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  1. I'm in , anyone can organise games ?
  2. Negative , i have a 2 Mb/s and diplo load normally.
  3. Too bad i was starting to like u .
  4. Just post random anime gif with nice cute joke and u will be added , i can guarantee getting to number 2 if u choose the right anime xD
  5. Yea.... u should stop watching anime.
  6. What about a choice between 2 ultimate where the second one is lay on hands .
  7. I'm seriously embarrassed someone did this :P
  8. I think a bit of the emphasis was made to create Israel , feel free to correct me at this point tho.
  9. FOR THE last time I'm not saying WHY it's getting more emphasis I'm SAYING not to completely forget the others .
  10. Well that was savage , however i don't get your point. 1. Yea..... I meant Slavs not Russian and i do understand a portion of Slavs is Jewish. 2. So that means we should just remember the Jews genocide ? Because he killed a bigger % ? I know it's more know because of this reason but it's not a reason to forget the other crimes... I think u did not understand my point i did not say why are we remembering this more I'm saying why are we completely forgetting the others.
  11. I swear by the soul of the great Karl max. But nah the point is people tend only to remember Jews atrocities done by Hitler in the time he did a lot more.
  12. Note:Hitler killed more Russians than Jews Btw yes jews are considered apocalyptic beings here due to the fight with them lol and the low level of education and religions... Ofc religions....
  13. We have one word in arabic and there is two words in french , i barely memorise people name so i really don't feel like memorising how a person want to be refered to.
  14. So basically if someone want himself to be one of these 1000 gender based on different social and cultural thing do i have to refer to him with he or she ? Or wil we have have to to create a thousand words too?
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