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  1. Steaaaaaak. 


    Play wow with us. 

    1. SteakOnSpear



  2. Lel scrouge no longer go hostile? Fucking Ahn'Qiraj? This isn't Azeroth Wars anymore. More like a AW: Rise of the Quilboar rip off
  3. Veradero Cuba! Most cubans were scum but these were aright.
  4. Definently got some of that viking rape seed in ya.
  5. I'd like to try a grill covered in tats. Every girl i smashed with tats had those non-commited tiny tats.
  6. Duterte has brought down crime a lot. Apparently having rowing bands of gunmen roaming the streets samarily executing 'suspects'. Actually does deterr drug trade in this case. The less educated lower-classes in the Philipiners love him because he actually has brought results. Buuut if you just watch him on youtube, holy shit the man is stupid.. I mean i can see why people like Putin because he is actually intelligent. Duterte just looks like a complete buffoon in any interview i've seen him in.. I guess people like strongmen for the same reason that we have had kings and despots for all of human history.
  7. short vid from our trip to Egypt! it twas dope!!! Only minus was the tourist russians and arabs, they dont give a fuck, so impolite.
  8. Next stop Iceland 13-17 degrees in Juli! It's gonna be kewl
  9. Relazione dell'Impero Ottomano nel 1573 Says that it was observed since the 14th century that opium was highly addictive. "In 1573, for instance, a Venetian visitor to the Ottoman Empire observed many of the Turkish natives of Constantinople regularly drank a "certain black water made with opium" that makes them feel good, but to which they become so addicted, if they try to go without, they will "quickly die" It was since Marx and still is being wiedly use as medicine today (though mostly in murica), that doesn't mean people are ignorant of the addiction of opium. I'm also pretty sure all those doctors who died in their 50s were aware of the addictive side effects. Pretty sure Marx must have known if he knew which euphoric effect it had.
  10. That marx thought very little of religion in a modern Society.
  11. Marx was pretty clear, saying other wise is just disingenuous.
  12. It's just that revolutions tend not to be very peaceful. But sure.
  13. Well in some ways it was a natural social development.. Except the killings you know. So you can't really say it didn't form through brutality.
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