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  1. Could always move one of italys trade docks to venice so its more vunerable, also increases the value of north italy dramatically. If pink is too strong dont nerf it, buffing romania would be a better option imo. Either add a howie or 2, or maybe work in a way for Russia to supply romania, similar to how Entente can supply greece.
  2. I'm Free any time from now until 9pm Eastern on Sunday
  3. Imo increasing the cost from 200 to 500 is nothing. WG is the slot most using early fort trenches, and 300 gold is nothing to WG. 4 options for fort trenches: 1. Put them behind a time blocker like tanks are (so mb Jan 1916 or wtv) 2. Put them behind other research, ie have to have infantry 1-1 b4 fort trenches 3. Split the difference, add in a Tier 2 trench either by averaging the stats of reg and fort trenches. So it would be reg trench > Advanced Trench > Fortified Trench 4. You could lock fort trenches behind workers, and remove them from infantry, so no more spamming of fort trenches unless you want to invest in a stack of workers
  4. Also its possible med navy is broken now, no more Austrian heavy ups for navy. Also transports can't be retired
  5. just tested, you neglected to add field marshals to the change log. Everything else looks kool
  6. Bug Report: You forgot to add Minotaurs as well as a few other ancient greek units.
  7. I wouldn't consider Marcus' full meme bottom tier gangfests as actual games.
  8. Why do we need an announcement for ww1 games to be played? We 6v6 ish every night
  9. fams check slack chat, we hosted like 30 mins ago.
  10. I have small hands. Don't hate. Also ish tonight?
  11. Well yeah, the hope is that atleast 1 person from each game would post in their rosters. There should be 6 winners, so hopefully one of them would post it up. If this is eventually used to assist with balancing it would be in everyones favor to have as close to accurate stats as possible. For instance, if Player X only submited wins, and his losses went unreported, then he would get stuck with a worse team overall than if he had submitted both wins and losses.
  12. Okay applied the fix. Vinyl also if you know what version the match was please post that aswell. It helps keep things chronologically in order as well as can be used if a version is found to be drastically imbalanced. Edit: Also if you could include whether or not it was a draft, and highlight who were the captains, that would be great. Edit Edit: Also might not include the game you posted vinyl, it is at least 2 months old circa pre-pewt.
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