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  1. Abdel

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    My life rn in a nutshell
  2. Abdel

    Debate Question 4

    There's been a lot of back and forth which has generated some thought into individualized questions for the candidates. I'll leave this question open till election day on Nov 21st so you may have a back and forth over your answers. @IamtheWalrus., one of the criticisms of you that has cropped up is that "you promised a merger - you came up short". How do you aim to persuade the Diplo masses that this characterization of you simply isn't true. @War4life, you also had criticisms thrown your way, one of which that stuck out was that you haven't "put forth the time and effort to positively affect the community as a leader". How will you answer the doubts of Diploers who think you don't care enough to fight for them? @StormTrooper, it seems the other candidates do not view you as a Diploer worthy of the title of Tribune because of your inexperience with the community. What is your plan to prove to Diplo that Stormy brings more to the table than what meets the eye?
  3. Abdel

    Public Square

    Dont @Feanor me bro
  4. Abdel

    Debate Question 3

    This next question comes from @Burden and is the highest rated community question (I'll be asking more of these in the future). We're removing the 1025 character limit so have at it in giving the best answer you think you can give. We're speed balling now so you'll have 36 hours to answer this question That being said, WHY IS FEANOR A MOD? @IamtheWalrus. @War4life @StormTrooper
  5. Abdel

    Debate Question 2

    The competition for Tribune is pretty tough contest with community heavy hitters. Describe (in 1025 characters) why you are the best Tribune candidate compared to your competition. @IamtheWalrus. @War4life @StormTrooper
  6. Abdel

    Debate Question 1

    Good morning, While @IamtheWalrus. clearly has the highest rated answer, we unfortunately cannot grant him the 'best' answer rating because @War4life pointed out he went over the 1025 character limit. As a result, we'll be leaving this answer as a tie and will be asking our next question soon. The next question will have a 36 hour answering period so please get your answers in asap!
  7. Aoe2 DE is released on 11/14, lets get a game or two going!
  8. Abdel

    Debate Question 1

    Good Morning ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our first Diplomunion Tribunal debate of 2019. Lets jump into our first question: Diplo has experienced many booms and busts, many unions and schisms over our past 12 years of existence. The purpose of the community shifted many times from being a warcraft 3 community, to a general gaming community, or even just lifestyle and shitpost community. What is your opinion on the Diplo community's current purpose focus on gaming? Are there any potential areas for growth that the candidates think would be worth establishing a footprint? Please remember to keep your answers as brief and concise as possible and to respect the 1025 character limit. Thanks! @banebladeluv @MaceMaul @nodle @StormTrooper @War4life @Dragon @IamtheWalrus.
  9. Someone hacked Feanor's account, impossible that the real feanor would push discord in any way.
  10. Yes, @CNiper left DGcord to work on other projects.
  11. I'd appreciate if we kept the shitposts to a minimum in this thread. Due to the discord-forum dynamic, most people shitpost on discord but come to the forums for a little bit of a more serious tone.
  12. Abdel

    Public Square

    Are you sure about that? If theres a candidates only thread you wouldn't find a way to stick your shitpost dick into it?
  13. Believe it or not, that goes contrary to the current polling: Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/04/upshot/trump-biden-warren-polls.html?searchResultPosition=6 This could obviously change but it appears that Biden is the safest bet in battleground states. Trump is polling poorly nationally but he can win the same way he won in 2016 if he focuses on maintaining his lead in leaning red states and continuing to poll well in battleground states, the ones he pulled from democrats in 2016.
  14. They lost Lauren Southern, they need new meat to ogle at.
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