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  1. If a player types -ally (anything), a message will display to explain the new ally commands. The map will now change players that are on reforged graphics to classic. -Maiev now spawns correctly -Kel'tuzad is now unrevivable when North Alliance kills him -Legion's tower are now visible -Varian ultimate is now available -Akama W is now Spirit Wolf -Fixed some dark green units being invisible -Fixed some spell hotkeys
  2. General Forsaken path for scourge removed There are now 3 observer slots. The observers that are in from the start of the game can use camera commands, if you become an observer during the game, you still can't Observers from the start can now surrender and go a second chance. Second chance starting gold from 3000 to the following formula: (Current turn x 60 x 2) Second Chances are now disabled after 3 min of them being available. Complete explanation of the Second chances mechanics: Considering the many, many changes of the system surrounding the second chances, i understand the need to have a concise explanation here as to how it currently works: There are 2 conditions to take a second chance. You need to be surrendered The second chance needs to be available To click the surrender button you need to fulfill one of the following conditions: You need to have started the game as an observer (surrendering will remove your global vision and give you the ability to chat) You need to have been defeated in the early duel The game must be past turn 26 A second chance is made available 3 min after the following 2 scenarios: The duel in the continent where a second chance spawn is over. A full team as left in the continent where the second chance spawns. Legion Juggernauts now have heavy armor, down from fortified. Dalaran Necromancers now get upgraded by the Magical Wrath and Arcane Mastery. Warsong Intro text fixed. Rokhan evasion icon moved. Druids Force of nature cooldown from 20 to 45. nature blessing doesn't affect treants anymore.
  3. Some observers will be able to move camera in next version, but only those who start as obs, if you go obs in the game, there is sadly no way to move your camera
  4. General N'zoth is now neutral passive and won't attack units in the Southern Thunder Bluff lift. Thanks to the great Yakary, the item replication bug should be fixed. Removed a bunch of clutter text. (Atheneum dying, fluff added when heroes dies, etc...) now most text displayed is useful information. Removed most fluff text when capitals are destroyed. Fixed the Druid of the Claw having conflicting hotkey in their night elves form when being revived. You can now surrender after turn 26 ( in addition to after losing all your early duel capitals). This doesn't change the fact that second chances unlock 3 min after the duel of the continent where they spawn is finished) Whenever a Team is emptied, so the last player of the team leaves, becomes an observer or surrenders, the second chances in the appropriate continent will become available after 3 mins. ex: if Lordaeron and Dalaran leave at turn 4, and Quel'thalas becomes an observer at turn 5, then the Ebon Blade and the Rise from the Ashes second chance will become available at turn 8. (To pick them you still need to be surrendered or defeated) Legion Fel Steel mastery tooltip now correctly indicates what it does: If the Legion isn't summoned, it enables you to train 2 Infernal Juggernauts and 2 Fel Reavers. Now has access to a leaver solo path: Legion's Direct Gateway. Instantly summons the Legion in Icecrown Citadel. Gives Deardlords the following buffs: 40 damage 450 hit points Carrion Swarm damage from 100 to 120, max damage from 700 to 1500. Ebon Blade Now doesn't require Tyr Hand to be destroyed to spawn, when spawning the Capital will be destroyer along with other buildings in the area (Still requires the NA duel to be over or a NA team to be completely gone).
  5. 2.12b is the latest version. 2.13 will be released soon.
