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  1. Burden

  2. Burden

    Ask Diplo

    Diplo is dead. Long live Diplo.
  3. Burden

    Ask Diplo

    Guys, I hate my job what should I do?
  4. Burden

    Ask Diplo

    Holy fuck this is still going?
  5. Burden


    Woah woah woah it's an 810 credit score and I'm teaching my furbaby to eat my future children to protect my wealth It's real as can be feanor, it's the "basic" life style these days. Everyone with over 1000 Instagram followers does it.
  6. Burden


    When you start teaching the kid to game join us on discord at this link https://discord.gg/tq3KJh its like slack
  7. Burden

    Who broke Diplo?

    Do you also hate texting then, since thats an app that has the potential for long messages on your phone? Agreed Bors, it's aids on a phone, but that isn't discords fault at all. Long messages on a phone in general are aids no matter the app. Just trying to point out the idiocy of using that as an argument against discord.
  8. Burden

    Who broke Diplo?

    So your complaint is that its hard to type a long response on a phone? What exactly does that have to do with the discord app?
  9. Burden

    Who broke Diplo?

    ratings are ded too
  10. Burden

    Who broke Diplo?

    [quote name='Thurr']Thanks for clearing things up. Unfortunately Discord is not a platform that works for me so I have to get my information somewhere else. @Burden Is it that time of the month? Criticism never killed anyone. Look at how Phalanx deals with it and learn.[/QUOTE] On the contrary it looks like it was your time of the month with your whiny, complaint filled, and entitled original post. Your criticism was not productive and unwarranted.
  11. Burden

    Who broke Diplo?

    If he knows of discord and is looking for communication from fellow diploers and the forum is down... what is the next logical step? Twitter? Facebook? ... Okay, No luck ... Next logical step? Complain after not finding anything to an admin team of VOLUNTEERS? BUT NO! let's not check the most actively used thing by diploers? I'm not saying thurr has to use discord or that he should all the time, I'm saying its insulting to the admin team to complain about a lack of communication when there was plenty, and either his ignorance or neglect is the reason he is complaining... The admin team collectively is active almost 24/7 for free, the forum goes down for ~1-2 weeks and we're now going to throw people who have kept the site running for 10 years under the bus, because of a lack of communication? Which only exists because some members of the community can't get with the times? Or they are ignorant of where the other hundreds of diploers are currently communicating? That's shameful and I don't condone that behavior, forgive me for wanting to call out ignorance and disrespect to the admin team.
  12. Burden

    Who broke Diplo?

    I enjoy the joke, but don't ya find it a little discouraging that the LR tards figured out discord before you did?
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