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  1. Diplomunion needs you!
  2. http://www.captaincynic.com/ http://thisbluemarble.com/forum.php http://www.debatepolitics.com/forum.php http://www.politicalforum.com/forum.php are the ones I will scout out in depth tomorrow. I may pick one and stick to it. I don't want an overpopulated one because then why I write gets swapped away in the sea of ignorant idiots who just post to find themselves in business... But yeah. I need people to confront me on issues otherwise its no point. Plain agreement changes nothing. EDIT: I don't know really Vis... I just saw the term used once or twice on the internet in relation to some anthropomorphized animals. I just imagined them to be very weak and pathetic and nothing shows weakness more to humanity than a swede who can't hold his own.
  3. Nope. It just comes easy to make fun of you in the most precarious ways. I know you care because when I called you a furry you HAD to come and ask me why I did it. So you're what I call, a push-over.
  4. You're thinking of sucking Eagle's cock? O.o Come on, this is so easy. You are practically asking me to make fun of you.
  5. And i'm not even sorry for the triple posting
  6. Btw, because Wolf was so prompt, and because I've been drinking, I will throw in scribble in the mixt if I find a good forum I like tomorrow and will restrict myself to the poem part of scribble if the new forum doesn't have one.
  7. Hey moron, its pretty late where I am at. As you know ,everywhere in Europe its evening/night. Don't worry, you won't see me tomorrow. I haven't scouted all the forums Wolf provided though 5 remained from all the ones he provided. as for downloadpolitics.com, I am not looking for a forum which is already racially awakened or who has true, patriotic conscience. I am looking for a forum which is somewhat populated with sheeple. Like this one.
  8. O.o You want me to leave diplo too Vis?
  9. First off, stormfront? really? did u not read the requirements? ... second: Thank you wolf. I will check all the sites out. if any of them seem adequate to the requirements, I will gladly move there permanently and won't post again here. Again, this was not a matter of me not being able to find forums. it was about your desire to get rid of me.
  10. I don't think I disliked bballs post a lot... i think anubis and mono are in my top dislike list. And I don't dislike often.
  11. Yep. I sound clingy. Or rather... I'm putting the ball in your court. Whenever any1 of you wants me gone, you can just usher a few websites in a post or in a PM and I'll be gone. I might even thank you. I am giving you all, not just the mods, the ability to remove my presence from your virtual lives. It's not that I have nowhere to go. You misunderstood me. It is as I said, the chance for any member of this community to get rid of me and make me go away, like the bad dreams anubis has nowadays as he admitted in some random fucking thread. You should really try to comfort him more Eagle.
  12. Most of that post count comes from december last year. So... 8-9months.
  13. Do it! What are you waiting for eagle. Your gay closet homosexual lover behests you. Do it! Do it! Do it! Hurry hurry hurry!
  14. @Eagle: I could leave, but I don't. I have told you, if u know of another forum where I can talk about newsy type stuff and some general discussion, I will leave gladly. Maybe the population there will not be like a pack of lemmings and not be able to make connections between several topics, forcing me to restart everytime with a massive analysis and a background story for things to make sense. Because you know... pack of lemmings most people and they take things in isolation. I'm not asking for validation or anything. I know that to be the case. It's been proven on scribble when in the first few posts of some thread, my name is idly mentioned, and the next pages are a massive blabber fest on my account. It was pure comedy to watch a bunch of old ladies nagging about. And the same thing repeated in several other threads. I have told you. I am not just going to leave unless banned permanently. If u want me to go, get me another forum. I have specified the basic rudimentary needs the forum has to fulfill but I am flexible. EDIT: Idk who this nemesis is, but i would love to meet him. Really. I am sure he is an outstanding sort of guy.
  15. I'm not going against who was first. Ofc Bors were first. So was Csigs, so was you, so were many others. I'm an active poster in this community's news stand and other such section since last year... i think december. It would be ludicrous to argue who was here first... I cannot overturn years of Bors and Csigs posts. I can only brag with my huge number of posts, most in the news stand and such domains, in this short time. I honestly don't know why I bother. Most here cannot make connections between 2 things... they take everything individually.
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