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  1. I'll watch it in its entirety. May or may not have something to say about it
  2. There is a greater, far more dangerous question to ask, though. Does pizza belong on pineapple? Say I get a large chunk of pineapple and put pizza topping on it. Might be tastty.
  3. I use bloodstone, quartzite and iolite instead of traditional technology.
  4. There's not much insight to be gained from watching them. The shooter wanted you to watch to titillate and excite you. There's no reason to play into his hand. Having said that, banning the video is a *tad* silly, considering it's a manifestation of people rejecting that the urge for violence is intrinsic to the human condition, and thus latent/dormant inside at least the majority of people. They're basically saying "oh no this guy's just a bad apple nothing to see here". What a great way to solve a problem, deny that it exists. Shooters tend to be much more in the mindset of self-defense than violence for the sake of violence. They rarely admit to themselves either, that they are committing violence. Human psychology is a bit more complex than this, but a simplified version of it is : -If the shooter commits suicide than they are not admitting to committing violence because the enormity of it is too much for their psyche (which was probably already on its death throes). -If the shooter does not commit suicide, then he does not admit to committing violence because he is so heavily locked in the realm of self defense that he has no conception of suffering from the victims' perspective.
  5. RIP talinn goes to prison. i always put sliced pineapples on pizza one of my preferred toppings
  6. The only thing I'd miss about Discord, is the fact that their " ;D " emoticon is unrivaled
  7. Erdogan is kinda General Zia 2.0 . There was this 6-year old, and Erdogan brought her in some ceremony in a military uniform. Said he would be honored if she died as a martyr for Turkey. Pakistan join NATO when
  8. Every aspect of society is like this though. "The Trump is invading our lands" (anti trumpers) " we have to defend our failing math and science scores among America's youth " (scientists/educators) "the tree hugging hippies want to replace us". (corporate CEOs)
  9. The core motivation of any shooter is an attempt to schizophrenically overtake reality from any perceived threats to his sense of self, rather than living in tune with the universe at large. It's just that this person incorporated alt-right ideology into his identity. It's an important distinction to make.
  10. Abdeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel


    Why can't I post on this website but Orduck can :(((((

    I take no part in this drama I am a simple (confused) Talinn

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    2. Abdel


      Also try logging out and logging back in again

    3. Talinn


      It's not working, also my birthday is not 02/22/1989 so maybe something bugged. I can create a new account mybe.

      Oh nvm. It just worked I think . thanks

    4. Abdel


      That's my birthday xD. I played with the promotion rules a bit you should be set

  11. My brother got charged with a DUI, and he has to fight it in court even though the blood tests came back negative for alcohol...twice. It's cus he takes clozapine, which is an anti psychotic medication; and he was shivering at night when the cops told him to get out of his car. Well he was wearing shorts and it was cold outside, waddya expect? I mean he always takes his clozapine right before bed so it wasn't prescription drug abuse. Guess clozapine users ain't allowed to drive. Damn schizo freaks.
  12. The letter that Trump penned gave me brain damage. Can I sue the government if I work for it? also Alaska's not good enough we must surround Russia from EVERY DIRECTION.
  13. I quite liked Laotian and Nepalese food.
  14. My Social Security Number is - - . I live near two cactus hills. I pay my taxes.
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