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  1. Glad to finally have you back an affiliate Diploers! Much love from Warhaven, hopefully we'll have some more events and fun together! :)
  2. The signing-up has closed (officially), unofficially there's still time until this Friday for the 8th team to sign-up. If this doesn't happen there will be a *surprise* team joining the fun! The teams are: Forever AFK - Nerent, Enclop Abikz can't carry - diadon2, Richardik, Avekatten, Abikz Plub Wreakers - Crackersnatcher Husito Band of Gypsies - dbk, captaintoni BotR Scrubs - Onyx, Skillerino, Julianerino Definitely Asian - ZanoNyx, OrlokTheEternal, DragonRider The Shapers - Dave, Lordsebas Mystery team - ??? As said the tourney is league type so the teams are split into two groups. Group A: Abikz can't carry BotR Scrubs Forever AFK Mystery Team Group B: The Shapers Band of Gypsies Definitely Asian Plub Wreakers Every team in their own group will have a go at each other. The team with most points out of each group will face off best of five in the finals! The prizes are as announced 4 games: Deus Ex Machina, Far Cry 4, Just Cause 3 and Tomb Raider! Good luck to the contestants, and may the odds be ever in your favor! ^-^
  3. We are in need of one more team! So if you want to join but don't have a friend you can make a team with me! ^_^
  4. Sign up and after the teams have been announced if you dislike them just tell me you don't wish to play and I'll disqualify you
  5. It'll be announced when the signing-up ends on 1st of April. ^_^
  6. Yeah obviously, but no creeping passing the bridge to Kalimdor. And yes, when it spawns, but you will just lose more resources taking it then it will give you in the long run, but its up to the players to decide if they want to spend time and units taking it.
  7. Yeah I mean obviously the islands that you own from start are fine. I mean after 15 minutes you will automatically just get Theramore just dont use the units to creep, you are allowed to ferry them back to the fighting are, but its up to the players.
  8. The patch notes should be posted today with the release of the new version.
  9. Rules have been slightly changed after some input from the community!
  10. @CNiper or any admin can we get this featured? ^,^ Why the hell is the spoiler tag shrinking my Logo? ? ?
  11. [CENTER][SPOILER][IMG]https://i.imgur.com/Dkjvbhf.jpg[/IMG][/SPOILER][/CENTER] It is with great excitement that I hereby announce the beginning of the [B]Second Azeroth Wars: Legacy Reborn Grand Tournament[/B], sponsored by Clan UoS. Azeroth Wars has been a go-to to any that talk about grand strategy maps in the Warcraft 3 community. The map itself has been around for a very long time, it has made many fond memories from the oldest to the newest members of its small warcraft community, but the AWLR popularity and community has been shrinking. And what better way to bring those fond memories back and get people playing Azzy Wars again then to organize a tournament?! And if you are good enough, win a few [B]prizes [/B]while having fun! So start signing-up. The period for signing up to participate in the tournament are open up until the [B]1st of April. [B][B][URL='https://goo.gl/forms/2iUAmcOa9hDGCbFU2']SIGN UP HERE![/URL][/B][/B][/B] All the matches will be either live casted by the streamers playing in the teams or by youtubers @zo_Om and @Harald, so all may enjoy the games and maybe bring back those sweet old memories! Info & rules about the tournament can be found [B][URL='https://www.warclave.com/threads/grand-tournament-azeroth-wars-lr-info-rules.1969/']here![/URL] [/B] The [B]prizes [/B]will be announced by the end of the signing-up period, but don't worry instead of a bunch of indie games like the previous GT, we'll only have a few games this time but all well-known and that fall under triple A category! A special thanks to @casual and @Volrath for making a special version of the 2.04 release just for the tournament (without the Naga event). And of course to all previous editors that made what AWLR is now! ^_^ If you have any questions don't be afraid to [B]ask![/B] And don't forget to check out the AWLR forums for the latest news and patch notes about the map: [URL]https://www.diplomunion.com/index.php?forums/awlr/[/URL]
