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  1. I don't think we'd send someone in naked lol. Even if we got vaccinations. That'd suck. Naked.. Hahahaha.. Just imagine being that guy.
  2. Yeah, well you're dumb and I don't trust anything you have to say. Both of you. The alien would be wearing a suit.. assuming it didn't crash and fly out of its ship.. which should leave it mangled and torn apart or blown to pieces.
  3. Yeah it'd have been sent in somewhere or another and the government would've been on it like a hornet's nest, clamoring about how it's a hoax and telling everyone it's a hoax, including media and everyone else, then it'd just be a hoax and they'd examine the corpse privately. Isn't that fucking obvious? Who cares anyways.
  4. This thread is an example of the stupidity of why I haven't been here in a while.. So many snide, stupid remarks, spawned by a genuinely.. odd thread. No that's never happened to me, and I doubt it ever will. Unless you spontaneously become high on life, as that may regularly occur.
  5. When my school informed everyone about cyberbullying I was a senior already and... well.. a troll. I just smiled and thought, "Yeah.. time to watch for reactions."
  6. Did anyone even try this?
  7. Packers don't always win. But they're pretty damn good uguise.
  8. Rofl I missed that part, I just walked in and saw him dancing and RHCP was gone. That is kinda... yeah. Oh well. Niggers. In the opinions of a small society of video-game loving intellectuals? We're the minority bro. The stadium was happy, obviously.
  9. Left hand? I don't appreciate your inconsistencies, but you're a pretty cool guy sometimes.
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