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    "Scuse me, Sir..."
  2. That's funny cause according to Babish, fried rice is never authentic unless it's day old refrigerated rice. Also, Pona surmises that only country's in the Northern Hemisphere have thriving fishing industries.
  3. I mean, no, not really? People assigned that title to America in the beginning as a meme due to their history of interventionist foreign policy. America has been as much a pragmatist when it came to giving a free hand to her allies in exchange for a free hand somewhere else when it suited her own interests. That is after all how foreign relations are supposed to work. Just because you're allies doesn't mean you become your brother's keeper.
  4. Lets not bring the nukes on Japan into the equation or I'll start talking about how the entire Japanese leadership should have been strung up from a lamp post for human rights violations during the war. It's unfair to blame the US for the actions of her ally though.
  5. That not every site comes with it's own weaponised Feanor?
  6. If I want BBQ I'll go find a Maori or a Samoan or a Tongan and ask him to bury some meat in a hot pit for me and then eat like a king.
  7. SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A surge of about 200,000 users believed to be from Saudi Arabia who are frustrated at what they say is censorship by Twitter have helped crash the small social media network Parler, which styles itself as a “free speech-driven” space. The unexpected arrival of the new accounts since Sunday more than doubled the total number of Parler users and crippled some functions, CEO and co-founder John Matze told Reuters. The influx of users has created unusual bedfellows on Parler, which has mostly been a home for supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump after starting up a year ago. An analysis by Reuters and Citizen Lab, a Canadian research group, found that many of the new users came from Saudi Arabia. They promoted their use of Parler with hashtags on Twitter, which they accuse of stifling expression by arbitrarily banning users. “The nationalist movement of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made it known that big tech is censoring them at rates we have never experienced in the United States,” Parler wrote in a post on its own account on the site. “Let us welcome them as we all fight for our rights together.” Twitter declined to comment on whether the platform had taken any new action against Saudi accounts that could have triggered the sudden sign-ups on Parler. It was not clear how many of the new Parler users had stopped using Twitter. Some of the new Parler accounts used the hashtag #Twexit or shared cartoons of blue birds in distress, using Twitter’s logo to suggest the platform’s decline. Other users tweeted threats to leave Twitter directly at chief executive Jack Dorsey. Saudis are prolific users of social networks, particularly Twitter. The kingdom has Twitter’s largest user base in the Middle East, with 11.7 million people on the platform, according to Arabic social media monitoring firm Crowd Analyzer. “It is great to be here guys. Twitter and other major platforms are not our place anymore. Everyday[sic] hundreds of #Saudi accounts are suspended for NO reason,” a user called @5a1di, who has 109,000 followers on Twitter, posted on Parler. Twitter has previously acknowledged pulling down hundreds of “inauthentic” accounts that pushed talking points favorable to the Saudi government, which has built an “electronic army” tasked with furthering its agenda online. Some Saudi nationalists, who vociferously support the country’s influential Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, now share an online space with right-wing U.S. backers of Trump. U.S. right-wing social media users have flocked to messaging app Telegram and hands-off social site Gab as well as Parler, citing the more aggressive policing of controversial political comments on mainstream platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Matze, who describes himself as libertarian, says he founded Parler in 2018 as a bipartisan platform but has doubled down on marketing to conservatives as they took to the site. Those who have joined include commentator Candace Owens, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and right-wing activist Laura Loomer, who handcuffed herself to the door of Twitter’s New York office in Nov. 2018 to protest a ban on her by the site. Some Saudi users emphasized common ground with Trump supporters. They shared photos of Trump with members of the Saudi royal family and used emojis of the two countries’ flags and Trump’s #MAGA hashtag. Offline, the Trump administration has forged strong ties with Riyadh, which it regards as the cornerstone of U.S. security policy in the Gulf. Trump made Saudi Arabia his first stop abroad as president in 2017. But the Saudi newcomers on Parler were met with mixed reactions from users, with some echoing the site’s welcome while others expressing anti-Muslim sentiments. NEW NEIGHBORS The Reuters-Citizen Lab analysis looked at 28,000 tweets under the hashtags #parler, #parlerksa - using an acronym for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - and an Arabic-language version of #parler sent out between last Friday and Tuesday. More than half of the tweeters using those hashtags had their language set to Arabic. Of those who reported their location, about a third said they were in Saudi Arabia. One of the earliest Arabic-language tweeters to jump on the #parler hashtag, who goes by @NadiaBintFahad, warned on Friday: “Twitter management will be taught a lesson they won’t forget.” Speaking by phone from Riyadh, Nadia, who declined to give her last name, told Reuters she was a 28-year-old woman who had studied in Australia. She said she heard about Parler from American figures on Twitter and had watched an interview Matze did with the conservative Blaze TV. She does not know much about U.S. politics, she said, but expressed support for Trump and frustration with Twitter for banning Saudi users without explanation. Many English-speaking Parler users called for a translate button so they could read the new content on the site. Others expressed doubts about the newcomers’ authenticity. “GET RID OF THESE BOTS AND MAKE THIS SITE USABLE AGAIN THANKS,” posted user @Voisine, referring to automated accounts. Matze, who denied there were automated accounts on the platform, called it an “interesting merging” of the two groups. “Most of them are getting along very well and share common ground on many issues,” he said. “Some are quickly regretting their views on free speech.” Reporting by Elizabeth Culliford and Katie Paul; Editing by Greg Mitchell, Jonathan Weber and Alistair Bell Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-twitter-saudi-politics/unhappy-with-twitter-thousands-of-saudis-join-pro-trump-social-network-parler-idUSKCN1TE32S PERSONAL COMMENT: Is the next step Alt Righter's getting into bed with Refugees to kick SJWs out of the country? Or the admins on Parler just haven't heard of two factor authentication?
