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  1. Official "reponse": https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/blizzard/23185888/regarding-last-weekend-s-hearthstone-grandmasters-tournament Good take on it by YongYea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMlqJ7Bd8HM
  2. Soup

    Koreans and Coke

    She's just asking innocently for some Coké, I see no issues.
  3. Yeah the side dishes are definitely specific more to Korean tastes, and though the meat can be delicious with the stuff they give you it gets expensive quick for any meaningful portions. To date though, I haven't really found bulgogi as good as I can make at home- and they don't seem to provide those sauces at Korean BBQ places which I find weird. Not the biggest fan of teriyaki either, I aim more for katsu's flavourings when I go for Japanese.
  4. The "sushi" burgers have existed for a while, the first I heard of them was years back, from a local Mos Burger restaurant. They're pretty good and tend to go better with some of the more asian-centered meat flavours like the ginger-pork and and of the teriyaki; in general, a "sushi" burger is more an alternate way to present sushi, in a more traditional meal (with chips) and they normally come hot, which sushi does not (traditionally). I'm not a huge fan of sashimi (the raw fish sushi), but there's plenty of fusion-style sushi places around where I live- my favourite to date is a Korean-Japanese fusion place that does aburi-styled sushi which is normally presented nigiri (a narrow bed of rice with the meat/vegetables on top, and a small band of seaweed to attach them). Specifically, they also do a wagyu aburi, which means they place fantastic quality raw beef on top of the bed with some asian BBQ sauce, sear it with a hand torch and you get it slightly raw but thin and hot enough to have eradicated any potential health concerns. It's absolutely delicious, but a departure from traditional japanese cuisine. Also, aburi cheese and chicken is mouth wateringly good. Also Eagle, good taste. Korean BBQ is pretty great, and I've learnt that I have access to good sauces at my local asian grocers to make bulgogi and galbi at home, which I put shabu-shabu style meat (thinly sliced to the point of being shaved, normally ribeye steak) in the sauce to marinade for a little bit, and then throw it on the barbie. Comes out delicious and cooks in almost no time at all thanks to the thinness of the meat, and I serve it quite simply with rice and sliced cabbage on the side, with yuzu dressing available for the cabbage, a roasted sesame seed mill and japanese mayo condiments. I could probably serve the entire dish as a "burger" with a rice bun, but I feel like having the parts separate let the cabbage be cold, crisp and sharp with the yuzu lends a better overall flavour balance with the rich BBQ meat than putting them all in the same place. I'll take some piccies next time I get sushi, and when I do korean BBQ at home again.
  5. Obligatory we live in a literal police state. But aside from that, the irony astounds me. The ABC News has been firmly biased toward the LNP for as long as I remember. Even in these past few years the sheer amount of hit-piece interviews of Labour representatives and the embarrassingly bad "he's got it firmly under control" routines for the Liberal leadership have been laid on thick with very little transparency. Interestingly, national news coverage of Tony Abbot took a 180 turn in preference shortly after he publicly condemned (paraphrasing here) the "people who are really in charge of the media here in Australia" (i.e. Murdoch). I don't know if Turnbull made such a mistake so much as secured his pension, abused his position to secure a monopoly on a substantial market share of the service industry in Australia with a buddy of his and finally became less popular as his critics became louder- supposedly the LNP campaigners planned it at least months in advance. Beyond that, Sky News has strong-armed its way into Australia's mainstream viewing, and has been busy at tailoring the crowd's expectations and political preferences. I'm not really worried about a precedent for attack on journalism, as Australia is quite literally a police state and any idea of freedom of press here is sadly immaterial.
  6. Soup

    Ask Diplo

    Gotta get Bors to do TikTok videos, YouTube reaction vids and organised Diplo Fortnite-dance flashmobs. That'll lasso in the zoomers.
  7. Good to hear that Duterte is still being a hardass. Also yes, the irony regarding the helicopters is great- especially when the Canadian military continues to assist NATO in the Middle East against, what're they called? Extremist rebels?
  8. The first thing that came to mind besides a chef's outfit was a shirt my dad ended up ordering off the internet that had a good cut to it (but a terribly itchy fabric). I've since discovered the style of collar that I thought was banded was actually a mandarin collar (and the indian nehru collar which copied it), and honestly while the banded collar is... Classic, for service staff, beyond instant recognition of such I'd say it lacks the stylish flair of the mandarin collar or the well-dressed look of a typical western shirt and tie that looks sharp when done well. As it is, band/banded collars seem to have been designed for detachable collars which were popular in the 1830's. The banded "collar" shirts have remained in clothing, but the detachable collars don't seem to have. I don't particularly care for them without the potential of some of the what I must imagine were more interesting collar designs, and thus in lieu of them I would take a mandarin collar any day for a sharp but tie-less shirt. I will note however, that both banded and mandarin collared shirts can seem to come in the short base-of-the-neck style and the the high collar look, and I think both look better in the latter. They can be quite spiffy: Chinese clothing adverts are an unexpected gem: Quite nice on the ladies as well, though shirts are harder to find: I would also add that it seems you can find a good mandarin collar by looking for the nehru collar that it inspired. Apparently, this particular style of collar has also been used in movies throughout the years in villain apparel... And how Dr No dressed Bond while he was out cold: Wait is this guy a villain?
  9. Soup


