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  1. @Hoarmurath Ok buddy, you’re now in talking out of your ass territory. Go read maps of meaning and come back because that was 2 lines of bullshit
  2. Peterson’s interpretations of figures like jung and understanding of twentieth century psychologists is excellent, but the rest is show biz and profit drives. He’s a pseudo scientist in regards to his understanding of ideologies and his knowledge on economics comes down to “lul hey have you heard of the Pareto Distribution?” That said I don’t think the idea of winning and losing in a debate leads to truely productive discussion. Make it about the ideas, not the people.
  3. Say what you like about Gavin Mcinnes, Vice lost the cool factor when he left
  4. @Feanor What do you think of the idea that many tech types put forward regarding the invention of new internet technology that’s decentralized in nature? I think the main problem is that the ISPs and governments have the keys to pandoras box so to speak. I wonder if a day will come where the internet is revolutionized via peer to peer technology. I could see it within twenty years once server and bandwidth capacity gets up to snuff and is easily accessible.
  5. @Ordo The factions that are ideologically driven and believe censorship is the correct solution. If you don’t believe these factions exist, you don’t understand money and the nature of politics.
  6. The only thing this does is further radicalize right wing entities. It will do the opposite of the intended effect. Instead of explaining thoroughly the problems and inconsistencies of a radical ideology, the EU has taken the approach of trying to whitewash it, which further cements the underdog mentality of many actual ethnonationalists and validates their stances in their own minds. Constructive dialogue about these things is not happening where it needs to happen, probably because it would require more honesty than most corporate or governmental entities are capable of. Deconstruct their ideas, not censor their means of distributing them. Certain factions within the EU have been playing a dangerous game with public opinion for several years now. The equivalent of dropping propane tanks off of a plane into a forest fire.
  7. Make sure mobile design is intuitive, I’d wager over half of the users and browsers are mobile like myself
  8. Musically it’s nonsense, can appreciate the message though.
  9. @Abdel Or we could purge them like the subhumans they are.
  10. M3rkabo

    Ask Diplo

    @EagleMan not leaving the EU would defy the will of the voter block
  11. @Abdel The psychological and genetic discussion on the idea of the “other” is fascinating. We lived in an environment for millennia upon millennia where it was evolutionarily correct to be prejudiced against people not of your tribe, due to the high probably of them being infected with disease and pathogens that you are not apt to deal with, along with the fact that they could just decide to kill you. But now that same genetic code and behavior pattern is playing itself out in a world that is far more comfortable and disconnected from its evolutionary roots.
  12. @Abdel Discord gained a lot of it’s success due to the ability to build your own decentralized message board infrastructure. That and ease of access of course. It’s a shame that they now feel the responsibility to act as mediators, as that is what is leading to the sharp decline in use of other social media companies like Twitter and Facebook. When you start censoring, you lose the cool factor in the youth generation, which happens to be their primary demographic. That said, I don’t think it’s something to jump the gun on, but it wouldn’t hurt to have your bases covered just in case it happens to become inhospitable.
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