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  1. Something lovely I discovered. I'll try to do a full sweep later, but this one warrants its own post with a little flare. Through his extensive mastery of spell craft, Malygos, the Dragon Aspect of Magic, gained the power to increase his own strength from the efforts of enemy mages. With his consort, Saragosa at hand, he would serve to stamp out the abuse of the arcane arts once and for all. This would prove to be an arduous task, however. The foolish mortals would not give up their power so easily. With this in mind, Malygos devised a new stratagem with which he would crush these unworthy knaves. Through identifying the strength Malygos gained from enemy spellcasters, he discovered the ability to spring forth copies of his consort. The Blue Dragonflight, bolstered with a legion consisting of many Saragosa, rallied under the Dragon Aspect to end all misuse of magic, on Azeroth and beyond. And so Maylgos was contented. <TL;DR>If yellow goes Blue Dragonflight, they can create an infinite number of Saragosa by using the "-magic" command to check Maylgos' gained stats. He can then use his legion of hunnies to take over the world. Also, that fucking text better be blue. I can't tell the difference between blue and purple.</TL;DR>
  2. Perhaps consider noting this in the alternate info part of orange's event "tab." Save any new players thinking they found a new strat only to have semi-boned themselves and purp. Consider changed the skill's tooltip desc to whenever Kael kills a unit, instead of an enemy. Huh. Guess I just never saw them move. Fair enough. Whenever I do that it just pings Elune. Perhaps it does spawn tomes and I'm just blind. Wouldn't surprise me.
  3. Here's a few more things: Thaurissan shares the tooltip description of his fire elemental spell with Chen's Alemental. Orange's guard towers don't benefit from damage research. The Barracks on Kul Tiras don't train any units, when captured by orange. If Orange destroys Fenris Keep, Darrowshire, Hearthglen, etc. they claim them for the Scourge (demi-hero spawns included). However, if they claim Stratholme plus the Lordaeron Capital, and kill Arthas he does not become a death knight. Kael can summon Fel Hounds by executing his own units. Vashj can take both levels of her 4th skill by level 10. The Druid's Protectors of Fire/Ice/Lightning have movement UI despite being unable to move. Buildings count for souls for both Legion's summons and the Hakkar summoning Mal'Ganis can summon Fel Guards with his first ability, by destroying buildings. The zombies raised by the Troll demi Zalazane leave corpses, so he can perpetually create zombies. Orange's event building doesn't turn back into a unit, after summoning Kil'Jaeden is chosen. Any reason Kael is taller than Kil'Jaeden? Any reason a large number of the neutral hostile heroes have unspent skill points? Perhaps consider a level up command to test level based events?
  4. Well. I don't think I'll ever be good enough to play any Azeroth Wars/DAoW on Bnet, so I'll just stick to testing.
  5. [quote name='Hannibal']@Goon You can just post bugs here.[/QUOTE] Well let's get going then. Here's what I got from a grand total of three hours and 30 minutes of fiddling. This will comprise things that I think are bugs, grammar errors, and things that could be oversights. [LIST] [*]There are a few invulnerable citizens in Stratholme. [*]Human blacksmiths are counted as units. This doesn't seem to be the case for any other race's upgrade building. [*]There is a grammar error in the text for summoning the Legion [B]with [/B]the Book, "... on in Tempest Keep." [*]This could be my own ineptitude, but have not been able to change to Doomguards/Kazzak/Azgalor as Legion. [*]The tooltip for summon [B]with [/B]book states 5 minutes, but it takes 3. [*]I have not been able to find a Sylvanas banshee/Anasterian banshee, when Anasterian is picked despite floating text claiming Sylvanas has been turned. [*]There is a grammar error in the event tooltip for Dark Horde, "... Ragnaros has fall." [*]True form Nefarian has less HP than standard form, and is there any reason that True form Nef doesn't have chaos damage? [*]Zuluhed the Whacked has a larger collision size than Magtheridon. [*]The Alpha Prime spawn text displays twice. [*]The Bird Queen in Fanlin'Deskor is targeted as a ground unit, while the other birds in the area are targeted as flying. [/LIST] That's all for now.
  6. Are you the contract thug hired to Kill Rhemar?
  7. Does the changelog thread double as the bug report thread, or does that go straight to Sukramo? I just want to know before I start making notes.
  8. You just gotta charge unto the abyss, screaming. That's what I'll be doing.
  9. Goon

    Who's There?

    Over coffee, tea, rum? Name your poison. "Our Creator" Hope you don't mind me calling you "Boss." I feel compelled to do that with my superiors. I feel like part of something bigger than myself, now. Alright. I always hate doing intro threads. Time to disappear into the ether, until I'm "needed." (With needed in the biggest quotation marks I can manage.)
  10. Goon

    Who's There?

    Where I live, the age of consent is 16. That also happens to be the age where people can choose to begin driving. If the state thinks that 16 is old enough to give the privilege of driving, along with all the potential risks, then the same can go with consent, and I will yield to their better judgement.
  11. Goon

    Who's There?

    Can you, potentially, ruin other people's lives from behind the wheel of a car? Congrats, you now have the chance to, potentially, ruin people's lives with sex. Behold. About 15 minutes worth of effort. This is what happens when I try to be witty. Spin the wheel of greetings. Let's go with ahoy, this time.
  12. Gonna try and streamline this, because, otherwise, I'm just gonna end up making things too complicated for myself. I'm (a) Goon. When I'm not doing things for college/university, at work, or spending time with friends, I'm playing video games. Scrub tier at DotA 2. Played the original DotA a grand total of one time, but liked it even though I had no idea what I was doing. I enjoy Rubick, Tiny, and LC. I also enjoy fiddling around in the various Azeroth Wars and Dark Ages of Warcraft. I don't actually play them on battle.net. I feel like the barrier to entry on that is too ridiculous for the time people are gonna be putting into a match. Hearthstone if neither of those grab me. I am (im)patiently awaiting Overwatch, and WoW: Legion. I hope they don't suck. I made this account to comment on the AW: Genesis changelog, and now I'm here. Besides all that, I enjoy long walks in the rain, and cold weather.
  13. I can confirm that there are still two neutral zerglings.
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