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  1. Has it been 7? Since I can't remember the last time I logged on wc3, well played. Back to the grave!
  2. I still can't believe youre writing this 10 years later. Full props excellent article
  3. But... We are the old guard.
  4. Age of empires. Will surely be buying the definitive v2 as well as 4 whenever it comes out. What about wc3 remastered?
  5. G93


    What the hell happened to diplo?
  6. G93


    Bors is the mother
  7. I got lost in the nether of life
  8. G93


    Whats going on with everyone here. Doing my thread for the year. Guess ill start. My wife and I are expecting our first,kid (boy) in june
  9. G93

    Who broke Diplo?

    What is discord? I did notice it being down and then I went meg
  10. I guess the thing I woild recommend is assessing whether your job requires human thought/critical thinking. If it,doesnt, it can,be eliminated
  11. Very interesting. I'm actually involved in robotic process automation at a client. Really makes you think about the jobs youre eliminating. Bottom line is companies want to cut down $ as much as possible. Also do consider the fact that intelligent automation is gaining momentum as well which will elimating even more white collar jobs. Also what is terrifying is the amount of workflow software that is integrating RPA.
  12. I may have to join or attend in some capacity with wild turkey being my drink of choice
  13. Wouldn't I get points per kid? And walrus I didnt know you were still around! I might have to. I am thinking of buying a wc3 disc again. Adel you should make us an old old guard tag
  14. Is it malagad? If so my apologies man.
  15. Got married in 2015 but yeah I'm faulting pretty hard. Work at PwC so I'm fairly busy hence my lack of gaming lately
  16. I think you need to define whether Byzantine emperors are eligible. That said... Heres my list of emperors that are pre eastern empire. 1) Augusta: already enough content here for why he is number one. 2) Hadrian: did a heck of a job stabilizing the empire after Hadrian overextended it. 3) Vespasian: stabilized the empire after a massive civil war. Also initiated the start of a fairly solid dynasty. Built the colosseum too. 4) Trajan: people already commented about him. 5) Marcus Aurelius: comments already about him
  17. Hello as well good sir. Think we are the only two left from the clan Mek site haha. Hmm.. I don't remember him from that. I do now recall him being from a hacking group now though. Bane: doing well man. Moved a few Times, got married, bought a house. All that fun stuff
  18. G93

    RIP Gamerisle

    It was gwydia. I don't remember the other one to be honest.
  19. Just sorta maybe kidding. We will see how long this lasts. How you guys doing?
  20. Time to disappear again until 2018!
  21. Lolwut who the hell are you. I dont remember you from gwydia and I ran the site. I was also the one who axed it. Diplo (the first site) was older than gwydia. B Abdel and I collaborate d on the merger and it worked out pretty dam well.
  22. G93

    RIP Gamerisle

    I was part of the azw and Europa community. I created the gwydia site and eventually forcibly made the azw community move to diplo due to a merger idea I discussed with Adel. I,never anticipated how well it would work because I ate a lot of shit at the time. Oh and panther might hate because I mass booted his clan twice. Edit: in fairness the shit I ate was completely earned because I did not ask the opinion of the azw community and gave them the option of diplo or no forum.
  23. Got something to contribute other than a smart ass comment you fucking dank twat?
  24. Can't really use this as an excuse to increase the push for self driven/regulated automobiles. We are humans so we will find a way to hurt someone if we really want to. I'm just going to come out and say that Germany having loose border control and opening it up to immigrants from war zones has played a hand in this. I'm honestly not sure what the right approach is to that but there's been a pattern of violence in Germany related with immigrants.
  25. Yo fuck that shit. Pulling my founder status to negate that. The reoccurring Death Star/weapon of mass destruction gets a bit tiresome. I wasn't as irritated with that in rogue one as I was with episode 7. I actually also really enjoyed the fight scenes in rogue one with the exception of the blind monk stick tapping storm troopers cold. That to me didn't seem to make sense. Unless of course he is using the force to deliver those strikes.
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