  6. General Surrender is now unavailable. If you have lost all your capitals, it becomes available (but they need to be destroyed by a non-allied player). Melee attack now does 50% damage to fortified armor, down from 70%. Hero attack now does 70% to fortified armor, up from 50%. Team buttons are now unavailable until turn 26. Removed Thunderclap from Ramzes the horror that caused lag. Added Rock Chunks in the Pathway from Thunderbluff to Desolace. Second Chance do not have a requirement of turn 26 anymore. Instead they become available to surrendered players 3 mins after the duel of the second chance's continent is over. If the duel is interrupted, they will never become available spawn. Fixed a bug where the second observer camera didn't zoom out. The Ahn'Qiraj inner gate (portal) is now invulnerable. Attempted fix to C'thun research being still available if someone picks him Fixed a freeze lag created by electric strike and Elune gaze (thanks to richardik!) Fixed the item duplication glitched. Implemented Defeat rewards for every faction. If you eliminate all the capitals of one of your early enemies, you get a reward, they will be cataloged in the faction sections. Rewards are given to a whole team, so if Legion destroys the Sunwell, Scourge also gets his reward. Scourge Scholomance hit points from 3500 to 5000. Lady deathwhisper frost armor from 3 to 8 armor bonus. Duration from 45 to 60 seconds. Bone giant base damage from 60 to 40. Bone giant spell mana cost from 175 to 250. Frozen Mastery attack range bonus to Wyrms and Sapphiroth nerfed from 300 to 200. Plague Mastery now gives a bonus 100 hitpoints to the following units: Abominations, Zombies and Meat Wagons. Zombies health nerfed by 75 from 750 to 675. Abominations health reduced by 50 from 1125 to 1075. 2 towers have been removed from the back of Scholomance. The Tomb of Relics has been moved to the top left corner. Removed Ancient Qualification from Plague Cauldrons, making them attackable by air. The early game reward for destroying Lordaeron 3 capitals is: Arthas as a Death Knight The reward for destroying Dalaran capital is: Obsidian Statue limit from 2 to 4. The reward for capturing Quel'thalas capital is: The ability to transform Kel'thuzad into a lich and a new caster, Undead priest, Trainable at the Temple of the damned. Undead priest have the following abilities Regeneration (rejuvenation only hp) dispel magic Inner fire Ebon Blade If Acherus falls, Ebon blade is eliminated and all the units go neutral victim. Legion Added the Legion Nexus (10k Hp capital of Legion with strong defensive spell)and 2 builders in Frozen throne for legion. The Legion Nexus is now the only capital of the Burning Legion for the Early duel. Re added Burning Shrine from Alterac for Legion. Removed Burning Citadel from Alterac. Orc Cavalry base damage reduced from 21 to 19. Hit points from 1075 to 1025. Cost from 24 to 23. Berserker hit points from 975 to 900, cost from 22 to 21. Succubus Q is now Paralising Gaze, E is now Mind Flay. Nether Drake gold cost from 32 to 26. Build time from 12 to 10 seconds. The following buildings have been added for Legion inside the Scholomance: A Burning Citadel and a Void Summoning Spire. Infernal Contraptions now have Homing Missiles , their collision size is reduced from 15 to 14 and their Hit points are buffed from 600 to 700. Fixed an issue where Fel Guards would be affected by Doom mastery and gain Fortified armor. The reward for destroying Lordaeron 3 capitals is: an additional 15 strength, agility and int to Tichondrius. The reward for destroying Dalaran capital is: The book of Medivh The reward for capturing Quel'thalas capital is: A buff of 20 damage, 20 movement speed and 200 health to your Dreadlord Elites. (doesn't apply to Mal'ganis or Tichondrius) Fel Horde Teal shop now sells healing scrolls. Teal shop now doesnt sell Scroll of regeneration. They cost 55 gold. Re-added a warmill to Black temple that was deleted when the map size was changed. Teal Death knights now have hero armor and hero damage. The reward for destroying Ironforge capital is: A buff to all Nether Dragon Hatchlings of 450 hit points and 5000 wood. The reward for destroying Stormwind's capital is: a buff to cavalry and raiders of 150 hit points and 25 movement speed. Lordaeron Capital Palace aura now 2 hit point per second flat. Gryphon Knights from 35 to 45 gold. hit points from 1200 to 1050. Bishop of the Silver Hand cost from 30 to 45 gold. Silver Hand cleric cost from 16 to 18 gold. Scarlet Crusaders from 21 to 23 gold. The reward for destroying the Scourge's capital is: The ability to bring Arthas to the Frozen Throne and gain King Arthas. The reward for destroying the Legion's capital is: Thunder Eagles. Magic attack limited 6 flying unit with True Sight, trainable at the Keeps, Castles and Capitals. Dwarves Thanes hitpoint from 1250 to 1125. The reward for destroying the Fel Horde 2 capitals is: giving 2 additional trainable Thane, so the limit goes from 6 to 8. Explorers have now higher priority than riflemans. Dalaran Path of stone and steel bonus 400 mana to Kirin tor is now also applied to Battlemages. The reward for destroying the Scourge capital is: A new unit trainable at the arcane sanctum, Sanctioned Necromancers. They have the same stats and spell as scourge's necromancers. The reward for destroying the Legion capital is: A buff to Earth Golems of 450 hit point and 30 damage. Stone Titan damage from 50 to 95. Collision reduced