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  1. Well, the ltf, kta and etc are being updated even in the current circumstances. Show your dignity of the awlr map editor and make WE to work. ( p.s. or ask any of the active map creators how to open it ). Ppl starting to forget the last time they've have tasted a good piece of awlr game. Crappy LTF is all over their face.
  2. was too lazy during this weak. here's one hosted by brigand's haven http://brigandshaven.net/threads/azeroth-wars-forum-game.4388/ . but if any1 watns extra game - we can do it on this saturday np
  3. We have played this forum game quite nicely. Had big amount of good players. Everyone who signed up - came ( except Yousef was little late ). Gonna create next forum game for next week. P.S. we can try smth fun and play not with 6 factions but 3 for example or 2. ( evil vs good, humans vs evil+teal vs kali )
  4. i think many players gonna refuse lul
  5. queue position is 8 right now. waiting for game to be hosted
  6. due some whining we remake game on mmh same game name
  8. pick the race lul. coz i'm about to put you on brown and get max feed
  9. Or we can appeal on the link this guy gave me. But i'm too lazy to create one for now. I think if there will be more than 10 ppl with the same appeal to return awlr back on bot - it might work. Tho not sure if there gonna be even 3 of those.
  10. ENT is a random thing ( doesn't work properly at all). If we can host azeroth wars on ENT europe bot at this time then you will be able to play i guess. So write on this thread if you will be around the needed time on saturaday- if yes i will check ent bot for you. otherwise ~sry
  11. I asked on ENT's discord. This is their staff's responce: - Why is there no Azeroth Wars bot anymore? - @zo_Om it got removed for inactivity - @Civiliznations it was played about 10 times on saturday 10.06. And then removed. Before patches when ENT was stable it was played quite often. Is there any chance to get it back? Appeal/new version? - @zo_Om well, there is a suggestion forum you could ask in: [URL]https://entgaming.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=9[/URL]
  12. alright. i'm gonna pick race for myself later too
  13. I'm new to Brigand's Haven so i saw the posts about their forum games a little bit late. Stealing their idea only now ( all the text from this one http://brigandshaven.net/threads/kta-forum-game.4371/ ) Don't know what time is it in GMT? - http://www.worldtimeserver.com/current_time_in_UTC.aspx ----------------------------- Current game date: Saturday 17.06.2017 At what hour the game will be created: 18.00 GMT +0 (that is 20:00 CET) Game name: awlrclosed Hosted via: MMH ----------------------------- Well i'm not sure we gonna get decent amount of ppl but let's get some and then just wait for randoms? Players that signed for a game and didn't show up on that game will be put on reserve spot on the next game they sign up for. That means they will have priority over randoms when there is a free spot left in the game lobby. If you know that you can't come, please write that on the game topic to inform the host. By doing that you resign from the spot you reserved - thus you won't be put on reserve on the next game. ----------------------------- Scourge - Zikkron Burning Legion - Menos Fel Horde - Avekatten Lordaeron - Yousef Dalaran - crazykiller High Elves - Style71 Dwarves - Complexity Stormwind - TB500 Thrall's Horde - zoom Dark Spear - diadon2 Night Elves - Onyx Druids - w00z1
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