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  1. Uhhuhhuhuh, where do i sign up? Also, what times are you playing? Or do we split so euros and americans play by themselves?
  2. I do hope they manage to pull this off, but from the trailer i have low expectations. Blargh, a possibly sad way to destroy the nice lore that warcraft has....
  3. Erkowich

    Potato Salad.

    Rösti, raggmunk, råraka, latke. Bitch plz :O
  4. Just 7 years ago?! But i still remember the nights i spent on Warcraft 3, talking to all kinds of people. Ohh, the glory days!
  5. I believe this whole situation is a deal deeper than i understand, but if i am right the basic stuff is that ukraine is split in the middle concerning in what direction they want to head. The west want to go for EU while the east want to go towards Russia. And Crimea is one place where the Russians have lots of support. So Russia is simply putting pressure on Ukraine to head more towards russia rather than EU and nato. I highly doubt and hope there will be no war, but it feels like a repetition with what happened to Georgia. But if there is war Sweden and other nearby countries might reconsider the way our military forces are heading and the funding we get. We already changed from focusing on international operations towards defending Sweden in a more full scale war.
  6. Erkowich

    Picture of You

    While we are on the subject of military stuff, i am just curious if the standard american infantry soldier learn all/or most of the weapons each squad uses? Like if a squad uses recoilless rifles, light/medium/heavy machine guns, normal rifle, anti-tank stuff and maybe some demolition/entrance equipment for buildings. Will every soldier in the squad, except maybe medics and other special ppl, learn all of those weapons or are you given only one type of equipment and then train with just that? Just curious if they setup is different depending on the size of a nations army.
  7. Going for victory! Swedens gonna get ganked like a little biatch.
  8. That call me maybe is so damned used by militaries after the miami dolphin/afghanistan troop video. Our captain(company chief) and 3 other high ranking officers did a similar thing on our last night at work before christmas vacation. They came out in bikinis and danced to that song, not nice with big hairy men dancing almost nude. I am lucky i was sorta half drunk :I
  9. I am quite certain we have a few military interested people in here, both those who are involved in the military as a job or just have an interest anyway. So why not make a military nerdiness thread where you can post videos or other similar media that you think is cool/interesting or entertaining. It could be your own countries military or just a video you found that you want to share. I will of course start with two videos that i found. The first one is from the Swedish ranger battalion, located far up in the north. This video is from their "mountain platoon", specialized in harsh climates and difficult terrain. The second video is from the 7th light infantry battalion and their reconnaissance/personnel recovery platoon. Their purpose is to be the first people in a conflict area and locate the enemies and a possible road in for the rest of the battalion, either via land or ground. They are also trained in locating and rescuing any kind of military or civilian personnel stuck in hostile environments.
  10. I just realised the toilet happens after jewel, as he is put in jail for jewelstuff but sorta flee and then do the toilet while on the run.
  11. Ehhm, do Tyrion end up in jail because of the "jewel" or the "toilet" incident? Also, just finished book 5, and Varys ir fuuuucking sneaky and awesome.
  12. Oh shitz, you better work on it before the 24th or get a life/family :O
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wet5OM7RR8Q
  14. Some sort of house/club music, might not fit in this thread but w/e. The best part about the song is 1:10, but listen to the whole thing! I think this song is a bit old aswell so you might have listened to it a lot already. [video=youtube;0EWbonj7f18]
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