from 65 to 55. Steel Titan damage from 150 to 250. Attack speed nerfed from 3.5 to 4.5. Collision reduced from 65 to 55. Quel'thalas Fixed an issue where you were able to train 8 ballistas. Now the limit is correctly set to 6. Sunwell Life regeneration aura is now a flat 3. The reward for destroying the Scourge capital is: a buff to swordsmen, 4 damage and 150 hit points. The reward for destroying the Legion capital is: A new unit trainable at the arcane Sanctum, Elf Warlock. They have the same spell as Eredar warlocks (fireball, fireshield and summon minion) but have less hit points. Illidari If Tempest Keep falls, Illidari is eliminated and all the units go neutral victim. Naga siren and summoners lumber cost from 20 to 7. Naga myrmidon lumber cost from 50 to 35. Snap Dragno lumber cost from 35 to 20 Naga Royal guard lumber cost from 100 to 25. Naga royal guard crushing wave max damage from 500 to 1000. Thrall Horde Tauren hit points nerfed from 1525 to 1375. Drek'thar model is now bigger. Monsoon has now a 60 second cooldown, up from 40. Monsoon now has an effect on the caster when its being channeled. The reward for destroying the Sentinel capital's is: 2 additional wyvern, so the limit goes from 6 to 8. The reward for destroying the Druids capital is: Drek'thar book. New horde: Horde Embassy build time from 60 to 30 seconds. Warsong Clan Stonemaul now has a warmill, an altar and barrack that were deleted when the map boundaries changed. Raiders hp from 835 to 855. Warsong now can't train the following units from the start of the game: Zeppelins and Kodos. Gobling Hardware store, Ogre Barracks and Goblin laboratory build time from 60 to 30 seconds. The reward for destroying the Sentinel capital's is: A buff to the Orc Champions, 300 hit points and 10 damage. Also, you unlock the ability to train Zeppelins and Kodos. The reward for destroying the Druids capital is: 20k lumber and 3 new ability to Shredders Pocket Factory: Summons 1 Pocket Factory that has 950 hp and lasts 20 seconds. also spawns weak clockwerk goblins. Saw Bombardment: Reverse healing spray that deals 50 damage to enemy for each saw in an aoe. Emergency repairs: Self heals the Shredder for 500 hp. Sentinels Sentinels small overhaul: Shadowleaf sentinels are now no longer trainable, they unlock with the Sentinel's unleashed Path. Added a new Elite for the Sentinels, The Priestess of the Moon. Has the following abilities: Q Light of the Goddess. Holy light that heals for 150, and damages undead by the same amount. W Elune's Blessing. Gives a bonus movement speed of 50% to all allies units in an aoe for 6 seconds. E Healing Shield. Cast a shield on an ally that heals nearby units by 30 every second. R Divine Hymn. Resurrects 4 nearby units. D Scout. Summons an invulnerable owl with true sight. Priestess now has a new E ability: Light Burst. Heals all unit in a small aoe for 100 hp. The area of effect is a little bigger than the Chaplain one (130 up from 100). Tyrande moved to Auberdine. The Auberdine elite was moved to Darnassus in her place. Feathermoon stronghold will replace Darnassus Temple of the Moon as the capital to destroy to win the early duel (on top of Auberdine) Feathermoon Stronghold hp from 3500 to 8000. Maiev now correctly appears when Illidari happens and Illidan is currently a sentinel hero. Trapper base damage from 23 to 15. Trapper base health from 510 to 390. Elven Trap cooldown from 15 seconds to 35. Mana cost from 100 to 225. Activation delay from 1 second to 0.5 seconds. Damage in 100 aoe from 100 to 150. Damage in larger aoe from 25 to 35. Larger aoe from 200 to 300. Nightblades armor from 2 to 3. Archer hit points from 450 to 425, damage from 19-21 to 21-22. Huntress damage from 21-27 to 24-27. Re-added a Sentinel Enclave to Darnassus that was deleted when the map boundaries were moved. The reward for destroying the Frostwolf Clan Capital's is: 2 additional elites, so the limit goes from 6 to 8. The reward for destroying the Warsong Clan capital's is: A 15 bonus to the strength, agility and int of Tyrande. Stormwind Stormwind Champions Staggering Shout ability requires Fel Horde to be eliminated. Hit points reduced by 200. The reward for destroying the Fel horde is: Unlocking the Staggering Shout ability for the elites and giving them a bonus 200 hit points. Druids Casters revamped: Druid of the Talon now have the following spells: Q Entangling Root W Dispel E Curse of the Wood Curse of the Wood duration from 15 seconds to 45 seconds. Damage per second from 15 to 18. Cooldown from 30 to 15 seconds. Druids of the Growth now have: Q Mark of the wild W Rejuvenation E Revive (old priestess E) (note that Mountain Giants cannot be revived.) Dryads collision size from 14 to 13. Hit points from 560 to 690 Mountain giant cost from 30 to 28 gold. Hit points buffed from 1450 to 1625. Furbolg cost from 13 to 11 gold. United Night elves can now train Druid of the Growth instead of Priestess. The reward for destroying the Frostwolf Clan Capital's is: A new unit trainable at the World tree, Tree of Eternities and Tree of Ages, the Primal Guardians. limited to 3, they have the following abilities: Ice Nova Afterimage Frost Armor (8 armor bonus) The reward for destroying the Warsong Clan capital's is: a new unit trainable at the World Tree, Tree of Eternities and Tree of Ages, the Siege Ancients. Limited to 6, they are a melee unit with the Siege form ability, that renders them immobile and gives them a long range siege attack.
