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  1. It may be a bit early but the result isnt likely to change. (Hofer will probably get a bit closer to Van der Bellen but wont win.) Alexander Van der Bellen will become the next president of austria.
  2. First Results (Hochrechnung) Van der Bellen 53,6% Hofer 46,4
  3. Could also be tuesday, "derStandard" says it could be monday or tuesday.
  4. I will keep you guys updated. I'll try to be fast but I have to share news with my friends and other communities so please forgive a short delay. EDIT: First prognosis and results around 17:00. "derStandard" states that the final result will be known around 19:30.
  5. Tomorrow austrians will elect their president. (the last time I hope) Poll for ya people out there https://goo.gl/l0hBDq I'll upload a podcast on TNO channel the next couple of days cheers
  6. The companies who produce the chems for doping should compete against each other rather than the countries, that would be the only way for the olympics to make sense again. möööh.
  7. Mbites


    Sorry, I am going to kill myself then.
  8. Heys guys, out of pure curiosity, I ask you to fill out this very litle google formular about your political orientation. https://goo.gl/forms/X2kiusXgTNQc0LWH3 I am not going to post or comment on your answers. I will just post general statistics without telling any names. Thanks in advance for your time.
  9. I am Manetho!
    1. Archi


      Mein kamred mein manetho
  10. The Shadow Council of I am Batman.
  11. how are u boy
  12. To just sum up any of EmperorFawfuls posts: "Botr is much more mature than everyone else and we are always in the right and we only do things the right way and you are wrong and its always UoS and Manetho is an evil human being."
  13. Thought about shooting yourself and going back in time and replace yourself from another timeline to play wc3 in its prime time again?
  14. Auferstanden aus Ruinen.
  15. I want to join your glorious red army of comrades!
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