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  1. I don't think Cruz had a chance vs Hillary. Kasich or Rubio maybe. Cruz comes off as a crazy evangelical, and that's if you're willing to ignore the whole "abolish the IRS" crap he was spouting.
  2. Yeah somebody's gotta round up the brown folk when Trump wins ;)
  3. I think they still ask if you're a nazi on the questionnaire.
  4. You can't teach motivation and willingness to fight. Abdel's post points out specifically why, lack of cohesion and unity and corruption within the ranks.
  5. Turns out people don't like AIDS denial and corruption.
  6. Oh shit welcome back Mono. Do you still live in Cali or did you move back to Florida?
  7. One of my friends was guaranteed at least $250+ if he worked weekends, really depends on where you work though.
  8. Just noticed this thread, but I'd get a new GPU if you're intending on going 1440p or 144hz. I have your 4th option, the LG one and I love it.
  9. Strong independent women who don't need no man?
  10. The mother should be charged with child endangerment. at the very least. Sucks for the zoo and the gorilla of course.
  11. "Stop sitting on the fence you haven't built yet." To me it means "don't worry about decisions in the future because you're not there yet".
  12. I don't think we'll ever see modern day annexation at the same scale that we saw over any other point in history. I believe Russia was able to get away with taking Crimea because most of the people that identify as Russian's (good old Stalin and his deportations), but more importantly Ukraine was and is in economic shambles, giving the Crimean people more of an incentive to be part of Russia. Feanor could probably give a better explanation of this than I could (or tell me I'm wrong, either way). Anyway apart from Crimea and a few other places where there's a bit more to it. Forced annexation is dead, the rise of globalization has seen to that. Sure you might see bigger countries try to install "puppet" leaders in countries, but only because that yields better results than occupation by force, since the idea is to either maintain a sphere of influence or just get a favorable trade deal from your puppet. There aren't any arguable benefits of Colonialism today because you risk losing so much more than you could possibly gain. The only way you'd see colonialism forced by war is out of desperation for something like water/fuel.
  13. Pretty sure this isn't a thinking cap topic, but I'll bite anyway. The biggest problem with sc2 was that they fucked up battle.net 2.0. They never needed to change what already worked. sc2 was also only catered to the competitive 1v1 players, this left the arcade or whatever they called custom games to rot. Lack of support for user generated content also really killed sc2, and although they tried to add things to make it more friendly to mappers, the ship had already set sail. Sadly I don't think Warcraft IV will ever happen. The RTS genre would have to make a big comeback in itself if it were to even be considered. Then there's the whole "lets ignore 11 years of WoW lore" and just continue on from the end of wc3. It's definitely do-able but there is no incentive to create wc4 when the RTS genre is declining and less money to be made from it. Blizzard has effectively split up all of their games into different genres, and RTS isn't a very high priority one compared to pay to win games like Hearthstone or their TF2 clone Overwatch.
  14. Uber from what I've heard is pretty shit, but not terrible if you don't expect much out of it. Don't they classify you as an independent contractor and take a pretty good percentage of the fares? Traditional cabs as Abdel said were in need for a correction because they had a monopoly, but going forward I think we'll see more and more people not working for Uber because it isn't worth the wear and tear on their cars, insurance, etc and traditional cab companies will be forced to reduce fares. I don't know about the whole experience about being driven around by an uber driver, but it's just the same as a cab in principal right? You still get into a car with a stranger and pay them to drive you places...
  15. I'd like Bernie to win, but I'd totally vote for Trump over Hillary...
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