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  1. Pusan

    Burden's HOI4 game #2


    australia ofc
  2. based eagle returning to the ashes of his map. btw if you need testers i'll be on the next few days to help organize games
  3. USA team is looking weak a fuck rn we need to count south american players like guim, cell, etc if we gonna have a real game
  4. PUSANMEME'S 2018 WORLD WAR ONE: ISH SEASON TOP 10 ROSTER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Criteria for current roster : Must be a regular (approx. 2-3 games per week to rank) Possible ELO ranking system to follow if proper implementation can be done. 1. Devils_Food Best country: Russia Devils takes out the top spot on this list primarily for his versatility and his attitude in game. Able to play any nation effectively, Devils is a valuable pick in any draft, perhaps most so for his well known skill as one of the few talented West Germany players. Devils will never bitch or flame, never rage quit, and never disconnect. He will just get on with the job, and is never the first person to throw in the towel, giving him a major edge over more volatile (read, autistic) players like TrencH] who are known to lose a single howitzer in the first minute and start a monumental dummy spit. Good micro, macro, and high map awareness make him a player to be respected. Despite this, Devils is not without some flaws, occasionally overextending himself as Russia resulting in severe beatings from players who have no right to administer them. 2. Numudan Best country: West Germany The wild child, a complete newcomer who burst onto the 2018 ISH scene out of nowhere and quickly left a trail of young adults slamming their desks, spilling their Mountain Dews, and crying 'WTF MAPHACK!!1' at the top of their lungs, Numudan takes out the number 2 spot on this roster. Numudan's primary strength is his excellent micro ability, on par with only Tech0ff for the autismal amount of actions per minute he is able to carry out. Known for sometimes building up to 30 howitzers at a time whilst still conserving infantry and not making risky plays, Numudan is arguably the most efficient player in ISH, able to steadily push any player back with a relentless artillery barrage. However, Numudan's macro awareness is not as high as other players, and as a newcomer to ISH he has yet to grasp all the intricacies of different nations. This is primarily due to him quickly being relegated to WG Bitch duties after it was found he had an incredible ability to hold the Rhineland against even the most dynamic West front duos. Numudan is however like many other players susceptible to meltdowns, resulting in some spectacular and hilarious spats following surprise defeats. 3. Tech0ff Best country: France An old hand at ISH, Tech0ff has returned mid-season to throw his considerable weight against some of the new blood. When not lamenting the loss of his fellow morbidly obese, retarded American brother blood_sean, Tech0ff can be found playing France religiously and dunking unsuspecting WG players with his high micro ability. Decent macro and morale combined with a solid and steady pushing mindset make Tech0ff well suited to the grinding attrition warfare of the Western front, however he has yet to prove himself in all the other nations as yet, and is still basically Jim's pussy whipped man-bitch, relegating him to number 3 on this list. 4. TrencH] Best country: East Germany Where to start... TrencH] (known affectionately to his fellow ISH'ers as Jim) is the driving 'personality' behind the 2018 ISH Season, and is primarily responsible for it's revival. TrencH]'s involvement with WW1 ISH and other maps of it's like stretches back far into obscurity, back when Battle.net was actually good. One of the original contributors to WW1 ISH, TrencH] is primarily to blame for the awful terrain and unit balancing issues that plague the corruption of RTW that we know and love today. High micro ability, good macro, good awareness and perhaps the best knowledge of the game itself make TrencH] a player to be respected and feared, and he is not averse to enacting spaceman-tier plays that less experienced or unknowing players may be susceptible to. However, TrencH] is perhaps the most emotionally unstable ISH player there is, and is renowned for his regular diaper flings and dummy spits as he struggles to reign in his rampant ADHD. Spectacular highs and shocking lows characterize this player, landing him in the number 4 spot on this roster. 5. inside_the_fire Best country: Austria Taking out the number 5 rank on this list is the Bulgarian blowout, inside_the_fire. Long time rival to TrencH], inside is known for his breadth of ability and experience in ISH, able to play any nation well and possessing good ability like the other players above him. Perhaps best known for his Russia plays, inside will descend upon his hapless victims with a shrill cry of 'xaxaXAXA' before mercilessly slaughtering them. However, lately inside_the_fire has occasionally been the victim of misfortune and disaster, memorably receiving a mauling as Russia from TrencH] playing East Germany in single combat, and being supposedly outed as a fraudulent WG player by Tech0ff for spamming gas and fort trenches all game. Whether these events will represent the shape of things to come is unsure, however one thing is certain - inside will always be a highly rated and reliable pick for any ISH team. 6. bsxalpha6 Best country: East Germany Yet another old hand at ISH and a Veteran of the RTW Wars, bsxalpha6 is a highly regarded player on battle.net and among the ISH fraternity for his brilliant micro skills. One of if not the best EG's in the business, bsx, like Tech0ff, has returned mid season and is quickly cutting teeth on the pink fleshy necks of the noobs and newfags. Just don't put him anywhere near a naval squadron or he'l promptly lose over 15 ships to a trio of German dreadnoughts. 