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  1. Hey [quote name='ABDeL']Fergus newfagging himself again. I'll never forget that girls face on tiny chat when she found out @eduthproto was 12 after she showed her tits. Welcome back[/QUOTE] Now I'm legal though. Shit I've been gone for 4 years. That's a shitload of time. Is Eagle still alive?
  2. I come to you guys bringing Peruvian memes. This one translates into "Well, well, well"
  3. Jesus, what a bitch, am I right? I'd tell you guys that I'm going to start working on that comic again, but that'd be lying. I have way too much on my hands with college and my gf. But at least I came back, right? The diplo boomerang effect is real!
  5. eduthproto

    Expect me.

    I thought that was Bors' evil plan all along.
  6. eduthproto

    Expect me.

    Just a teaser to tell you guys I really am working on the comic.
  7. eduthproto

    Expect me.

    I am coming back. I won't be so shameless as to come back without the Diplo comic, but I shall come back. That is all.
  8. Is this an attempt to lure me back into diplo? Anyways, Steins;Gate, Code Geass and A Certain Magical Index offer a dystopian reality or dark themes, but I must admit they diverge from the "dark" genre a lot in some parts. (On Code Geass is the highschool life, on Steins; Gate the slice of life, and on Index the anime-culture). I've heard Claymore is gore-y, but I must say I have no experience there, feel free to google a review or something. A spot-on recommendation and my final veredict would be the Hellsing series (Van Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate) it does fit the dark/creepy/gore genre and does not diverge from it at all, but they are rather short. **fades into oblivion**
  9. I am ashamed, ASHAMED, that you would compare me to this Mr. Shameless. **fades out into oblivion**
  10. Thread closed, all on going requests are canceled. Blame Bors. Goodbye Diplo.
  11. I know this might look silly to most of you, but I am asking in the most serious manner possible, your opinion about Time Traveling. I've decided to make an essay about time traveling and whether it's possible at all and if it is how much impact would it have on society, and it's due to the end of the year. To date my hipothesis states that time traveling is possible under certain circumstances, and if it were to occur and a human being developed a "time machine" it would turn human society into a dystopia, not to mention that the possibility of time traveling for the human race would eliminante a big factor that makes us human, the capability to accept our mistakes and live life with those burdens, to quote the guy on my avatar "To truly live you need to have no regrets about your past, instead to acknowledge this past and move on with your life, because you know joy will come" I've barely researched about this deep topic, and I have found many flaws in it as well as good theories. Your opinion is much appreciated.
  12. eduthproto

    Tinychat Party

    You guys are so mean, waking me up. >.<
  13. But now what will you drink when you are thristy on the beach? oh wait
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