  12. Down below are the rules and information for the 2nd Grand Azeroth Wars: Legacy Reborn Tournament! If you plan on participating or just want to know when the tournament will start, [B]please continue reading! [/B] [CENTER][B][U][SIZE=7]Info[/SIZE] [/U][/B][/CENTER] [SIZE=4]The tournament signing-up will begin this Sunday ([B]18.3.2018[/B]) and will end on the 1st of April ([B]1.4.2018[/B]). I will make a separate thread with the sign-up form so keep a look out for it! ^_^ [/SIZE] [B][U][SIZE=6]Team Tournament - Info & Rules:[/SIZE][/U][/B] [SIZE=4] The team will consist of [B]2, up to 4 members[/B]. The matches will be best of 3, of the [B]preferred starting fight[/B]. (e.g. Team A prefers Evil, SA and NE; Team B prefers NA, SA and NE; the match will be NA vs Evil bo3, as both parties agree that's what they play best) If by any chance both teams prefer the same factions, a random fight will be chosen and teams will switch sides for a bo3. [I](You may ask yourself but why only 2-member teams, don't you need 3?! Well AW LR isn't that played of a map everyone knows, and getting that third friend to join is much harder than just finding one. And being a 2-member team only disqualifies you from NA alliance, which you can easily evade by setting your preference to Evil team (Scourge and Legion)).[/I] The format is a league type, they teams will be split into two groups, each team will have a match against every other team in their group, the two winners (with highest point total) of the group will proceed to the semi-finals and then finals. In the efforts of not dragging the tournament out to 3 months (like what happened with the LTA Tournament), the matches will happen every weekend. The exact time won't probably be set, so it will be up to the opposing teams to set a time each week. Every team has [B]one get out of jail free card,[/B] so they can skip one week if they can't play, after that they will automatically lose if they can't set a time for a match against their opposing team or [B]don't [/B]show up at the given time without notifying the opposing team AND the organizer (me).[/SIZE] Winning gives you [B]1 point[/B], losing gives you [B]0 points. [SIZE=6]Rules:[/SIZE][/B] [LIST] [*]The members that signed up must play, so no switching around. (hopefully this won't be relevant as the teams are so tiny and there are reserves) [*]Every match should be finished in a week, unless one of the teams uses their [I]get out of jail free card[/I], to skip a week. Every other time the team that doesn't or can't show up to the match automatically loses. [*]Needless to say, but map-hacking, cheating, glitches and bug abuse are strictly forbidden. [*]In case someone disconnects, a remake is to be hosted. [*]Victory condition is not set in stone, but we hope everyone will be a fair sport about losing or winning that is. (though after your team loses all capitals, the game is probably finished for you) [*]All [B]replays [/B]are to be [B]sent [/B]to @Hawk to be reviewed. Don't forget about this! And all the replays will be forwarded to youtubers for them to be casted! [*]Each team must pick a starting fight preference. (which will be in the Signing-up form so no worries ^_^ ) [*]Fights are to be fought in their battlefields! NE vs Orcs on Kalimdor; NA vs Evil on Northern EK and Northrend; SA vs Fel on Southern EK and Outland. [*][B]Gilineas is allowed to the NA and Evil fight.[/B] [*][B]Azuremyst and Alcaz (the islands next to Teldrassil and [B]Theramore[/B]) are allowed for the Kali fight. Every other islands is OFF LIMITS to [U]everyone.[/U][/B] [/LIST] [B] The Prizes and tournament starting date will be announced when the sign-up opens! NOTE: THE VERSION IS 2.04 (WHICH IS COMING OUT TOMORROW) BUT ITS A SPECIAL ONE WITHOUT NAGA EVENT IN IT. ^_^[/B]
  13. Heya everyone, As most of you have followed the First Grand LTA Tournament has (finally) finished and was a huge success! Congratulations to the winning team again! I've learned a lot about hosting a tournament which I will improve on in this upcoming one, only thing I need from you guys is the map that the tournament will revolve around! To simplify the vote, there is only two maps both 6v6 and both quite similar in most aspects. The maps are Azeroth Wars LR and War in the Plagulands. The poll will close in one week, which is plenty of time for everyone to vote, the poll is also hosted on StrawPoll to make it so everyone can vote without the need to register and all the votes are public and in one place! [B] LINK TO THE VOTE: [MEDIA=strawpoll]15207295[/MEDIA][/B] The version of the map will also be chosen by you the voters, I'll consult the everyday players of the maps as well as you the voters to try to put in most balanced and enjoyable versions on the poll, but more about that after the results of this vote. Everything else about the tournaments and the changes will be put in the thread after the two voting polls finish. NOTE: I know AWLR technically isn't a 6v6 map but it can easily be changed into one, though I'm still thinking about how would I organize the tournament around it. EDIT: @CNiper @EagleMan could you guys fix the strawpoll seems fucked up with the Captcha...
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