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  1. Im sry but WTF are u trying to say
  2. Enclop[RtwC]


    Never will i give up??
  3. Omg nerzhulen has 0 votes. I thought he would be second or third
  4. Enclop[RtwC]


    Did I say smthing bad?? K ignore what said.... And morgoth... Lame
  5. I find the south korean one good. It's similar to the American one though
  6. Enclop[RtwC]


    Im finally back to roam diplo hehe :D Before u guys SPAM me with "fuck u Enclop" I want to say I wont troll around but tbh I didn't spam that much. (I mean come on.. Everyone spams here) Special request to eagleman: may I pls be unbanned from the aw:lr section? I probably will very rarely post anything and if I do I'll be serious every time. I just wanna see suggestions, discussions and ideas as ive taken a liking to ur map. pls give me a second chance! God believes in second chances and ur the god of diplo right??
  7. .. Buttlicker... Satan why not sig this??
  8. Lol everyone has wow
  9. Don't worry macie :D He doesnt like me either
  10. Enzo the baker?
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