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  1. bballdude

    Picture of You

    Back for a little.
  2. bballdude


    The fuck is this shit.
  3. bballdude

    Picture of You

    [quote name='VisKnut']Reality is that, 80% of the users on this forum have never even finger-fucked any pie. The remaining 10% suck dick, and the other 10% are GWM. @NowhereMan @monotony @Dubhghall @Spankfurt @SteakOnSpear @Wolf Etc etc etc.[/quote] Ew vagina
  4. bballdude

    Ask Diplo

    Read this book, and tell me you wouldn't do anything you could to avoid writing an essay on it.
  5. bballdude

    Ask Diplo

    She sounds inconsiderate and immature. Don't get tied up on her. If she insists that this is just a joke and doesn't really understand why you're upset, then that's a red flag. >using diplo to procrastinate from writing a 12 page paper on black single mothers in West Las Vegas during the Jim Crow Era.
  6. As I leave, Ayuoobi returns. It was written Khaleesi.
  7. bballdude

    Moving on

    I'm joining my universities baseball team, I've helped found a fraternity at my school, I'm the leader of a Veterans and Dog Tags community service cooperation between my fraternity and a Dog Rescue Kennel. My life's finally taking off in a way, maybe not professionally, but the groundworks to it all. I'm just getting busier. Perhaps I'm not as good at handling many things at once as you guys. I'll stop in every now and then, maybe post every once in a while. Just not gonna be around a fraction of the time that I have been. Downgrading to lurker status. Not trying to pull a belisarius. Just thought diplo deserved a goodbye. Edit: May have an internship coming up too with a fraternity alumni at Mets Stadium. More in the works and a dream right now but I'm working towards it.
  8. bballdude

    Moving on

    Because I haven't been criticized on diplo before. No, I'm not leaving because of that. I just don't really have a place in this community anymore and it's not a bad thing. I have 0 to contribute. I don't really have the desire anymore to go out of my way to post either. I got some other stuff I should probably be doing anyways. I've gone through years with Anubis, Tent, Infy etc. I've been criticized plenty, not leaving because of it. If anything I'll miss it.
  9. I have no idea if he dies, I was bs'ing.
  10. bballdude

    Moving on

    I am attempting to do what many have done before, leave diplo. I will not say diplo sucks now or that it's gotten less fun over time. I'm just moving on. Thank you for all the great times, I'll pop in from time to time and I'm sure will keep in touch with a few of you. Just don't have the time to post nearly as often as I used to. Look at me, diplo's already sucking me back in. I'll keep in touch, but I just have nothing to contribute to anything anymore. Pleasure and a privilege to have met many of you. A special thanks to the board of administrators. My brief time as a mod showed me just how hard you guys really work (with some shits and giggles) to keep this site alive and improving. I wish all of you luck in your professional, family etc. careers. You're all a bunch of great guys, I'm sure you'll all do well if you haven't already. I've seen diplo come full circle. Friends I used to play europa with nearly a decade ago are now married and expecting children. I got to meet other great community members outside of wc3. I got to experience Two Guys with Spoons. This Wc3 experience oddly enough greatly impacted my life in a positive way. Thank you all. Time for me to spread my wings and soar.
  11. Yeah I just read an article about there forced removal. I refrained from replying because theres just not point.
  12. I haven't been keeping as up to date on this as I was in December and January, I apologize. I'm aware of European geography and that it'd be valuable as a black sea port etc. I honestly did not know it was also useful regarding oil.
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