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  1. sno if ur alive pls return i'll never forget the time when me and jim talked bane into drinking himself so stupid that he dropped a fucking knife on his foot tinychat days were pretty epic. kyle chugging jose cuervo, jim getting on cam for the first time, avi stripping for me...
  2. absolute shitshow LOL
  3. I'm going to be laying out a few additions I feel need to be made in order to improve the site's overall accessibility and accommodation to newcomers. I think these minor adjustments will significantly improve user-retention with our targeted demographic by not only streamlining their initial navigational experience, but by effectively providing them with the key pieces of information they desire and simultaneously utilizing the XenForo template currently in place. Upon arriving on Diplomunion.com, one of the first things I fail to see is a list of realms and channels that are generally occupied by our members. Now, I'm not looking to have a list of every lobbied map being updated at any given moment, that's MMH's job, although a module for that would be nice given the recent partnership... What I am suggesting, however, is a permanent module to be displayed on the front page of the website, somewhat prominently. Solely for potential new War3 members (unarguably the major demo), it will list the names of the main realms (Asia, Europe, East, West), the official clan name/s for said realm, and the channels in which members can be found. In order to provide an even deeper sense of pride and accountability within the community, I suggest each clan-tag link to the appropriate on-site mailbox for its respective chieftain or a shaman designated to speak on behalf of the guild. This communication feature should still only be accessible to registered users, but would be an invaluable addition and of great assistance to guild leaders who would still like to maintain an open line of communication with their newer members who may not be familiar with them in-game. By implementing this system, a shy but prospective member will no longer be discouraged from signing up on the website because they don't know which channel to network with on their realm. For anyone visiting this site for the first time, this eliminates the guessing work for finding a group of people to play with sans MMH and provides them with a query outlet that current members can capitalize on for recruitment purposes while promoting successful registrations. This ultimately leads to a larger pool of active members who potentially post more frequently and undoubtedly provides more traffic for the site. Another, albeit smaller issue I currently have with the Front Page are the GIFs. I think they should be removed entirely and replaced. This suggestion is solely for FP. They eat up a lot of data for what they offer, and, when placed at the top of the page, as is the case currently, may not always load properly depending on the browser used. The website loaded completely fine on an Android before the addition of GIFs, and most of the time on iOS. In my testing I'm confident in saying that both of those numbers are down by a small, but notably meaningful and observable margin after the implementation of GIFs into the XenForo template. On this matter my intended solution is to propose the exploration of other, more acceptable formats; there are many others that serve the same, aesthetically pleasing function as the GIF, but with less resource consumption while being compatible with the XenForo template the website is built on. My final quibble, also regarding the Front Page, has to do with the JPEG'S or PNG's being used to promote various maps/events directly pertaining to the website. Unlike the matter with the GIF, I'm not suggesting a change in format is necessary. I'm simply unsatisfied with the quality of the images being used to promote these labors of love that have also been apart of my life for the past half-decade. In my opinion they deserve more respect than the current pixelated screen-shots that currently hold their place. If there's someway to improve the resolution of the current ones then by all means please do it. If some user-submitted action is required then I am fully in support of it and will do what I can to contribute. The point I really want to forge on this matter is that the representation for our exclusively updated maps, which are ultimately unique brands, must be represented and promoted on the website with a quality on par with the map itself. I'm not going to circle-jerk by harping on how amazing Diplo is; you either know it or you're denser than a black hole. I hope senior members understand where I'm coming from with this post as well as my arguments in favor of the aforementioned changes. This is an open discussion so feel free to comment on, amend, or question anything I've stated above. Your insight will be read and taken into consideration and I look forward to responding to any and all feedback regarding this topic. Cheers!
  4. how could you not even get a semichub looking at this homo: literally squirted out a litter of kids and decided his time was better spent with another man...
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  6. Did the lemon juice do anything for the flavor? lemons/chocolate don't strike me as being good in a drink
  7. DylanJ7

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    It's a bar I hit up sometimes, mainly for the comfy furniture.