7. AdmiralGuim Best country: Italy The self-proclaimed 'Admiral' himself, Guim is somewhat of an enigma in the ISH player roster. Whilst he is quite capable of playing virtually any nation well, at times he will lose an entire stack of howitzers for seemingly no reason. Guim makes up for his occasional fumbles by being an outstanding naval commander. Perhaps moreso than any other player, Guim is able to inspire a certain paranoia in any opposing player who happens to share a coastline with him, making them live in constant fear of 15 transport ships filled with fully upgraded Pizza makers doom dropping their precious production. As of late, the Admiral has been expanding his skill set, proving himself an able East Germany, making extensive use of armored cars to wipe out unsuspecting howitzer stacks. 8. Blackjacks Best country: Russia BJ Blowout, the Bacha-Bazi Bum Bandit. Hailing from the far off land of Afghanistan, Blackjacks crossed the seas on a leaky Italian NGO boat in search of jihad, ficki-ficki, and games of ISH where he can a-click unprepared East Germany players in the first 30 seconds of the game. Although not really a standout in any particular role possibly barring Russia, BJ is nonetheless an able and relatively well rounded player. BJ can usually be trusted to do well with minimal fuss, and he is one of the few players capable of a semi-decent West Germany, putting him at number 8 on this list above many players who consider themselves more talented. 9. DontBanTheMan Best country: Austria Possibly the most well-adjusted person in ISH (or the most autistic depending on your viewpoint), handsome phansom makes it at number 9 in this list thanks not only to the fact that he bothers to use impeccable grammar and spelling when speaking to a bunch of emotionally retarded and immature 16 year olds on battle.net but also due to his solid skills and experience. Perhaps best suited to Austria, home of his personal hero and fellow autistic man-child Adolf Hitler, DBTM possesses good howitzer micro, map awareness, and sensible play style, rarely making foolish and risky plays, preferring a steady and effective push on his opponents. 10. ????? Best country: ????? A contentious slot, the coveted final position on this top 10 is an open guess. There are many possible contenders... the 16 year old wunderkid, aPerson? the solid and reliable UltimaJames? the infamous nerdman Derdan? the naval commanding newcomer Blackknight? or even pussymeme himself? (okay, maybe not). Certainly not Lulzy though. Or mass. Or robb. Put your votes in below!
  5. Today a few of the usual suspects enjoyed a round of WW1 Supremacy, an ancient and very shitty version of WW1 ISH with open diplomacy instead of the usual 6 vs 6 game mode. I think the advent of 24 player lobbies in the future will probably lend itself better to Diplomacy WW1 better than regular ISH, and attempting an overhaul/remake of the map would make it a good alternative on days when finding a solid group of players and balancing a competitive game mode is proving too much of an issue. At present, the map gives Brown control over all of Germany, Gray control over all of Austria-Hungary, DG Norway/Denmark, LB Sweden/Finland, Yellow all of Balkans, and Pink gets Spain. Posting this thread to see if, with the upcoming WC III Patch 1.29, WW1 Supremacy could be worth an overhaul. Presently the map has many glaring issues due to it being based on a far earlier version of ISH. I'll attempt to list them some of them below. 1. Terrain is very outdated (original terrain from many years ago is currently used by it) 2. Unit system sucks (no nation specific infantry, outdated unit models, only MK I and A7V tanks, old unit values, poor balance etc.) 3. Merchant shipping system causes problems with blockages at choke points (Gibraltar, Belgium, Bosphorus etc.) 4. Everyone starts at war with each other, would be better if everyone was neutral. 5. Some issues with map balance lead certain nations to enjoy an unfair advantage over others in income and positioning that could potentially be remedied by proper balance, testing, and changes. Remedying these issues would make the map vastly more enjoyable. There'd also be room for plenty of additions not found in regular ISH. However i'll leave this up to others to speculate and debate on, as i'm certain there will be arguments for and against making the map more like a Europe At War clone for example. Although I do think adding the ability to pick your country at the start instead of in lobby (or give players the option to randomize) would be cool too. If anyone is interested, here is a URL to download the map: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/246458/
  6. minor fixes like those trench position in Romania/Greece?
  7. quality updated from the eaglememe
  8. Punic Wars / Late Republic era Greece style Rome map when?
  9. Why fix what ain't broke? Greece on the other hand would lend itself very well to a larger scaled map size and more players.
  10. More than happy to help test if you need a hand.
  11. It happens pretty often. Dosen't just happen with ISH either. Last game we had 2 randoms who joined who both experienced the same thing.
  12. it's 1.6D. not the hacked version
  13. After playing certain maps (WW1 ISH 3.7g), trying to play Greece 1.6D causes an instant desync to all players who have not restarted Warcraft III. Whether or not this is caused by WW1 ISH or Greece i'm not sure, but probably worth looking into @EagleMan
  14. pale imitation of cell's original roster shit format, lacking pictures, no humour, lots of salt, 'autist' used every second sentence 2/10 post at best. proper roster when?
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