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  1. Are you the contract thug hired to Kill Rhemar?
  2. You just gotta charge unto the abyss, screaming. That's what I'll be doing.
  3. Goon

    Who's There?

    Over coffee, tea, rum? Name your poison. "Our Creator" Hope you don't mind me calling you "Boss." I feel compelled to do that with my superiors. I feel like part of something bigger than myself, now. Alright. I always hate doing intro threads. Time to disappear into the ether, until I'm "needed." (With needed in the biggest quotation marks I can manage.)
  4. Goon

    Who's There?

    Where I live, the age of consent is 16. That also happens to be the age where people can choose to begin driving. If the state thinks that 16 is old enough to give the privilege of driving, along with all the potential risks, then the same can go with consent, and I will yield to their better judgement.
  5. Goon

    Who's There?

    Can you, potentially, ruin other people's lives from behind the wheel of a car? Congrats, you now have the chance to, potentially, ruin people's lives with sex. Behold. About 15 minutes worth of effort. This is what happens when I try to be witty. Spin the wheel of greetings. Let's go with ahoy, this time.
  6. Gonna try and streamline this, because, otherwise, I'm just gonna end up making things too complicated for myself. I'm (a) Goon. When I'm not doing things for college/university, at work, or spending time with friends, I'm playing video games. Scrub tier at DotA 2. Played the original DotA a grand total of one time, but liked it even though I had no idea what I was doing. I enjoy Rubick, Tiny, and LC. I also enjoy fiddling around in the various Azeroth Wars and Dark Ages of Warcraft. I don't actually play them on battle.net. I feel like the barrier to entry on that is too ridiculous for the time people are gonna be putting into a match. Hearthstone if neither of those grab me. I am (im)patiently awaiting Overwatch, and WoW: Legion. I hope they don't suck. I made this account to comment on the AW: Genesis changelog, and now I'm here. Besides all that, I enjoy long walks in the rain, and cold weather.
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