  7. There is some more major overhauls for multiple factions planned, but probably nothing before reforged
  8. But those, the unit upgrades, are already disappearing, or rare. Again, that would eventually mean making your blacksmith a meta building with all your general upgrades. This is a direction I don't want to take. From a pure gameplay perspective, that means slowing down which upgrade you are getting or having to add a whole bunch upgrade buildings like forge that will get unused: at the start of the game I might want to upgrade ships speed, caster health, attack and defense upgrades, but I wouldn't have enough forges. Then once I'm done with casters, now my forges are all obsolete but 2. On the flipside, you always have unused harbours or caster building. Ones that are far away from your fight, and you can use those to research those upgrades perfectly fine. So all in all, a change I'm not going to do unless I decide to completly moved every racial upgrade to 1 building, which I tested with Legion somewhat.
  9. It's already in the works, but it is in the list you just mentioned.
  10. Il just adress the symmetric ideas: You are basically asking to move all upgrades to the same buildings. If we do that, then that means eventually those building will be meta-buildings/ui. Is that what we want for azeroth wars? To have a tech center with all your faction upgrades and accessible outside the map? Because those changes would be a massive step in that direction. Il be honest I've considered that option many times and I decide against it. This is warcraft 3 we are talking about, unit producing buildings have upgrades in them, and just for the charm of it, I prefer it stays that way. It was explained many times, to you, that aoe towers don't gain damage from upgrade as they would scale too much and make camping too strong. Giving Dalaran casters attack upgrade is an awful idea and I had my taste of that when I gave Trappers upgrades, a mistake I'm not repeating. Can give Sentinels masonry. Illidari don't have naga and draenei buildings anymore. Just illidari buildings. In general, the 2 evil ideas are just too much work for what they are worth. 3 upgrade each is just more than I'm willing to put for some auras on buildings.
  11. I like the Silverpine one, and it makes sense, will make a note to change those 2 names. As for the Mount Hyjal one, I prefer to keep it like this because the name might be important to it later (event to summon Malorne)
  12. Well, as you can see, it's already off. True horde and new horde are done, sentinels unleashed are done, I don't plan on doing Mannoroth's soon and w3mmd needs Yak. Basically , I never end up following a roadmap so take them all with multiple grains of salt. I can say this though, I'm working on a new second chance that will spawn in Northrend! Generally I want to keep improving the stability of the map first and foremost.
  13. Azeroth wars LR 2.12b General Re-added the portal from Icecrown Citadel to inner azjol-nerub. It was removed because of the map size change. Scourge Destroyer limit from 8 to 6. Removed fire arrow from skeleton Archers. Removed the starting Death Knight in the Scholomance. Removed Baron Rivendare from the start of the game, he know spawns with Plague (like it was before). Ebon Blade Removed some more trees when Ebon spawn to aid the pathing near Acherus. Legion Dreadlord cost back to 75, up from 50. Fel Horde Removed the 2 Blademasters demi-hero, replaced by Burning Blademaster elites. Lordaeron Removed Barbed Arrow from the Longbowmen. Mograine now spawns with the Determine level method, so his level will be better scaled over the game. Dwarves Fixed Thaurissan now spawning in the middle of nowhere. Dalaran Kirin Tor armor changed from unarmored to hero. Admiral Proudmoor and the Kul Tiras island is now automatically unlocked at turn 15. Violet Citadel hit point buffed from 5k to 10k. Quel'thalas Removed fire arrows from High Elves archers, default is now frost arrows. Farstriders armor changed from medium to hero. Thrall Horde Tauren elite mastery now gives bonus hit point to Cairne too. Reincarnation has been moved from Tauren warriors to Cairne. Orgrimmar hit points frmo 4k to 10k. Sentinels Shadowleaf sentinel armor from medium to hero. Sentinels unleashed tooltip now correctly indicates that you can take second chances if you go for the path. Stormwind Removed slow poison (passive) from dark green spearman (poisoned spear is still there) (assassins still have slow poison). Druids Keeper of the grove armor changed from unarmored to hero. Kingdom of Ahn’Qiraj Fixed C'thun spawning in the middle of nowhere.
