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  1. i left when eagleman was still making the map and hey bild how you do?
  2. can someone give me a run down of why there's 3 different versions Azeroth wars on diplo now? i come back and see this and idk what to doooooo.....
  3. i feel as though wc4 is only a dream at this point
  4. okay this is my experience but chocolate in chili makes it taste horrible, it just didnt mix
  5. hold up, if i'm the prodigal son does that mean there's going to be a big party for my return and then il find out i have a jealous brother pissed about how our dad never threw him a party...
  6. oh look its that one guy from back then who i vaguely remember but never talked to
  7. i stopped reading at book eleven i believe? it gets really tedious but i'm thinking of picking it up again just so i can know what happens to Mat
  8. Upby5am

    Your Mental Age

    real age 19 and I got 32 and it says I'm over worried which I guess is true
  9. Upby5am

    What's going on

    im always here, in your heart and in your mind. i just dont post
  10. Upby5am

    What's going on

    hey its that guy I never talked to but remember his name.
  11. grats enjoy sleeping while you still can.
  12. i fell asleep and was woken up by the noise of people shooting fireworks infront of my house.
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