    Are people really going out of their way to be offended by Rammstein these days? They've always been a bit edgy with their videos, but the lyrics honestly remind me of the Russian sentiment that was translated from something Putin said in 2005 roughly equates to "People in Russia say that those who do not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union have no heart, and those that do regret it have no brain". I would draw a parallel that like Putin, perhaps Rammstein is saying that the people are scared of being becoming proud and powerful again because it might lead them to repeat their mistakes. Unlike the Germans, Putin's continuation from the idea of national pride in their past was to move forward and improve themselves, using the past as a compass to steer themselves away from the same mistakes without dismissing the good that came along with the bad. I might be talking out of my arse but this song really did remind me of Putin's quote, though the lead-on was a lot less optimistic. For reference, Putin's lead-on was "We do not regret this, we simply state the fact and know that we need to look ahead, not backwards. We will not allow the past to drag us down and stop us from moving ahead. We understand where we should move. But we must act based on a clear understanding of what happened..." What I don't understand is, why is anybody getting offended over it? Rammstein's visuals have always been edgy, though I must admit the black woman's usage confused me. Was the insinuation that the worst atrocities committed by the German peoples were lead by foreigners, as with the Austrian, Adolf Hitler? I wish I knew more about all of the referenced events in the video. EDIT: I watched pona's video, and agree OY VEY. Bring horror of the holocaust to young people? They're pushing holocaust shit here in Australia and other countries to younger people, "incitement to violence"? How incredibly hypocritical and missing the point I think. Maybe Israelis just don't want other people monetizing it?
  10. I might give it a miss at least for now, though it is a good sign for them to be selling their old games on a relevant vendor like GoG. Just wouldn’t seem right to have to have a flashy client like the Battle.net client to have to play something that old.
  11. The biggest issue facing me at the moment is the dialog(ue) box system that's used to conduct diplomacy in the game. Even all those years ago Norbo and Squashwell planned ahead enough to trigger a warning when a dialog box was trying to be populated with more than 15 buttons, and so though my detection was early thanks to this, I am still scratching my head at how to split the diplomacy options into multiple pages. Before I go on, some screenshots to illustrate why it's a problem (in a 24 player map): Basically, only so many buttons can appear on the screen. I've been doing all of my edits in JASS due to not having access to an unprotected version of the map, and I can understand enough of it to fill in what's missing and what was broken to make it not work in the current patch. Dialog boxes however, are not my speciality. I'm working on it, but if anyone has some ideas to help, I would be very very grateful. For now I'll also post a code snippet, since it's extremely relevant: function lMB takes integer x,integer y returns integer return((y*15)+x) endfunction function lMC takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(0) endfunction function lMD takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(1) endfunction function lME takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(2) endfunction function lMF takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(3) endfunction function lMG takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(4) endfunction function lMH takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(5) endfunction function lMI takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(6) endfunction function lMJ takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(7) endfunction function lMK takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(8) endfunction function lML takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(9) endfunction function lMM takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(10) endfunction function lMN takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(11) endfunction function SOUP01 takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(12) endfunction function SOUP02 takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(13) endfunction function SOUP03 takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(14) endfunction function SOUP04 takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(15) endfunction function SOUP05 takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(16) endfunction function SOUP06 takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(17) endfunction function SOUP07 takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(18) endfunction function SOUP08 takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(19) endfunction function SOUP09 takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(20) endfunction function SOUP10 takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(21) endfunction function SOUP11 takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(22) endfunction function SOUP12 takes nothing returns nothing set udg_player02=Player(23) endfunction function lMO takes string l6K,player p returns nothing set udg_integer11=GetPlayerId(p) call DialogDisplayBJ(false,udg_dialogs01[udg_integer11],Player(udg_integer11)) set udg_integers06[udg_integer11]=0 call DialogClear(udg_dialogs01[udg_integer11]) call DialogSetMessage(udg_dialogs01[udg_integer11],l6K) set p=null endfunction function lMP takes nothing returns nothing call lKV(GetEnumPlayer()) endfunction function lMQ takes nothing returns nothing local integer l2T=0 loop exitwhen l2T==24 set udg_triggers02[l2T]=CreateTrigger() set