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  1. Is this some sort of Joke? A leader as great as Stalin would never allow his leadership to be decided upon by the whims of the simpleton plebs. I think Bernie is going to win Iowa and New Hampshire. Depending on his momentum, he'll come a close second in South Carolina or, very tiny chance, he'll win outright.
  2. It doesnt make sense to split people up. New players will be attracted to larger communities. If we have clan divisions that are internal within a diplo framework, that is more desireable than having multiple clans outside of the diplo framework. Discord and site infrastructure already exists to support this.
  3. Here are a few suggested clan names we could go with for reforged. Its multiple choice so feel free to pick more than one.
  4. Bernie will win Iowa and New Hampshire, Biden will eek out a win in South Carolina against a Bernie on the warpath with momentum.
  5. @War4life
  6. As we enter 2020, the challenges to the site are fewer than they were in days past. Although activity on the site has stagnated since 2018, we spent a considerable amount of time and resources fixing several issues that plagued the site experience, such as spam and site inaccessibility. For example, our anti-spam bot (that we pay $8/year for) has blocked a considerable amount of spam from the site that nobody sees anymore. It has in fact blocked 20 spam attempts just this week. I'm happy to report that the site has been seen an uptick in activity as compared to its ghost-town activity from 2018 until mid-to-late 2019. However, keeping the site online isn't free and I want to thank our legacy and current patrons for helping us financially in keeping the site up, and funding key upgrades that give it key features for a pleasurable user experience. Unfortunately, a lot of Patreons who were ex-staff stopped funding the site (no hard feelings) and our $63/month income on Patreon has dropped to $13/month. The site costs $45 a month to keep online and with $450 and the current income stream, we will essentially run out of money by January 2021. This is still a year away but it doesn't account for the loss of revenue in adding upgrades to the website, and continuing to fund the upgrades we've already purchased (the theme for example costs $10 every 6 months). I can give many reasons why the website should have more reliable funding, but the most relevant reason right now is that it is the only platform left that all Diplo-ers irregardless of what discord they call home, whether its the Diplomunion, Diplo Gaming, Salty D or Project Phoenix discords. Its a platform that reminds us that despite what stands between us, we were one community at one point in the past and we can be again. I implore any member of this community to donate to our Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/Diplomunion . All funding that comes from our Patreon will be used to ensure that the site is kept online for generations to come. At the current moment, we don't use any of our money on anything apart from keeping the site online, and the only other expense we incurred was on a Minecraft Server which was paid for in full by one of our members. For a more detailed look on how we've spent our money since our Paypal became active please refer to the sheet below:
  7. Your transgression has been recorded, archived, and added to the database. Thank you for your cooperation.
  8. Getting some memes for this mug would be great.
  9. You should've seen what he said before he edited @Feanor
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