker dragon? Because blue eyes? Also would love a "Bran's using Westeros' ravens as an IM system" to explain some plot contrivances away but the that's asking for too much
  4. Mind the paraphrasing, but from what my friends who were at the protests said, there was no warning given before gas canisters were thrown. The warning came is dispersal. Were there armed leftist groups at the protest? Of course, they happily idetified themselves as such. Despite this, no arrests were made and no suspects listed for assaulting a police officer. The more likely scenario in my head was police officers, who were deployed in sweaty, itchy riot gear got a little impatient and wanted to wrap things up faster than spend more time in the sweltering weather. Mind you, I cannot be sure, but the fact that our local newspapers who all lean to the right are refraining from throwing stones (get it?) at the protestors and mentioned an internal investigation gives me pause. Also, not sure who mentioned it and I couldn't be bothered to quote them, but Churchill deliberately ignored a famine in India during WW2 and even lied to the allies about the U.K. grain supply because he was a racist asshole.
  5. I'm assuming it would start out too expensive, fast food is all about that margin of profit and their customer base is , in most cases, all about the low price. And honestly, factory farms are held to almost no standards considering food quality and the meat they produce. It'll be hard for any synthetic meat to be a step down from that
  6. Is this that synthetic meat I've been hearing about? I'd love to see an end to factory farms, most American meat is held to such a low standard due to it.
  7. Haven't started season 3 yet but if you cannot tell I'm a fan. If you liked Breaking Bad, this show will not disappoint.
  8. Sup, goat? Krotos told me to seek you out for Dark Crusade, I'm looking to set up a game
    1. supgoat


      That's right, do you have me on steam?
  9. Well I just learned a heck of a whole lot about a few of our members. I've had a few friends transition and it shouldn't a surprise that it's not easy for anyone who does it. So, yeah, go fuck yourself diplo. Fucking white supremacists are active on this forum, I think everyone can act like an adult when it comes to trans people
  10. Yo, just grabbed it, hoping to be there but I'll see if this toaster with a keyboard can run it
  11. Couldn't disagree more, the Ultimate Cut is the only way you should watch the Watchmen.
  12. Sangre de Christo. Whiskey, champagne and grenadine
  13. I hardly think that education is to blame since that's a very recent development. Your argument boils down to "Hurr Durr millenials" and ignores the disenfranchisement felt by working classes in the developed world for years. I think a main issue is that the working class has been catered to by win over a dying working class with shrinking prospects. Politicians seized on their worries through populist means, blaming just about everything modern and liberal as the cause of their woes. But hey, the wealthy elitist college students are more likely the problems. If the working class could actually afford to send their children to school maybe there wouldn't be so many "special snowflakes"
  14. Blackout

    The End Game

    Personally I think the whole "separate but equal" system has only worked in one situation, that being Diplo and Gisle. Before this morning I honestly thought their forum was dead
  15. I'll be away from Christmas for the first time as well. Going to be hard, whole family will be home besides myself.
  16. Boy do I love a good map. What does the green portion on the map represent?
  17. What if we define the robot not on its own measurement of intelligence but on the Turing Test? If the robot is intelligent enough to the point at which it cannot be distinguished from a human, wouldn't that make whatever sexual act in question cheating? It is easy to say that in some cases an AI might as well be a vibrator, but if that vibrator is self aware and has a similar appearance to a human being, who are we to say that a robot is without emotional attachment and can't develop the same emotions a human has
  18. I was 1Blackout in Runescape and Wc3, then made the jump to Blackout, then to Blackhout, then to Eliot Rosewater on Steam after my high school Vonnegut phase
  19. Blackout

    New Diplo Logo

    Ser Fergus doesn't care about Black Themes
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