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  1. who will win the battle for kattegat?
  2. yah pal mostly fri sat sunday around 2pm easternusatime it when the pals (pimp wampa etc) logging on but by that time we got like 2-3 games in n we usually end up plying like 7-8 lots of ww1ish too u gay gote folk u gay ww1ish folk i c u
  3. 3/4 different types of lettuces covered in 3/4 types of cheese im healthy i like spaghetto and cheese burgers 2 ilike ur pictures in the random thread gj jobroni
  4. orcs r said 2 be elves kidnaped by melkor year 3000bc around 6000ad king elessar trumpcontar defeated the evil sauron il muhamud gorthaur and the orcs ran back to mountains to there tunnels around the parts of eastern china and turkmenistan after the savior trumpcontar died the good christian abrahamic folk started questioning things and again spread the worship of melkor in the name of michelle obamacanis (one of the blue wizard) never heard of a female orc other then (deleted cuz im 2 mean)
  5. ^^^^ when u win for once and gotta stroke ur ego i watched for 5 mins all i saw was "why no almonds" yes lord cuntniper sire i was 1/2 ppl watching
  6. thats a lot of meat if only i had a train irl i wouldnt need tags fml
  7. thats pretty good.... gotta add clutch tho
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i hear clan gote gonna die due 2 inactivity . . .
  9. GoT's first 3 eps n re-shoots n all cost 10 million they saying this shit gonna be 1 billion dolla production....
  10. hey n welcome channel clan gote on east all the gayfags who play (taf greece ripbanjo ripISH) hang out there
  11. foreign laugs dont got forums it seems must be a made in usa thing english is my fourth laug sorry how come twitter n them can block anti Hilary stuff but when trump uses foreign bots 2 do same they shit on him diplo = bohemian grove?
  12. remember when forums were for ppl who played games
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