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  1. Glorious, I agree that Feanor is part of the Salty D Gang.
  2. Burden

    Public Square

    It was pretty big alright. BASED STORMY TYRONE COALITION
  3. until

  4. until
    Join me for CK2 or Stellaris, depending on our poll outcome. Start time is 2pm eastern. Euroboys please remember that daylight savings time will change the time zone difference by an hour! Vote in the poll here:
  5. Steak caused the :REDACTED:
  6. Burden

    Public Square

    You're a dirty dirty boy
  7. Burden

    Public Square

    We all knew you’d turnip eventually
  8. A question for the candidates:
  9. Burden

    Ask Diplo

    A person Our used to make out with
  10. Burden

    Life Lessons

    i can't because your life is perfect my dude
  11. Burden

    Life Lessons

    Ya know I think its time for spankfurt to start sharing tips with the team
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