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    Welcome to the official Azeroth Wars server! Azeroth Wars is an action-packed 12 player macro-map centred around Warcraft events leading up to the Cataclysm. Fight as a member of one of six factions for control points and artifacts hidden throughout the map to empower your armies and achieve dominance over Azeroth!
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    Warcraft: Armageddon is a 24 player map that pits the Alliance(6) vs the Horde(6) vs the Illidari(3) vs the Scourge(3) vs the Legion(3) vs the Old Gods(3). The map utilizes assets from Warcraft: Total War including; the tech system, capturable map mechanics (Trolls/Elemental Lords/Dragon Aspects), and mercenaries. It will focus on having unique factions compared Total War it terms of faction design, events, and heroes.
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