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  1. A nice guy, but a politician regardless. He needs the ex converts back, he's not going to convince anyone else to go Catholic, and he doesn't want to be accused of hate speech like the previous ones or pandering to new aged agendas. His accomplishments in the long run won't look much different than John Paul's.
  2. I remember that it was all over my dash. Everyone thought he died they were stirring some crazy images
  3. Literally none of y'all live near the midwest, but motherfuckin spank kept saying he was going to take a trip to Chicago and if he did I didn't hear about it lol so many interesting euros and australians i'll never probably meet, it's kind of sad
  4. man I didn't know the simpsons wasn't written by JK Rowling
  5. this is me i'm the ethnic cleansing #relatable
  6. My boyfriend's family bought a $200 Element TV for Black Friday, it was awful. They exist to be a good deal and to make it seem like you have a nicer living standard than you really do
  7. It was literally the first sentence... i mean u finally gathered the semi right thing
  8. But he WAS the SJW did u read
  9. But he was the "SJW" in this case can that term go away it's so boring
  10. No she seemed quick to divert the discussion to petty things. Were you guys well acquainted? I don't think you were wrong to argue. I think even if you discussed more prominent issues and the male demand for porn it would still go on deaf ears. At that point I just say something snarky and move on. The only time it really matters to me is when someone important in my life holds a shitty dangerous opinion. Otherwise it's not worth the time after a certain point.
  11. I didn't feel like you made very strongly written points but I also feel like they would have ignored it based on how petty they are. Like they're acting like being interested in sex, being gay, having piercings is somehow... insulting? They're living in some other world that I don't understand. Are you not from America? It seems so out of place to misplace an argument based on bodily autonomy... I don't get it Honestly people need to get over sex really bad, especially since it pays a lot for women who don't have an easy way to pay for college, and women in the porn industry usually drug themselves up to get ready to film straight guy's rape fantasies and other creepy shit so they really take a hit for people's gratification. They can get paid a lot but the porn industry isn't a good environment to be in, which I heard is a lot different if you're just a stripper. They make a fuckload of money and they can be pretty well protected.
  12. Referring to Bronze's comments, I wasn't implying that Agility alliance heroes all being like Garona. Burst assassin and melee dps are different things, but still, agility hero and assassin archetype are my first associations, not just what they should be. In Duke Falreve's case he is absolutely not an assassin, but a late game hero that bases everything off his disables and a strong item build. But still, there are abilities they use that would make them perfect in melee... but they're still ability heroes and are not that advantaged by strength and HP builds unless you wanted to exclusively use them as tanks, like that uh elven melee hero. He has an inborn execution in his kit, so he doesn't necessarily need to be doing damage, but he has a damage amplifier and an evasion tool which makes one think he could go in the front lines, until KJ or Chogall bursts him to death because he didn't build two magic resistance items. I think that's what's inherently limiting. If agility heroes aren't allowed to do hit and run type attacks without worrying about unit blocking, and they can't necessarily 'get' tanky without delaying the strengths of their DPS kit, then picking them seems almost like you're being crippled. Falreve has a means to farm behind lines, but otherwise Alleria and Brann will obviously provide more in terms of damage to the team simply because they're in range to auto attack. That's a lot to give, especially later in when they're two hitting units, while the melee agility heroes can only go in at selective situations. I don't think it's just a preference, because considering the characters I play in DOTA and League (troll warlord, Fiora, faceless void, my higher than usual winrate with tryndamere) I love melee agility carries, but they're given a semblance of mobility within the game's rules. Temporary phasing, ally unit flash abilities, dashing strikes like Manneroth, all things like that aren't terribly sacrificial, so long as they're given limits. High CDs, short durations, or limited uses based on context (I don't know if there's a way you can create 'charges' where the charges are either hero kills/assists or a VERY high CD? that's usually the way people are going with flash strikes). Otherwise, being like Falreve is objectively more beneficial for the player since it provides consistent gold with much less risk. I think that's only a fair comparison and not one based on personal player preference. I do like that farm idea since I'd rather the priests be healing my hero, and mana regen auras or actives isn't always a guarantee. Still, I feel objectively alliance has less ways to heal that aren't sacrificial. Horde has healing ward, right? Scales way better late game. And they have far more IP, meaning they can buy potions more often. Considering it's a castle siege game, and there's no regen mechanic, a non int hero will simply not have the mana they need at the beginning of every fight without some mana regen items in place. And in that case, I feel like that's inherently limiting for build orders, although it should still remain and interesting and viable choice for everyone.