  8. Looks like a neat map. I'll have to check it out sometime.
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    real men wear pink[ATTACH=full]2546[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]2547[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]2548[/ATTACH]
  10. False. Not only is this extremely oversimplified but it's far from being 'universally accepted'. Theoretically, free markets lead to the highest quality only when certain conditions that foster what is known as perfect competition are met, which, if the deregulation you go on to champion is put into place, will not allow for. Strike one. Man whoever made that webpage it probably still eating cherry pie. Data goes back to the late '70s without any additional context or even attempting to touch on the underlying reasons that the fathers left in the first place. What about mother and daughter talks? Are you saying girls shouldn't be allowed to participate in Glorious Democratic Voluntary Family Program because their dependency on a father-figure is not as crucial to successful integration into society? Or does it not matter because in your mind because a woman's place is in the home? There's this thing people have been doing for a while now, it's not practiced everywhere and in some places it's actually frowned upon and even discouraged. I think they call it 'reading a book' or something like that. Anyways, from what I've heard it can do amazing things for one's mental development. In fact, I would go so far as to say that there might even be books out there on how to be a somewhat decent person in spite of not having a father, and in some cases are a superior if not adequate consolation to 'parent and child talks'. Strike two. Watch out boys I think we might have a fucking genius on our hands. Strike three because I don't have enough time on this planet to continue explaining to you how wrong you are. You realize real life isn't like your fucking degenerate WoW server where you can just "quit" your family like a guild and go join a new one? Do you have any understanding of how interpersonal relationships are even built or maintained? So you're gonna put in all that hard work and your kid's gonna turn out to be just "OK"? Performing a search on a topic and then posting the first four links that pop up onto a forum without even reading them in a desperate attempt to win an argument does not, in fact, constitute acquiring knowledge or building intelligence. Man, and I thought this was the Thinking Cap...
  11. Last night was good. Got drunk at the house, hopped on Uber, got a ride to Austin, grubbed on steak, popped a bottle of 2003 Dom Perignon, then proceeded to visit as many bars as possible and do shots of tequila, which was a terrible TERRIBLE mistake, as evidenced by my facial expression from this morning. My only regret aside from the shots was that all the malls closed at 6 which I wasn't aware of and I really really wanted to get a cute bowtie. [ATTACH=full]2463[/ATTACH]^^^ OH MY GOD THE PICTURES PEOPLE TAKE OF ME ARE SO FUCKING AWKWARD LOL [ATTACH=full]2464[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]2465[/ATTACH] Cheers to another year!
  12. The stage at the 2014 World Championship Series in Anaheim, California. http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2014/11/24/good-game The New Yorker will be releasing a 12-page profile piece on professional 'cyber athlete' and Starcraft II Zerg player Scarlett, in its upcoming November 24th issue. You can read the article now (link above). | In the early stages, players cannot see one another’s armies, and must dispatch scouts to illuminate darkened corners; they must also develop economies, with which to fund the inevitable battles. It’s as if Garry Kasparov had to plot a pawnless endgame while simultaneously harvesting minerals, building fuel extractors, and searching in vain for Spassky’s queen. Academic researchers now use StarCraft II—the “drosophila” of brain science, as one paper suggested—when studying people who expertly perform cognitively complex tasks. Chess may soon be eclipsed as the standard-bearer of competitive I.Q. Imagine playing a concerto on a piano, and if you miss one note the entire orchestra stops playing and you’re kicked off and you lose your job,” Sean Plott, one of the official commentators on the Scarlett-Bomber match, told me recently. “That’s what this is like.” The piano reference was not arbitrary; top-level StarCraft requires as many as three hundred actions per minute, or A.P.M.; an élite practitioner’s left hand, as it manipulates the keyboard, can appear almost to be playing Chopin. The right hand, meanwhile, darts and clicks with a mouse, contrapuntally, so frantic that carpal-tunnel syndrome and tendinitis are common side effects." | At first glance it appears lengthy, but this is the usual length of their profiles. Definitely required reading, gives a wonderful outside-looking-in perspective on the lifestyle in general not to mention the culture and fans surrounding it. Grats to Scarlett and our very own PurplePoot for being such supportive role-models not only to each other, but the community abroad. Edit: Here's the game being referred to in the article. Really good, back-and-forth TvZ:
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