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  1. I dont think you're setting up this thread for a productive discussion @Hoarmurath given your behavior. I understand you've been on the receiving end of hostility as well but you started the fire and I dont see an end in sight where ee dont keep pouring fuel on it now that this tone has been established from the onset. If decorum and civility isnt returned I'll be forced to lock this thread, which would be a shame because I'm really looking forward to some of your arguments, but all I've seen are ad hominems and 'go read such and such'. If there is an argument to be made, make it yourself.
  2. It's been a while since Ive seen someone try to dismiss someone's arguments simply by killing the messenger. Who am I kidding it happens everyday. He has a PhD in clinical psychology and has been teaching the subject for 20 years at a university level. I'm sure the graduate students you reference cant say the same. It would make a much more interesting conversation if you highlighted some of Peterson's arguments that you disagree with and why you disagree rather than attack the messenger and call those who agree with him "high".
  3. Ctrl-Shift-V folks. Learn it, love it. @Hoarmurath I doubt anyone is going to watch a 3 hour video. Do you have a TL;DR to share or an article that gives the run down of what was said?
  4. Abdel

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    Those glasses. Do Not Suit You.
  5. It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce our affiliation with The Old Guard!! TOG is a Warcraft 3-based gaming community that is heavily focused on creating a home on discord for Wc3 mappers and gamers, some of which are even old projects that were based on our forums in the past. They focus on Custom maps such as Robert's Rebellion, War in the Plaguelands, Ringwars and Battle for middle earth, among others. They are very driven towards unifying the community and have done a fantastic job in consolidating the Warcraft 3 community in a manner and format that is equal and fair to all mappers and gamers. I had the pleasure of interacting with Bolvar and Assassin88 and helped them work on their new logo (above) and I look forward to our future projects, among them, our Robert's Rebellion tournament starting soon!:
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    Mfw @cell_destroyer posts click bait on my website
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    @cell_destroyer wtf man post your own picture bish
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    Im so confused, is that not cell @War4life ?
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    We're pretty old men @James
  10. Stay tuned for updates. If you are interested in writing for The Praet, contact me or @Baledwyr
  11. @Soup has been working tirelessly to bring Diplo and the larger Wc3 community this map, and now it has a dedicated home at Diplo. Thank you for all your hard work soup. https://www.diplomunion.com/forums/forum/200-genesis-of-empires-1/
  12. "A lot of you who have played wc3 for over half your lives may recognize my name or know me personally. I've been on the game for 13-14+ years and have been with Diplomunion and Clan GoTE since 2007. I've been part of the Europa and Diplomacy map communities for as long as they've been around and been active with Diplomunion for most of that time, having been an Admin and active member for most of its history. I was part of the late, great Banjoball community before its toxic fumes finally consumed itself, as well as casually dabbling in most Panther maps, LOTR maps, COTH, Asoiaf, and many more over the years If anyone would like to get to know me, discuss anything, or go over your report cards together I'd be more than happy to. Send me a private message and all of your pains and worries will be gone in no-time. In addition to this heartfelt and sincere introduction, I would like to take the chance to also announce the Old Guard and Diplomunions first joint-project, a Roberts Rebellion Tournament/League! We're going to be co-hosting this tournament through the Diplomunion forums, and the Old Guard Discord! it will be an auction draft format, with each captain being given a pot of gold to bid on their best friends and favorite players with. You're going to want a ring-side seat for this one You can find the forum and sign-up here: https://www.diplomunion.com/forums/forum/201-roberts-rebellion/ Other than that, tell your friends and family, you're not going to want to just be a spectator for this one - @Spankfurt
  13. Abdel

    Diplomunion Rising

    Thank you for taking the dive and trusting us by rejoining the Diplomunion fold. We're keen to share what our vision for the future of Diplomunion and for you to share your opinion on what direction you'd like Diplomunion to take. We're looking forward to moving away to the constant drama that plagued the community in the past and going back to forging the path in the direction that put Diplo on the map: Warcraft3 and gaming. The first thing thats different on our discord is that none of the game chats are role locked and none of the voice channels are game specific. We want our community members to be able to see what other people are playing and we want people to communicate and ask each other what they're playing to stimulate interaction between people. We still want people to allow others to game in peace if they're busy in a game but we want a community that interacts with itself and isn't siloed. Admin-chat is now readable by anyone who is a valued member. Our goal is to answer criticism that the admin staff on Diplomunion in the past has not been transparent enough. Our goal is to use adminchat for every pertinent discussion and in our goal to increase the use of public facing chats used by administrators, we have slow-mode enabled in our secret chat to make its constant use an inconvenience. Unfortunately secret chats are sometimes necessary but my decree is that such a chat would not be used continuously and I will make sure the staff follows this promise. You'll also find that the forum has been integrated with the discord, allowing for posts on the forum to automatically get posted to the discord. We urge all our members to take advantage of this functionality which will make it easier for Diplo to record its history, retain its identity and strengthen the community all the while enjoying the benefits that discord gives to our community. Overtime, you'll find that more integrations will be created to improve access of Diplo content (warcraft 3 topics and posts webhooked to #warcraft-3 chat on discord for example). We are preparing for Warcraft 3 reforged by re-assembling the old community that made Diplomunion great. We're working towards refreshing old Diplomunion maps and reconnecting and joining hands with pillars of the community that will help us usher in a new gaming renaissance for Diplomunion. Here are current notification roles for the games we forsee we will be playing in the future. If someone is abusing a role notify a member of our staff and mute them: To be notified on games being played: "/wc3" subscribes you to Warcraft 3 notifications "/lol" subscribes you to League of Legends notifications "/gtav" subscribes you to Grand Theft Auto V notifications "/coh2" subscribes you to Company of Heroes 2 notifications "/hots" subscribes you to Heroes of the Storm notifications "/wow" subscribes you to World of Warcraft notifications "/paradox" subscribes you to Paradox notifications We'll be launching our first gaming event during the first week of April. Stay tuned for updates.
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