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  1. o shit then i'm an asshole carry on
  2. Quick pot, fire all kettles!
  3. I mean, I was there and that's what happened. But I'm honestly glad to know you guys are cool.
  4. Nah I'm referencing the time you told the entire story about you and Van meeting up publicly in Discord, and then painted him with the crazy brush based on what someone else said, and then were surprised when he was upset about you telling an entire public story about Van and things he said which he never actually said. you've been a naughty creative boy Phal
  5. Coming back just to spite you for your stupid bullshit is pretty compelling, but I wouldn't want you to feel 'ambushed' - I know how creative you can get with your stories.
  6. Someone smart once told me time + tragedy = comedy
  7. Wanted to see what was going on, glad I left...so much effort and stupidity swirling around a community of friends. You wouldn't really tolerate a lot of this shit from real life friends, so why is it so different online?
  8. CNiper

    Public Square

    I'm interested how the candidates will approach leadership in a way that focuses less on internal politics and more on how by numbers, interactions, and relationships formed a community is stronger together than apart - even though certain people inside it will never like each other, and others will be at odds with certain members of leadership. How you will balance multiple projects for example, a project from a member of the administration vs one from the member-base? And how will you encourage projects can be delivered from an admin-down, but also a member-up approach?
  9. Nobody ever truly leaves, I'll probably come by in the future from time to time. Knowing nothing about the specifics of a Discord merger, I offer only my good luck to both parties to find something that works for everyone.
  10. CNiper

    Mental Health talk

    Tag something that really resonated with me was the article that your sister wrote on Medium. Not only did it get me reading more, but she did a good job explaining how a support network might work in another situation.
  11. CNiper

    Site Feedback

    what, a guy can't be in two communities? You some sort of racist?
  12. CNiper

    Site Feedback

    It's a nice professional look, some people went over the top - and this way more messages fit in the same area. Only bring signatures back if we get updated LoC banners.
  13. CNiper

    Ask Diplo

    As long as I stay away from making YT content I should be fine?
  14. Do public messages on one's own feed update to the site?

    1. CNiper




  15. CNiper

    Site Feedback

    @VisKnut was the only half (quarter?) good thing to come out of the beer barrel. Oh and that @Yeboh guy was actually alright too.
  16. CNiper

    Ask Diplo

    This is a great looking site, and still functional for Jimmy's shitposting needs. Approve.
  17. [MEDIA=twitter]987393840066846721[/MEDIA] Easy list to mix
  18. This will be starting today in 1.5 hours with the brand new bot, don't miss it!
  19. [CENTER][B][IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/217295368566734848/430899619489382411/Heroesofthestormbackground.png[/IMG] [/B][/CENTER] [B][B]What is it?[/B][/B] [LIST] [*]A hero league style setup where everyone is entered individually to be drafted into teams by our ELO Bot. Once a game is won or lost, your ELO will be updated automatically. It's a fun way to meet fellow HotS players, improve your skill, and win some prizes. [/LIST] [B]Prizes and Timeline[/B] [LIST] [*]The season runs 4 months, expiring on August 8th. [*]The grand winner of the season will receive [B]$200 cash.[/B] [*]The runners up will receive 5 in game loot crates each, as well as an even split of any subscriber cash to the [URL='https://www.twitch.tv/diplomuniongamingleague']official DGL Twitch channel.[/URL] [*]At the end of the season, the top 10 available players will participate in a best of 5 all stars series with additional prizes. [/LIST] [B]When and How Do I Sign Up?[/B] [LIST] [*]ELO Games will start at 8pm EST and will alternate between Saturday and Sunday every week [I](unless otherwise mentioned)[/I]. [*]Show up in our [URL='https://discord.gg/MUbx233']discord[/URL] at that time, and self assign the required roles: .iam dgl hots & .iam lfg NA HotS. [/LIST] [B]Matchmaking[/B] [LIST] [*]All teams will be matched by the almighty and all-wise bot. Simply type ".join" in the draft lobby chat on the night of the games and you will be added to the pool of players for the bot to draft from. [/LIST] [B]Rounds[/B] [LIST] [*]A round ends when all group of 5 teams have played. After which the ELO will be updated, and we will redraft. [/LIST] [B]Connection Issues[/B] [LIST] [*]Connection issues can be forgiven but unfortunately those with chronic connection issues will have to be benched until the issue is rectified. We don't want to do this but ensuring everyone is playing on a level playing field is important for the integrity and accuracy of the ELO. [*]If you have a connection issue in a game you are in which results in your missing over half of the game, you will receive no points for that game if your team wins and will be applied a loss if your team loses. [/LIST] [B]Casting, Replays, Observing[/B] [LIST] [*]Are you interested in casting? Let @ABDeL or @CNiper know. We're always looking for people to help out, comment, and have fun. [*]Only games that are casted, or replays posted, will be counted in the ELO. [*]Other than the casters, nobody is to observe in game. You'll be able to watch via the Twitch cast. [/LIST] [B]I want to play at a different day/time than Saturday or Sunday at 8pm, can I?[/B] [LIST] [*]You may schedule your own games as long as a thread is made on Diplo with at least 2 days notice prior to the game scheduled. For example, if you wish to schedule a game on Wednesday at 8pm, [B]a thread on the site linked to the heroes of the storm discord chat advertising the games[/B] must be made by Monday 8pm at the latest. [B]The bot must be used in match making for the games to be counted towards the ELO.[/B] [*]If a caster is not available, you must post the game replay on the forums for it to be counted in the ELO. [*]Saturdays and Sundays are our official day, and it will depend on who is available on your day to facilitate. If you can do the job, we'll give you the roles you need to follow the format. [/LIST] [CENTER][MEDIA=twitter]981789158648590337[/MEDIA][/CENTER]
  20. CNiper

    Picture of You

    Yeah I mean Steak dosent even have that sexy dad bod anymore
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