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  1. Wolf

    Medieval 2: Total War

    We're gonna play Medieval 2: Total War, and you're gonna like it!
  2. Wolf

    Medieval 2: Total War

    We will do matches based on how many folks we get, I plan on doing standard gold amounts, but we might have some fun with it, i.e. a few matches with only early period units or some sieges as well. Let's plan on playing for as long as we have people to keep it going.
  3. Wolf

    Black Panther

    Yeah I thought it was pretty overhyped, had it's moments, had it's downsides, nothing special as a movie itself but entertaining enough, probably an above average marvel movie, but still a marvel formula movie.
  4. Surprised not to see a thread already, anyone else see it? What were your thoughts?
  5. Has anyone seen this movie? If so, what are your thoughts? Admittedly the first time I saw this was while I was on an airplane, and I absolutely fucking hated it, and I still do, but I saw a lot of people praising it as well, so I'm curious to see what diplo thinks.
  6. Being honest it just sounds like you didn't pay attention, I didn't say the film was amazing, at most I said it is a very good film. Definitely better than most generic garbage we get these days. Obviously scenes that are done deliberately with deliberate detail aren't always going to pay off, but it did in this movie because the details add to the charcters/scene/story, doesn't matter, but they weren't filler. The use of the Joi hologram is pretttyyy fucking clear, it really gets tiresome when people just want to nitpick things because they don't get why something was done. She is multiple things and filler isn't one of them, if you wanna be smug about character development at least pay attention to the fucking film: 1. K's want for a "normal" life/existence/care, no one shows any real emotion towards K other than disgust or dislike. Even Madam who is generally nice to K is still fairly distant, for example he gets hurt in one scene and she says "You're hurt, I'm not paying for that" 2. Joi adds another layer to "what is a person", she seems at least equally intelligent as anyone else 3. She pushes the narrative of K is special, this is a plot device. 4. I probably missed some stuff because it's been like 3 weeks since I saw the film. The replicant working for Wallace is also extremely clear, again it's tiresome to explain things that are purposefully and clearly shown throughout the movie. She's not blindly following Wallace, she's using him, this is made abundantly clear by what she does and says around Madam, specifically "I'll tell him you shot first", she is willing to lie, manipulate, and do what she needs to for her own needs. You can see this again when she first meets K and plays the role of a docile/obedient replicant to pry as much information as she can get out of K. The replicant faction itself with those memories all want to be the child, they all want to be special, that includes the antagonist replicant working for Wallace. It is ridiculous to say the replicant antagonist is filler, she's a side plot at times sure, but it all leads back to the main plot. She plays a role in K's story more so than the ending. Your main criticisms seem to be central around characters and the scenes you believe to be filler. It's hard for me to find a scene where I got nothing out of for either character addition or plot addition.
  7. Just throwing this out there but my original point was really aimed at the idea that there are fuck tons of mostly generic movies being made right now, largely from comic book universes or action movies (atomic blonde lmao, taken 1, 2 , 3, 4 - 12). Although the original captain america sucked massive dick imo (Thor was somehow worse?), but I can understand that someone else might enjoy them. The problem is that the same fucking movie gets put out every year, sometimes multiple times a year, by the same franchise. It's tiresome, give some original stories a chance, that's what I'm saying with my criticism of audiences. I don't even care about arthouse, I'm just expressing that audiences in general don't seem to appreciate stuff beyond generic action/comic book movie. It's pretty tough to do completely original things with characters/plot, story arcs, and so on, but the DC/Marvel movies are really awful. Look at the story arc from avengers 1/2, pure laziness. Transformers is mostly the same, at first it's cool, but it's truly just the same shit on repeat. Blade Runner 2049 while I believe to be a very good film of course has some issues, not enough that I think it deserves to bomb, but my point is that audiences simply won't appreciate the movie, the problem isn't the film or the director, but what audiences want to see these days, which is mostly generic/simple plot lines with simple/fun characters so they can text and take selfies (no fuckin joke people were taking selfies a few rows in front of me during IT). It's not a comment on intelligence, it's just what people seem to enjoy at the cinema, so it's what we get. Let me say three points about the original captain america since I said it sucks dick: 1. Theme of bullying, yeah until he fuckin j00ces, remember kids PEDs will solve your problems (they really might though...). 2. The end of the film while diving the plane into the ice, holy shit it's rare to see such a lack of reasoning behind a main character's actions, I'm not sure if audiences are supposed to know the reasoning before they see the movie, but that's lazy and not fair to the audience. Mix this with the horribly nice guy/cheese lines. 3. Last half especially tanked in terms of story but also characters, like the group that gets together to help him..what? The romantic relationship that just happens...because it has to so it's sad at the end :(. It's kind of like the director/writers knew they had to do something and just went "Ok what are all the tropes we can use?" and then just smashed events together that didn't have much purpose outside of getting cap'n in that ice so he could be an avenger. A lot of the problems I have with these comic book movies is besides the generic plots, the "themes" are usually contradicted and because we have to have a franchise does anyone really believe these characters are in any danger? Did people really think Captain America was done for when he crashed into ice? No, because we have to have 4 more stand alones and 3 group movies. Stand alone films are often the most enjoyable for me because killing main characters left and right is completely fair game. I'm not a huge fan of biopics, I don't find them to be all too great, even the most recent Lincoln was just meh. Now that is a film with pacing problems... I have enjoyed a TON of mostly mindless action/comedy movies and that's fine, I just don't want it to be all there is.