udg_dialogs01[l2T]=DialogCreate() call TriggerRegisterDialogEvent(udg_triggers02[l2T],udg_dialogs01[l2T]) if l2T==0 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function lMC) elseif l2T==1 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function lMD) elseif l2T==2 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function lME) elseif l2T==3 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function lMF) elseif l2T==4 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function lMG) elseif l2T==5 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function lMH) elseif l2T==6 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function lMI) elseif l2T==7 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function lMJ) elseif l2T==8 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function lMK) elseif l2T==9 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function lML) elseif l2T==10 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function lMM) elseif l2T==11 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function lMN) elseif l2T==12 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function SOUP01) elseif l2T==13 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function SOUP02) elseif l2T==14 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function SOUP03) elseif l2T==15 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function SOUP04) elseif l2T==16 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function SOUP05) elseif l2T==17 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function SOUP06) elseif l2T==18 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function SOUP07) elseif l2T==19 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function SOUP08) elseif l2T==20 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function SOUP09) elseif l2T==21 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function SOUP10) elseif l2T==22 then call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function SOUP11) else call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers02[l2T],function SOUP12) endif set l2T=l2T+1 endloop endfunction function lMR takes string l6L,code actions returns nothing local integer l31=lMB(udg_integers06[udg_integer11],udg_integer11) if udg_integers06[udg_integer11]<15 then set udg_integers06[udg_integer11]=udg_integers06[udg_integer11]+1 set udg_buttons01[l31]=DialogAddButtonBJ(udg_dialogs01[udg_integer11],l6L) call DestroyTrigger(udg_triggers01[l31]) set udg_triggers01[l31]=CreateTrigger() call TriggerRegisterDialogButtonEvent(udg_triggers01[l31],udg_buttons01[l31]) call TriggerAddAction(udg_triggers01[l31],actions) else call DisplayTextToForce(bj_FORCE_ALL_PLAYERS,"ERROR: May not add more that 15 buttons to a dialog!") endif endfunction I'm still trying to figure it out myself, I just wanted to have this out there while I tackle the things I do know how to deal with and let my subconscious mull over it.
  12. Huge thanks to Abdel for his hard work and the community for still being interested after so long, I hope that I can do a classic justice in bringing it back to Warcraft III for the new and old players alike.
  13. Alright so after an embarrassing run for the Diplomunion game night, I've reworked my fix from the ground up. So far, the changelog is as follows: 12 player version is now just a version of the 24 player with 12 slots removed, triggers are the same and should work without issue Military units including generals are now appropriately militant instead of libertarian, meaning roads are safe from (unintentional) gunfire Command Points are no longer a faction on their own that resist all attempts to be captured Similarly, oil nodes at sea are no longer passively aggressive Triggers for all potential players have been populated, thankfully the trigger structure allows such grafting without any issue A top-down render of the map has replaced the mini-map both in-game and as a preview icon, making the map 20% "prettier" However, there is still a to-do list as not everything is working as intended yet: The button limit is still about 15 on a 1080 height resolution, meaning I will need to work out how to add a second page for diplomacy dialog boxes Potential fuel bug- I was able to use a leviathan for the space of a minute before I turned my taxes to 25 to see if a general could fight it 1v1 (the answer is still no) Fix the multiboard and timers from shunting to the left once grace period is up (isolated when it happens at least) Integrate the timers into the multiboard so there's less clutter Turn the ingame help and tutorial into an opt-out thing instead of opt-in, giving newbies a fighting chance considering nobody seems to read F9 anymore Add some more cosmetic upgrades to make it less of an eyesore in modern Wc3- just minor things since we've got WC3R coming up I'll integrate this into the original post once the next version is out, and I'll release what I've done now protected as a version 0.0.1 here for both 12 and 24 players. Thanks for trying it out anyway guys, and glad others are still interested in it as I am. Have some screenshots that I've accrued trying out my various attempts!
  14. I really like the forum feed on the discord, personally. I use discord to do a large amount of my socialising these days, so I end up checking it more than anything else- it allows me to see what's being discussed at a given time, get the gist of responses and drop in with specific links. I've been working a lot this last week so I haven't immersed myself as much, but it's neat and it's helping me settle back into checking the forum daily. Also since I'm slow at browsing on a phone, it doubly helps to browse specific topics that are being discussed at a given time. I do compose most of my replies on my PC, however.
  15. Just uploaded my fixed edit of GoE 1 12-player and put the experimental 24-player in there, for the game event.
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