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  1. Carthago Delenda Est

  2. Maybe add some of the greek colonies as factions? for example Syracuse or one of those souther italian colonias, illirian colonies, even the one in gaul?
  3. Happy birthday ma dude
  4. Arthos

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    I would join the army once the next crusade has been called by the pope, DEUS VULT AVE MARIA!!! Oh and for those that are in the army now:
  5. i dont live there i live in the capital and i hate most of them since they chose stay with her queen and not give back what should be ours communism my friend!
  6. hey whatsaupp i am Arthos a nice argentinian guy that loves warcraft lore and star wars lore that said thank tdmien since he invited me to join diplo and for what i saw is a great place
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