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  1. Sunday February 1st Isn't the 1st a Saturday?
  2. MatthewB

    Greece Changelog

    Has Marcus gone off the deep end? Good update, Eagle.
  3. I saw the video shortly after it was first uploaded. It's hard for me to take a country seriously when they freak out about this kind of thing. Edit: A friend told me the guy was charged for being "grossly offensive".
  4. I roll around a lot when I sleep, so I always end up hurting myself when I sleep on the floor. My best sleep tends to come from resting in a chair.
  5. These are the changes I would make. North Germany Controls German navy. Fights teal on the western front. Two Russias Russia is split between St. Petersburg and Moscow. St. Petersburg focuses on East Germany. Moscow should focus on supporting St. Petersburg and Serbia. I think Central starting defenses around Russia should be slightly increased to make up for the additional player.
  6. Everyone should just get into the habit of restarting wc3 after every game.
  7. If we don't include seasoning, I like crab the most.
  8. These changes look good to me.
  9. MatthewB

    Steam Calculator

    They calculate your total average price per hour by taking the average of the average price per hour for each pay to play game in your library that you have played. I'm not a huge fan of that.
  10. Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy birthday! I hope Inferous also had a great birthday.
  11. MatthewB

    Economy Re-Work

    I’m not sure if this is all of them, but I know that these cities don’t gain population from buildings or from the .2% each income. Aegion Heraion Kastri Korkyra Urganli I also thought of some two more things to encourage aggression. Mercenary gold can be increased. Agoras can give less population.
  12. MatthewB

    Economy Re-Work

    I don’t think eco is op right now. However, i’m not against making war more profitable. How about making it so cities don’t lose population? Speaking of population, some of the cities don’t get more pop when you build next to them. Is this going to be addressed in the future?
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