  8. (Reuters) - Facebook Inc has enlisted more than a dozen companies including Visa Inc, Mastercard Inc, PayPal Holdings Inc and Uber Technologies Inc to back its new cryptocurrency, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. Each company will invest around $10 million in a consortium that will govern the cryptocurrency, the WSJ reported, citing people familiar with the matter. The money will fund the creation of the coin, which will be pegged to a basket of government-issued currencies, the report said. Facebook, Mastercard, Paypal, Visa and Uber did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Reporting by Sabahatjahan Contractor in Bengaluru; Editing by Richard Chang Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-facebook-crypto/facebooks-cryptocurrency-based-payments-system-gets-big-backers-wsj-idUSKCN1TE3EE PERSONAL COMMENT: Will this become the future digital dollar or the cyber ruble?
  9. There's a sushi chain over here that's become almost like a sushi Maccas of sorts called "St Pierres Sushi of Japan"...it's not bad...main haunts are students and white collars.
  10. (Reuters) - Twitter Inc on Thursday said it removed thousands of accounts linked to coordinated, state-backed activities it believes were from the Iranian government and archived them to its public database launched last year. In the latest purge of information, the company said it believes 4,779 accounts were associated or backed by Iran. The micro-blogging site also said it had removed and archived four accounts affiliated with the St. Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency, a Russian “troll farm” that has been indicted by U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller for attempts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. It also removed and archived 130 accounts tied to the Catalan independence movement in Spain, and 33 accounts engaged in manipulative behavior related to Venezuela. Twitter first released the archive of data associated with known state-backed information operations last October to provide more transparency of information and to stem manipulation on its platform. “Thousands of researchers from across the globe have downloaded datasets, which contain more than 30 million Tweets and over 1 terabyte of media, using our archive to conduct their own investigations and to share their insights and independent analysis with the world,” Twitter said in a blog post. Reporting by Arjun Panchadar in Bengaluru; Editing by Bernard Orr Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-twitter-iran/twitter-deletes-thousands-of-accounts-tied-to-iran-seeks-to-end-false-info-campaigns-idUSKCN1TE2I9 PERSONAL COMMENT: "130 accounts tied to the Catalan independence movement in Spain..." Uhm...okay.
  11. BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese President Xi Jinping told Iran’s president on Friday that China will promote steady development of ties with Iran no matter how the situation changes, Chinese state media said. The official Xinhua news agency said Xi made the comment in a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The United States blamed Iran for attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday that drove up oil prices and raised concerns about a new U.S.-Iranian confrontation, though Tehran has denied the allegation. Reporting by Michael Martina; Editing by Nick Macfie Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-attacks/xi-says-china-will-promote-steady-ties-with-iran-idUSKCN1TF0IH PERSONAL COMMENT: The end of the Pax Americanum draws ever closer.
  12. ABC is state funded, Australian Broadcasting Corporation...which routinely takes pot shots at the gubberment. Or at least when John Howard and Tony Abbot were PM respectively, they were taking shots every other day.
  13. This is either the very best of things or the very worst.
  14. You mean YOU live in a literal police state... I can still have automatic weap---
  15. I was gonna say, it's been known for a while that this sort of shit is how most western pharma schemes work.
  16. SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he will meet with executives from the national broadcaster on Tuesday as he sought to calm tensions following two police raids against prominent media organizations. Prime Minister Scott Morrison Police last week raided the head office of the government-funded Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC) and the home of a News Corp editor amid investigations into two alleged national security leaks. The raids, which police said were unrelated, triggered complaints of assaults on press freedom. Under mounting pressure, Morrison said he will consider any proposals to improve media protection when he meets ABC chairperson Ita Buttrose and managing director David Anderson. “If there is a suggestion or evidence or any analysis that reveals there is need for further improvement of those laws, then the government is always open to that,” Morrison told reporters in Sydney. Australia has no underlying safeguards for free speech in its constitution. When the government ratcheted up counter-espionage laws in 2018, it added a provision to protect whistleblowers. Morrison, who was overseas during the police raids, can ill afford to have the issue drag on, analysts say. He wants parliament to approve promised tax cuts when legislators return after last month’s election, but some lawmakers want to prioritize amendments to protect press freedoms. The government does not hold a majority in the upper house Senate and Morrison will probably need the support of several independents to pass his signature tax cuts. “We should move that protection across to any investigation of journalists in the conduct of their role,” said independent senator Rex Patrick, referring to the provision for whistleblowers. Editing by Darren Schuettler Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-australia-security-media/australia-pm-to-meet-national-broadcaster-after-police-raids-idUSKCN1TC0FH PERSONAL COMMENT: Liberal Vengeance on the ABC.
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    They actually sold Tooheys in Canada? Jesus.
  18. That looks really well done. Hook us up with a link when it comes out cause I doubt it'll go to a mainstream theatre down here.
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    Game recognise game?
  20. Perfect. Also... in answer to your question "do indian broads like white men?"
  21. I mean I posted a pic of us in the pic thread but...
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    So they say...so the legends remark...
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    He had various cartridges plugged into his socket one after another until he was proficient in life.
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