  13. I can definitely understand your points on the fountain. However, I still feel that, while purchasing priests cost no IP and are relatively reliable, I cannot really get behind 75 IP potions when I would rather buy items and almost 2 sets (which would equate to at least mid game non tank heroes) gets close to a rare scroll and I just don't feel like that's a good price. It can be a good sacrifice, but again, isn't it just better to sacrifice the hero to units and revive them? At least early game. I think a minor price change, like near around 60, could work better and feel a little less sacrificial to your overall item build if you want a more reliable sustain. I feel like healing after a fight should feel reliable and consistent, at the very least, since there is no fountain system. Also, I wouldn't know about who would have bad collision necessarily besides maybe Mannoroth, but he has an option with his charge (albeit suicidal usually). I think in concerns with the game design, melee dps/agility heroes are a very big issue to me because of collision. They're usually too squishy to go in the front, and they don't do enough dps til WAIT late in the game to make such sacrifices. At early and mid points of the game, they should be somewhat hit and run, as is the normal routine of assassin archetypes (the closest classing of a melee agility hero in WC3). So, the elven melee hero (I'm not good with names anymore, been too long lol) has that really cool paralysis. Once that's done though, he's targeted and killed. That stun is incredibly useful but early game, without tanky agility items, he's a sacrificial one trick pony. I think the teal one, Duke Falreve, has it nearly perfect in his own unique way that shouldn't be emulated. He has pillage, he has a small nuke (that imo could be a lil more interesting) an aura for his units, and a net for heroes in particular. His gameplay is perfect for a safe playing melee agility hero. I need to try some others, but I feel because there is a lack of flash strikes or phasing abilities, they are made vulnerable. Lol I just remembered Phase Boots. Do you think that would be a good idea if it had a duration of, say, two seconds? That way if you're not fast enough you're trapped in the middle of your enemy more than likely. I feel that could be a good answer, especially if the item was tailored more for agility heroes.
  14. I don't even know what you look like Bild tbh YOU'RE ALWAYS SPECIAL TO ME BANE, you should make us a nice dinner date
  15. I honestly haven't ran into an issue where someone like Brann or the elven heroes couldn't just DPS a Zul regardless of his heal. He has low base hp anyways, I really wouldn't call his heal effective in most contexts besides healing back to enter in fights. At the cost of 145 mana it just seems ridiculous. 110 or 120 seems a lot more fair. The problem with healing and mana restoration items is they cost you IP, and a decent amount as your heroes gets more hp and mana heavy. At 75 a pack it simply isn't fun to keep going back and forth and buying these items. At least if there was a healing font on cd for both sides, this makes it so all heroes are ready to fight as is common with most MOBA's, rather than certain heroes (especially non int ones) completely unready to cast spells against a newly made wave of units, on top of finding interesting ways to counteract the hero. I think those items should still exist, just that a healing font with a CD makes it so it's not a necessity to either buy those or suicide your hero for resource restoration. I feel like HP stacking, since there's no anti-health items, is one of the most powerful aspects of the game right now. Maybe there should be more focus on buying other kinds of defenses? You can rarely every beat a champ once it gets to 4k hp and half the armor an agility melee character would have. Without anti health abilities, health items with a bit of armor will always be superior regardless. So this doesn't necessarily eliminate the benefits of what is already the best type of late game tank build. Also that's why I think it would be a good idea to allow Horde to build these builds, and if it were limited to 1. Something like that. Idk if you can make it immune to TK to avoid manipulation of the CD, not like the benefit of a rejuv is that big of a deal
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