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  1. china and iran bahh no muslin nation in there right mind will support any east asian country china helped assad with killing people of syria giving him chemical weapons assad dont even look syrian the man look italian or greek at best or even french but not syrian there do live few white middle eastern but there so rare like i think there only 1000 white middle eastern in whole of middle esat maybe less turkey dont count because turkey is consider europen and turkey have alot slaves from ottoman times
  2. that looks great summer vacation especially this time in year i heard is really warm in the summer,,, looks a great place have quailty time with your family where else would your spend your summer with your family i heard the tourist places are great alot of sightseeing and alot of great history in this beautiful place like how russian invade there and killed all ching chongs who lived siberia great history
  3. well i didnt expect you two guys to be first to Welcome me but ty btw i love siberia i just love russia in general and slovania crotia poland hungary albania serbs bulgaria romania moldova ukraine you name it i love all baltic and slavic countries of europe and about the monkey war that was funniest comment in forums in years maybe your still 2 funniest guy pona but im alot better and monkey are known to be violent angry loud territorial and kill for bananas think about how much more violent monekyes could be if you gave them islam and everyone else want to come and say hi please do and abdel dont be shy old freind come and dont be negative feanor because he was first to welcome me you still have chance
  4. i came here to make peace i was known in long time to be troll while most people act different internet then in real life and im also like that and still think im funnies guy in w3 comminity and only thing keeping alive pona is deadhorse he havent produced funny joke in ages while i been funny since 2014 and im still going sstrong im here to ask you guys to let me in discord please l love you i was always big supporter for diplo even when everyone chose to look at you guys like bunch virgins four eyed freaks with no life i took pity on you guys i never left you so dont leave me ty
  5. hey vinyl you forgot me but i havent forgot you vink vink ;)
  6. vinylraider you called me troll a long time ago but i still love you tho even thougt i was not troll 3 years and im not troll nowbut lets talk about past my good freind ;)
  7. that the most stupid qustion ever you watch 4 5 6 then watch 7 8 and the death star one but avoid 1 2 3 because of anakin skywalker
  8. it depends what sources your looking for and what you think is canon but right after the got destroyed the orc lost all there surface area bases meaning there all hide in dark mountaions and in night came out in raiding but most of them ended with fails and people got better at avoid going near mountians at night when orc and goblins began coming out also if you played fourt age mod to rome total war 1 aka best mod for rome tw 1 you can build orc as dunland harad rhun and new shadow cult in the fourt age new shadow book that never got finished a civil war happenden in kingdoms after aragon son died cult began appear and it religion was bsed of worship of morgoth the first dark lord when that happended rhun harad and dunland umbar khan and other kingdom rebel againt reiutined kigndom but we dont know how there control the orc and had them recruited in there army maybe because there had same goal but sauron was blessed by morgoth he was maiar and he had one ring to controll orc how can humans control orc and put them in there army we never know also there event when morgoth comes out in his prision and the last battle between morgoth and arda (gay gods) the battle to end all batlles something like that other humans who will fight eachother also dwarves in fourth will problerlhy try to reclaim all there lost to goblins so yeah but the orc will fade out of time with elves and dwarves so only humans remains orc c ant surivive without a leader like sauorn to controll them there weak afraid and even there raids at night are fails and if there figth anything other civilians is like suicide attack
  9. but venice and spain are best because there also have op cav and portugal have best gunpowder units but gunpowder units are bit buggy to use so spain and venice are best but spain best because of infanty and there gun cavarly with is one of the most op things ever
  10. idk about you but i think spain and sicily have best infanty in game then comes papal state milan venice and portugal
  11. well idk about pikemen and two handed unist since best infanty in game are build by itailian iberian faction and there all of them sword and shield based if im not wrong also while two handed units from faction like denmark and britian and other faction two handed suck holy roman empire two handed unitsa re only ones who fine and dont have slow animation so if you really want to use two handed units play holy roman empire my problem iwth two handed units are there get high charge bonus like cav units but tehre slow so there suck as shock role buy sword and shield units and buy cav as shock or axe and shield as danish or byz
  12. sub mods are small mods for bigger mods like third age or stainless like you install big mod first then sub mods after there mos is like alot of small submods in one big submods also if you know how to modify your game you can play as aztec then end turn to turn 1000 and then just write togge_fow to see what happended with campaign and rest faction and since a,l is too stupid to go too america your safe so you can click end turn with no danger
  13. also one thing to know is faction that is missle carvarly based and missle units requiro most micro but are the most op trust me i played as moors one 1-4 battles against danish with range cav and range units why i got enougn ammo to kill most of them and rout rest of them with range cav but it takes time while when you play faction denmark or scotland that mostly meleee infanty you just right click and win there two most easy faction also have weakaest gunpower of all europe faction only faction with weaker is byz and no mongol and aztec dont count becasue you cant play as them
  14. good med 2 mods are sub mods for third age like baron sambedi mos froggs turtle mod pcp dagor encor first age mod second age mod fourth age mod divide and conquer for call of warhammer most submods are outdated also sense devolpler are russian latest version havent been translated to english yet so play botet instead until the it get translated also great modds are delle mundi elder scroll total war gothic total war eb2 broken cresent and stainless steel but only play stainless with submods alone is not fun
  15. since i put more 10000 hours in med 2 20000 in all of total war games and 100 trying to learn and get mods to work 100 more testing mods of bugs and crfash and 10000 hours of playing mod i call myself total war expect the only game put thte same hours in in mouunt blade heres one thing you need to know rome 1 is easiest total war also easiest to have fun time with also rome 1 op elephant op cavarly that are easy to control and feel light and kill everything generals in rome 1 are army killers rome 1 is the game that is most fun if your new but if you put many hours in med 2 and learn all menachin like how pope favor system work how crusades work also with tech like highter tech you get gun powder and some faction like italians or iberian faction get high tech melee units and span get also good cavarly and alot more thing makes med 2 more fun but only after you many hours in first when people asked i would always say rome 1 but now only rome 1 in the start then med 2 that why i recomoned rome 1 about no total war games has better mods med 2 rome 1 has good mods but not compred to med 2
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