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  • Public Map Community  ·  Last active

    Risk Reforged is a large-scale RTS map based on a risk board game. It features 20+ unit types and tens of different gameplay/diplomacy modes. Start in a random country and conquer neighbours to gain more income. The country income is equal to the amount of cities in the country. Use your diplomacy skills to create short term alliances, betray your allies, use other players as your pawns. Fight and dominate the whole Europe.
  • Open Map Community  ·  9 members  ·  Last active

    Welcome to the official Azeroth Wars server! Azeroth Wars is an action-packed 12 player macro-map centred around Warcraft events leading up to the Cataclysm. Fight as a member of one of six factions for control points and artifacts hidden throughout the map to empower your armies and achieve dominance over Azeroth!

  • Public Map Community  ·  Last active

    Warcraft: Armageddon is a 24 player map that pits the Alliance(6) vs the Horde(6) vs the Illidari(3) vs the Scourge(3) vs the Legion(3) vs the Old Gods(3). The map utilizes assets from Warcraft: Total War including; the tech system, capturable map mechanics (Trolls/Elemental Lords/Dragon Aspects), and mercenaries. It will focus on having unique factions compared Total War it terms of faction design, events, and heroes.
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