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  1. Well, ok, maybe India is pretty fucked up, but he CANT be raping a little girl right? (at least i hope not)
  2. C'mon guys, stop trolling the poor guy, Asians can be nice to talk to right? (Says an Asian)

    Ask Diplo

    Looking at the gif more closely, that dog just lost a testicle, and the turtle is a ball-biter, not a cocksucker.

    Ask Diplo

    Are you part of the ones being kept happy by turtle eating dick? Or are you still angry. Or are you happily angry that the turtle is eating a dick?

    Ask Diplo

    I'm someone who uses Riptides to rip open baneblades daily. Add in Chaos Shadowswords too because they wreck armor.

    Ask Diplo

    You folks... Oh man, the poor Albanians are being prosecuted. An entire country is being prosecuted, now this makes for some interesting thoughts, is the Diplo community perhaps strong enough to challenge countries? Give me numbers, how many ICBM's are you hiding in your little mancaves, or how many MBT's can you produce yearly, if the numbers are high enough, we can take over the US and rename it the "Confederation of Mapmakers and Diplo'ers."

    Ask Diplo

    Dafuq do you have against Albanians?
  8. Self-appointed myself as teacher of DV, and also self-appointed myself as balance tester :P
  9. wtf is this that bird aint a sheep, chop chop, get on a sheep
  10. Currently trying to finish off my guide, so that means lots'a hours going into diplo.... (i need a life ;-;)
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