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  1. This guy is my favourite historian, his book about the british empire is absolutely awesome.
  2. Under the British, the Royal Hong Kong Police were accounted as some of the best in the world and immediately following the British withdrawal, those cops were all replaced almost at once by new ones from the mainland more sympathetic to Beijing and the PRC. If Winnie the Ping has sent troops to reinforce the garrison in Hong Kong then once again he has violated the terms of the handover treaty - there are only supposed to be a maximum of 6000 PLA soldiers garrisoned in Hong Kong at any one time.
  3. I am unlikely to go by friday now, but probably saturday... so either before i go to aus or when I came back after the 25th.
  4. Yes but do you think her taking two weeks off for service will hurt her on the campaign trail?
  5. I reckon you guys need a lil Polynesian influence in your executive anyway...you ought to vote for her. Plus she's a surfer, surfers a chill, there's a reason people go surfing.
  6. Actually yes, I would like to run something from you, Iourie. I want to see those declassified Soviet files of yesteryear....or actually hey! What about your take on the Chernobyl Mini Series? That would be awesome! ;D
  7. Go read the latest issue, @VisKnut It's posted in the pub, Issue 58 I'll accept stuff from the Beer Barrel as well, fyi, as long as it's submitted in a viable way.
  8. It's interesting that expressions of interest from people in Hong Kong wanting to emigrate permanently from the island to New Zealand are now at their highest point since 1997.
  9. A wall at the University of Auckland where students could post thoughts and messages of support for those involved in protests in Hong Kong has been vandalised. So-called 'Lennon Walls' provide a space where individuals can post peaceful messages about protests currently underway in Hong Kong. While the Lennon Walls began appearing around the world during the 2014 Hong Kong democracy protests, more have popped up in the wake of massive protests in Hong Kong over the last month against a Bill allowing Hong Kongers to be extradited to China for trial. One has now been vandalised at the University of Auckland following demonstrations at the campus on Tuesday in support of the Hong Kong protests. Pictures sent to Newshub show the Lennon Wall filled with colourful post-it-notes and messages before they were torn down as well as an image of the wall after the vandals struck. The University of Auckland told Newshub three men "were seen ripping the posters off the walls before running towards Princes St with them" on Tuesday night. "Security attended and spoke with a witness but we don't have any information about them or where they are from at this stage." Newshub has been told the three individuals were Chinese and from other universities. It's not the first Lennon Wall to be vandalised since protests began in Hong Kong in June. University of Queensland students were shocked when a wall at their campus was plastered with offensive remarks. About 100 people turned out to the Auckland protest on Tuesday afternoon. It was a mostly peaceful affair, but there was a confrontation when a pro-Beijing man appeared holding a sign saying "Hong Kong independence mob". A similar protest at the university last week became physical as students clashed over the Hong Kong Bill and Beijing's influence in the city. Video shows pro-Chinese government students verbally threatening another group of students before pushing protest organiser Serena Lee to the ground. The China Consulate in Auckland later released a statement praising the "spontaneous patriotism" of the students standing up for China. Lee told Newshub she has received death threats since the demonstration. The University of Auckland says a formal investigation is underway into last week's demonstration and the students involved have been spoken to. A police spokesperson told Newshub that police have spoken with the complainant and will be investigating the incident in due course. However the China Consulate has slammed New Zealand media reports of the incident and the events in Hong Kong as "biased". "The Consulate General strongly condemns the use of the recent situation in Hong Kong, under the pretext of so-called academic freedom and freedom of expression, on the university campus to engage in smearing attacks on the Chinese government and the Hong Kong SAR government, inciting anti-China sentiment, and creating opposition between Chinese and Hong Kong students," a translated version of the Chinese text said. "The Consulate General wishes to reiterate here that Hong Kong is China's Hong Kong and that Hong Kong affairs are China's internal affairs, and no external forces can interfere." Lennon Walls originated in Prague following the assassination of John Lennon, becoming a symbol of peace and love. This served as an inspiration for the 2014 Hong Kong Lennon Walls. Newshub. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2019/08/university-of-auckland-hong-kong-lennon-wall-allegedly-vandalised-by-chinese-students.html Personal Comment From Bors: I had to guard that Consulate General Motherfucker when he came for a meeting with the Vice Chancellor. Just Me. Because it had to be low key...Oh and there is no allegedly about it, the shit was vandalised by Pro-Beijing students and plants.
  10. I feel this was an elaborate ploy on Feanor's part to lead me into this trap. I NEED AN ADULT!
  11. Apparently Hong Kong's days as a key financial hub are numbered due to the island administration not adopting certain reforms. I can't remember what these reforms were but I vaguely remember that being an issue which lessened the city's importance in the eyes of Beijing.
  12. I was talking to Cao about this before and we reckon Xi won't be stupid enough to go full Tienanmen Square on Hong Kong because if he did, the entire island would rise in revolt and the only way to fix THAT would be to hammer down the island and THAT would definitely spark a world war.
  13. Hey...I said, if he can figure out a way to do it in a viable format...as in make it legit, make it look legit...I won't apply the censor clippers. Consider it, Iourie! And article asking great questions, provoking great thoughts, sparking great and amazing conversations!......based entirely around "anime tiddies".
  14. So Doomy over on Warhaven might be considering writing an article that somehow incorporates "anime tiddies" in a viable format. This should be interesting.
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