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  1. Posting to keep diplo alive.
  2. There is only one way to settle this. A 1 on 1 match in some wc3 map. Who ever is wins reserves all ownership rights.
  3. Been 10 days, it should take 10 seconds to delete one of the dicords and invite everyone.
  4. I find the candidates lack of consideration for the worlds Eskimo population DISTURBING! The most threatened demographic on Diplo yet, they recieve ZERO attention from the candidates. The Eskimos of diplo have all come to me, and are VERY angry with this election. How do you respond candidates?
  5. I haven't even heard of that, i like that it's set in Sweden. Hereditary is really good, but i wouldn't call it scary. It's one of the few actual well made "horror" movies. I'm gonna base it on how good the movie is, not how scary they are because i don't find movies scary so i wouldn't know. In no specific order The Thing (1982) The Cabin in the Woods (2011) The Conjuring (2013) Hereditary (2018) The Orphanage (El Oranato, Spanish) (2007) Saw (2004) The Witch (2015) The Excorist (1973) The Others (2001) Alien (1979)
  6. Do you feel that impacts your personal life? Income disparity and, declining population? Except the car thing does the two first make a difference personally?
  7. I thought it would be mildly interresting to hear people out on the worst thing about their country. No matter how trivial it might sound, living in a first world country. So name 3 things you don't like about living in your country. I'll start Living in Denmark 1. Long winter sucks. Very few hours of sunlight during the day at mid winter. Summer is sometimes too short. 2. Restaurants are expensive. Everything is expensive living in Denmark but you make a lot of money. Restaurants are disproportionally expensive though, it's not as common goin out for drinks or a meal in Denmark, like it is in many other countries in Europe. 3. Fucking B.I.F fans Brøndby football fans. They are like Liverpool fans but more autistic.
  8. For me this tank is the best. I mean, just look at it, it's glorious.
  9. Since Cniper left? Hopefully temporary.. Shouldn't we just merge the discords? It was a retarded move by @Abdel and @CNiper to split up to begin with.
  10. Steaaaaaak. 


    Play wow with us. 

  11. Lel scrouge no longer go hostile? Fucking Ahn'Qiraj? This isn't Azeroth Wars anymore. More like a AW: Rise of the Quilboar rip off
  12. Veradero Cuba! Most cubans were scum but these were aright.
  13. Definently got some of that viking rape seed in ya.
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