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  1. to whoever changed gray into orcs thanks for ruining my Zulthelas build F-U-C-K Y-O-U dearly,Zera
  2. I am as good as any pro i eat pros at breakfast and lunch semi stunned sylvannas
  3. b-but i really can fight i can be pretty good player and kill pros just give me a chance :)
  4. I am good player but you can bet i will make good fight if I am trolls or undead :)
  5. Help help I am a noob who wants to play red will this allow me to play good?will i be able to make good undead and survive? help please (never played before and only want to be red)
  6. how much has azeroth wars changed since 2010?
  7. then you are prepared to go against good players now also i wonder why no one has said my personal strategy
  8. depends: if you have a a purple with paladins then go cryptfiends and wagons with a handful of aboms use the choke of andorhal for your advantage(try to lvl kelthuazad) and try to land in stratholme if they try to go and help stath(which is very predictable)you MUST let them when they arrive run back to your ships and send them to land near capital city while your scholo forces are using the bridge between west and eastern lordaeron build towers in andorhal if orange attacks. if purple is mass knights then go wagons,necros(master),fiends,some aboms and bring anubarak(dont forget to buy some mana pots for him) to scholo for impale spam same strat as before
  9. this is bull@#$"! my general wendigo would never betray me(he is even a lord) you are tainting the honor of my loved ones i challenge you into a duel!
  10. thanks! same name nop but we can play if you want
  11. Welcome back to diplo, do you go under another name in wc3? have i meet you in awlr?
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