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  1. You cunts want to fight then right here's a dose that will make yo wish you were born a woman. Bring it.
  2. Her Majesty would never approve shit that came from your mouth, Republicker.
  3. I will not get angry for myself, but I will continue to take issue for Fergus, who is a younge man, with umptine responsibilities, whom you think has time to be bullied by you. Do you think that is fair?
  4. And of course Inferous the coaly trying to stay relevant.
  5. >is white supremacist >lives with an Asian >dated an Indian >works with a whole lot of islanders vs >guy who married a fellow Arab, literally <0.5% of the US population is Arab >works in an upper-middle class job
  6. Abdel, you accuse me of being a white nationalist when I've never made any remarks that go to support said assertion...that is libel...I never said I had anything against people trying to mislead others from being dragged.
  7. "White Nationalist porn free speech suicide bomber" I don't appreciate that libel, Abdel. How would you like another court case?
  8. You put Fergus in his position, then bailed out the back door with Phal and I and left him no support. I didn't agree with it then, and I don't agree with it now. How you can be this way with Fergus, when he only ever had thoughts about the community (very naive thoughts, I'll give you) I find to be fundamentally against the spirit of diplo itself.
  9. Drank cheap shit off-brand communist whiskey at 01:30 hrs while watching said video cause that's the only time he can due to his fucked up wage slave hours.
  10. I have already thrown my weight behind the Bivens Proposal... All the OLDFAGS take a step back and a Newblood administration takes over. This has been less than well received.
  11. Is the Serving girl who waits on the patriarchy
  12. Also Auckland sucks at NYE compared to Sydney....Sydney this year is going to let of 7 tonnes of fireworks and the display will last 45 minutes..Aucklands lasted like 5...
  13. I have given a list of my demands to the Diplo executive, outlining my requirements. The ball is in his court now.
  14. Was once marked by the local party directorate for execution, so proved his credentials by driving around in a fancy clown car dressed as a sheik.
  15. Baledwyr

    Picture of You

    https://imgur.com/OFmE0dQ Merry Christmas from Echo Team. I was the diversity hire.
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