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  1. A nice guy, but a politician regardless. He needs the ex converts back, he's not going to convince anyone else to go Catholic, and he doesn't want to be accused of hate speech like the previous ones or pandering to new aged agendas. His accomplishments in the long run won't look much different than John Paul's.
  2. I remember that it was all over my dash. Everyone thought he died they were stirring some crazy images
  3. Literally none of y'all live near the midwest, but motherfuckin spank kept saying he was going to take a trip to Chicago and if he did I didn't hear about it lol so many interesting euros and australians i'll never probably meet, it's kind of sad
  4. man I didn't know the simpsons wasn't written by JK Rowling
  5. this is me i'm the ethnic cleansing #relatable
  6. My boyfriend's family bought a $200 Element TV for Black Friday, it was awful. They exist to be a good deal and to make it seem like you have a nicer living standard than you really do
  7. It was literally the first sentence... i mean u finally gathered the semi right thing
  8. But he WAS the SJW did u read
  9. But he was the "SJW" in this case can that term go away it's so boring
  10. No she seemed quick to divert the discussion to petty things. Were you guys well acquainted? I don't think you were wrong to argue. I think even if you discussed more prominent issues and the male demand for porn it would still go on deaf ears. At that point I just say something snarky and move on. The only time it really matters to me is when someone important in my life holds a shitty dangerous opinion. Otherwise it's not worth the time after a certain point.
  11. I didn't feel like you made very strongly written points but I also feel like they would have ignored it based on how petty they are. Like they're acting like being interested in sex, being gay, having piercings is somehow... insulting? They're living in some other world that I don't understand. Are you not from America? It seems so out of place to misplace an argument based on bodily autonomy... I don't get it Honestly people need to get over sex really bad, especially since it pays a lot for women who don't have an easy way to pay for college, and women in the porn industry usually drug themselves up to get ready to film straight guy's rape fantasies and other creepy shit so they really take a hit for people's gratification. They can get paid a lot but the porn industry isn't a good environment to be in, which I heard is a lot different if you're just a stripper. They make a fuckload of money and they can be pretty well protected.
  12. I don't even know what you look like Bild tbh YOU'RE ALWAYS SPECIAL TO ME BANE, you should make us a nice dinner date
  13. Bane ILY I was just answering questions.... Hai how've u been tho
  14. Hah Bors, it would have been super adventurous and nice to live out there but I'm unfortunately poor and at the time I had few qualifications. Now I'm still poor but I at least have a resume lmao. The thing is, he offered me a position at his dad's office at probably my lowest point, where I didn't feel like I'd get to do much more of secondary school due to poor grades and I wasn't talking to many people. His office paid about $15 an hour here which is pretty massive out here, considering the new job I'm working at (Amazon) only pays $13 an hour but offers a lot more benefits and growth. So being only 20, being promised $15 an hour, and attempting to become friends with Panther in a serious work relationship seemed worth it. And it was. I just love money that much and I wish I could have kept the job longer. But unfortunately they didn't have much labor at the end and they were planning on getting rid of the department anyways. And yeah we're both in the Chicago area, me moreso. He lives in some ritzy housing complex in the countryside of Illinois. He always wanted me to hang out with him but getting to his house was a task and also like... yeah I just was not usually in the mood for 'let's do things i'm obviously superior at while i make nigger jokes the whole time' kind of thing. It's sad to say that the only reason I'm in a decent place career wise is because of his offer. So I don't necessarily despise him as I may sound, he did me a giant favor and I'm in his debt. The problem is I don't like being blackmailed into friendship due to my own desperation. I don't think I'll ever respect anyone that pulls out that card so often.
  15. I've been dating a burly man for almost 2 years rn we're very cute
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