  14. Azeroth Wars 2.12 Changelog General: Several instances have been moved to make it possible to reduce the map limits. Now the map is smaller in width, and the water west of kalimdor has been reduced significantly. Changed the level factor in the hero xp formula from 205 to 200. Basically what this means is that a little less exp is required to level up, especially at very higher levels. The formula was: (exp required for the previous level) + (current level) * 205. Now it's: (exp required for the previous level) + (current level) * 200. Here is the current chart for the exp required for each level: Lvl 2: 400 Lvl 3: 1000 Lvl 4: 1800 Lvl 5: 2800 Lvl 6: 4000 Lvl 7: 5400 Lvl 8: 7000 Lvl 9: 8800 Lvl 10: 10800 Lvl 11: 13000 Lvl 12: 15400 Lvl 13: 18000 Lvl 14: 20800 Lvl 15: 23800 Lvl 16: 27000 Lvl 17: 30400 Lvl 18: 34000 Lvl 19: 37800 Lvl 20: 41800 Call determine level formula changed from ( 400 + (seconds elapsed) * 4 ) * factor to ( 1000 + (seconds elapsed) * 5 ) * factor. Factor is 1 for most heroes, 1.2 for some heroes like Archimonde , Illidan. Maximum exp possible with the formula changed from 8000 to 22400. (level 9 to level 15) This means that any hero that spawns because of an event will now spawn at a higher level than before. Scroll of teleportation aoe reduced from 1300 to 1000. (vanilla is 800) Number of units teleported from 130 to 96 (8 control groups) same for Drek'thar book. Attempted fix for second chance keeping heroes from their past faction. Broodmother spiderlings no longer give bounties. All flamestrikes based spells removed because of desyncs concerns, this includes: Kael flamestrike, Anasterian and Thaurissan ultimate and Archimonde Nether Strike. C'thun path attempted fix to being available to other players once it has been taken. Ebon Blade Ebon Blade priest now in R position and hotkey to not conflict with shades. Legion Blue Berserker hit points reduced from 1075 to 975. orc cavalry hit point reduced from 1200 to 1075. removed 1 Berseker from alterac, 2 succubus and 1 voidwalker. Malganis hit points from 1325 to 1275. armor from 11 to 9. Inferno cooldown from 120 sec to 240 and duration from 180 to 35. Archimonde nether strike changed to Meteor strike (old kil jaeden W). Fixed Legion not being able to build altars. Dwarves Thaurissan ultimate replaced by Firestorm (Magtheridon current ult). Dalaran Hydromancers water elemental hit points from 600 to 950. Damage from 14 to 17. Armor from 1 to 2 and changed from medium to heavy. Added the following units to Dalaran start: 1 hydromancer and 1 battlemage near silverspine, 2 battlemages and 2 hydromancers near the southshore and 1 kirin tor near the arcane teleporter in the dungeons. Antonidas has his old utlimate (frostfall) due to lag/desyncs concerns. Quel'thalas Anasterian now has the same ult as kael (temporarly), Phoenix. Illidari Kael flamestrike changed to Anasterian arcane burst. Thrall Horde Warrior ascendance mastery now gives Grunts 15 bonus damage, gives them 250 bonus hit points and 20 movement speed. Kodo war drums tooltip now correctly indicates it buffs attack of all unit, not just ranged. The New Horde gazlowe now has the same priority as other heroes Warsong Clan Kodo war drums tooltip now correctly indicates it buffs attack of all unit, not just ranged. Sentinels Unleashed Maiev, Moon Priestess Amara and Naisha now correctly spawn when taking Sentinels Unleashed.
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