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  1. Twitter hates discrimination and doesn’t condone harassment, unless that harassment is against someone with an opposing ideological world view. I got banned from Twitter about a year ago now for saying to a white nationalist that if he hates Jews so much, he should attempt to outcompete in their markets if they’re such a scourge, instead of crying that the western world is collapsing. But I suppose that wasn’t tribalistic enough.
  2. Okay guys, suspend your disbelief for a second. What if there was a leader than was not only strong willed, but intelligent and with a properly set moral compass? Yeah. Absurd. Maybe when pigs grow wings and the sky goes green.
  3. The real question here: Was Duterte talking about literal garbage or was he referring to the unchecked scourge of illegal Canadian immigrants?
  4. Starting wars is finally at a point in 2019 where the population is competent enough for it to generate bad optics
  5. I don’t debate with people who act like children. Good day.
  6. You edited your response after I posted mine just to make yourself look better. Not the type of shit that makes forums fun to use. And your edit addressed nothing I said and instead looks at everything through the purview of an ideological construct.
  7. @Hoarmurath You are literally proving my point. Did you seriously edit your response once you saw mine?
  8. @Hoarmurath I said that because instead of admitting your lack of knowledge on the topic, you linked me to a psychology today article. It seemed rather disingenuous. It’s easy to cherry pick shit people say and expound on it, proving them why they’re wrong, but it doesn’t result in a linear and constructive discussion when you take shit out of context buddy.
  9. @Hoarmurath I interjected and said while Peterson’s economic knowledge isn’t the greatest, to say he doesn’t understand human psychology from a jungian perspective is asinine. You responded by linking me a quote from a psychology today article. I proceeded to tell you that it was insulting. Have a good one duder.
  10. @Hoarmurath I appreciate the response, but what I was saying had nothing to do with a man’s critique on enlightenment based on what other people thought about the term two hundred years ago. I was merely suggesting that you enter into an emotionally and intellectually sustainable relationship with yourself instead of straw manning everyone’s arguments with the depths of your medial knowledge. I was just telling you that responding to me by linking me to a review of a book is a disingenuous response that doesn’t give credence to the level of intellectual discussion you obviously want to have. I get the feeling you’re trying to exude to us how measured and smart you are, but if you really were, you wouldn’t be giving me half assed responses and going on tirades that have nothing to do with the OP.
  11. @Abdel I think most people have. His biblical lectures were the last bit of content that really interested me. Now he’s riding political waves instead of doing what made him great in the first place, interpreting the great cosmic stories written by profound men of the past several millennia.
  12. @Hoarmurath Psychology today is a joke bud. And linking a review of his content on psychology today does absolutely nothing for your argument. Especially when it was the only way you attempted to react to what I was saying beyond recommending ‘true’ ‘emboldened’ psychologists to me. I know you are probably very invested in this topic, but don’t link me one sentence of a review as a response to a book you’ve obviously never read and try to convince me with reviews of a book I have a well founded opinion on. It’s actually kind of insulting to me and insulting to the intelligence of everyone here. Stay in the truth, deduct rationally, not try to bend the truth to fit your argument.
  13. @Hoarmurath Ok buddy, you’re now in talking out of your ass territory. Go read maps of meaning and come back because that was 2 lines of bullshit
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