  8. I mean, yeah. It's not just good cinematography, it's extremely well shot in comparison to most movies. Most of the time directors just do standard shots without paying too much attention to what details they're actually including in the shots, or why. Some shots are meant purely for the visual splendor, and others are done to help convey a scene beyond what you'd normally get. It's effort like that which can help elevate a movie from just average to great. The way the scenes are shot in this movie help set the tone and help the pacing. Blade Runner 2049's plot isn't otherworldly, but it is executed well. The characters are definitely better than the original, they make sense, their motivations and actions are clear, and you get some insight into other factions in the blade runner universe. The character development for Gosling in particular is well done. There are of course the larger thoughts that goes back to the original involving who really is a person etc and while that is a big part of this film it isn't the only thing that matters. People who are criticizing the pacing don't seem to realize it is deliberately done this way. You could cut some things out, but really not much without taking away from character aspects. The interactions between a few characters could have been narrowed down probably. This criticism in general for most movies is bullshit, it's something that can almost always be improved upon in pretty much every movie ever. Real pacing problems tend to really ruin movies, for example any shitty fight scene where there are 30 jump cuts for 3 punches, any recent resident evil film basically. I'm not sure why you'd think the movie is missing half of what I said...you don't think the characters were thought out or that there were plot devices? The director/writers/producers clearly spent quite a bit of time making these decisions and that's the difference between something like a generic blockbuster and this film. I'd consider it something like a Wes Anderson film...is everyone going to like it? No, but nearly every detail is accounted for and done with purpose. Soundtracks are always up for debate, but this one fit the movie well in my opinion and helped set scenes and went well with the futuristic city scapes. Quite a few people seem not to give a shit about soundtracks in movies but they can add or take away so much.
  9. U no like Marky Mark? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AO9909uexu8
  10. This is why the movie bombed, the people want transformers 12 where robots fight robot dinosaurs and marky mark raps and megan fox or her look alikes run in slow motion with explosions everywhere. Who the hell wants a thought out plot with incredibly purpose driven cinematography, music, characters, and plot devices, fucking nerds lmao. Can't wait for captain america 7 and thor 14, fuck yeah comic movies #merica
  11. [quote name='SteakOnSpear']He didn't state an opinion that men and women are different in certain ways. He discussed the findings of science on the subject. When he said women had more neuroticism, that wasn't his evil sexist opinion. That is based on numerous scientific studies. Would like to see that 50/50 ratio happen in construction and mining first.[/QUOTE] Without commenting on the memo itself I want to address some of the science being discussed here. Largely the idea that women are more "neurotic" or "agreeable" through personality models is true. Unfortunately for personality tests they are generally...not very reliable or valid. When I say valid I mean the ability to predict things (correlate), so for example conscientiousness is one of the only personality traits to predict job performance decently, but the correlations are pathetically low, so low that no one with any degree of credibility would ever use them by themselves to predict job performance. Competent companies combine them with things like content valid tests or cognitive ability tests (which do correlate well with job performance). My point here is that yes, there are personality differences, but please understand that these tests themselves are quite problematic by themselves. There are TONS of different bought and sold personality tests, even well established models still suffer from issues of reliability, identifying sub-components, and validity (prediction). There is a lot of work being done currently to attempt to continually develop and accurately define these personality traits and the respective sub-facets, but it is not easy. Something else to consider is the effect sizes of these differences, for example, I might study the difference between @ABDeL and myself and find that Abdel is faster than me. How much faster though? So, the same should be applied here with personality differences. If women and men have differences in neuroticism it is important to also understand how large those differences really are. Here is an example of what I'm talking about, this study is pretty well designed and has some solid follow-up, and yet the statistics they report are still lacking showing their models are either mediocre at best or straight unacceptable at worst: [URL]https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2031866/[/URL]
  12. Wolf

    Robinhood Trading

    It's alright, I still like a normal brokerage better because they seem to execute more quickly, update more quickly, and it's easier to manage multiple things on a computer rather than a phone app. That being said I did deposit 10 bucks to fuck around with.
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