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  1. I hope you never stop these tourney threads cell, always a good laugh. Pona is technically the soy coh2 candlemaker, i only gave spank AoM
  2. Burden

    EU4 Game #7

    Join Diplo, warhaven, and wc3fam servers in playing Europa Universalis 4. Please see forum thread and sign up for countries here:
  3. Is the man protecting the patriarchy who are being served by the serving girl
  4. i go from fat burden to skinny burden to fat burden back to skinny burden and end on fat burden. Sad!
  5. Burden

    Burden's HOI4 game #2

    Quick 1 week only session. Save your nation in the thread located here E
  6. Guys don't forget about ck2 this saturday
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