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  2. I feel your pain Eagle... Been working on my Medieval Realms map for a couple years.... Takes a long time to make a good map by yourself.
  3. Updated tileset for upper and middle map. Not sure about the sand border... maybe a dull brown dirt instead? \
  4. Future proves past.... Great Awakening is happening. Trust Q. Trust Q+ (Trump).
  5. Some unit comparisons and an early sneak peak at unit compositions. Ants from up here... High Garden Comparison The Others are mostly based off Death Knights and undead... I plan on making a skin for death knights so that they have ice armor. Then I'll add a head attachment for all units for glowing blue eyes or edit the models. From left to right, top to bottom: White Walker Cavalry, White Walker Infantry, Wight and White Walker Casters, and Wights. Wights that are only attainable from capturing enemy bases. Ice Spiders. Undead bear... maybe I'll delete just to spite D&D's show xD. Dragon Wight. Giants, Free Folk, Night's Watch. Dragons, Harpy, Targaryen units (missing a lot of eastern units). Stark Children, Iron Islands Uniques, North, Riverlands, Vale, Stormlands and Barratheon, Lannisters, Reach + Citadel. Base units lined by tier 1-3. Not sure if they will be base units for both Westeros and Essos... we'll see if I can get enough arab/bloodelf units. Ships! Ships compared to Iron Islands and some units on Pyke.
  6. Got a little distracted from Medieval Realms... Highgarden layout is looking pretty solid though. I started composing unit models... Ujimasa Hojo's derivatives on Hive will be a solid foundation. His custom models and skins are A+ . Having trouble finding units for White Walkers/Wights… I was thinking of Death Knight's for White Walkers with a custom skin and head attachment for blue eyes. The custom skin will change the blue pale skin to pure pale white and the purple armor to a more blueish white color with ice texture. Wights would be based off zombies/wretched (just gotta change the yellow/green eyes to blue and it should look legit). I'll post some group pictures soon showing unit compositions for north westeros (first men), southern westeros (andals), and essos.
  7. Just to get a sense of scale for faction placement, here's some zoomed out map screenshots. 11 in Westeros, 4 in Essos... I think I'm gonna give prio to Essos and add 1-2 more factions. Either the Golden Company/Mercenary Groups or split up the Free Cities between North and South.
  8. What do you all think about 15 players for starting factions... there could be a few more, although it would be tough to fill. Here's my list so far. Should I add or remove any starting factions? Any thoughts? Winter - Snow Free Folk - Dark Green Night's Watch - Coal Stark - Grey Tully - Blue Iron Islands - Brown Arryn - Light Blue Lannister - Yellow Baratheon - Maroon Tyrell - Green Martell - Orange Free CIties - Purple Ghiscari - Wheat Dothraki - Peanut Daenerys - Red
  9. /cast Resurrection My first project, Medieval Realms is nearly ready for an alpha release. I just re-implemented unlimited elevation from newgen WE using some Misc Data from warhaven.com Now I can freely finish the grand castles of Westeros and Essos with proper terrain elevation! New pictures and models soon!!! EDIT: With all the new player slots, which factions would you like to see that weren't in 2happy4u's aSoIaF ?
  10. I'm down for AoE2 ! I'd also be down for Dark Souls Remastered or DSIII
  11. Build based but with some mechanics/abilties from this map... also loooots more unit variety than maps like AW:LR. Only difference is some major cities/castles will be pre-placed doodads with custom shaped walkable walls instead of unit based wall construction like in this map. Heroes too of course. Resources will be harvested like in wc3 (x7 resources), no cp's. Also more factions ~20 players. Westeros and Essos + instances for major castles. For anyone who wants to try a demo, here's a map that has enough for 2 players ish without any creeps placed yet. Works well enough to sandbox and build your city. Make sure you are Kingdom 1 or 3 (Light Blue and Blue) DL link up for a month: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/pastebin/37c04245f2bebdf6e712f99890c1e35e19450/ NEW TERRAIN tiles!
  12. Thanks, I think this map could have potential for an actual RTS on UR4 or UNITY. Wait until you see the project after this … A Song of Ice and Fire with BIG proper castles (as described in the booked), huge map with Westeros & Essos, and large unit variety.
  13. Looks great, I'll definitely make one soon when I release the map.
  14. Thanks @Abdel ! Should be fine now. Will do, much appreciated.
  15. Terrain is almost done, map should be ready very soon.
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