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  1. We introduced free school choice in Sweden about a decade ago, and most studies since have actually shown that this has increased segregation and reduced the results of the students in typically less wealthy areas. The explanation for this has been that parents with academic background typically move their kids to more prestigious schools, and that this causes a bad circle. There needs to be a good mix of ambitious kids and kids with difficulties studying in each class since this increases motivation, and also the more clever kids will act as a supplement to the teacher. There's also an issue with grade inflation since many "free schools" (publicly funded but privately owned) encourage their teachers to be more generous with the grades since the promise of good grades attracts more students. Some schools attract students with superficial things like getting your own laptop to hide the fact that they lack qualified teachers or proper classrooms. I'm not really arguing against free school choice, it certainly has many advantages, but it's not really as simple as you say. Another factor is that exposing schools to business competition has the side effect of having a negative impact on the students who might end up with a discontinuity in their education if their school has to close down. Sometimes, performing proper inspections and maintaining quality demands for all schools can be a good alternative.
  2. Saying that the wage gap doesn't exist because discriminating is illegal is just like saying that harassment doesn't exist because harassing people is illegal. No one is arguing about the legal situation, it's about more subtle things like that, such as the attitudes towards females and how their work is valued. If you're genuinely interested, my mother's job was an entirely unqualified task - carrying buckets of chemicals between machines. Not everyone has the energy and patience to combat these kinds of things, yet somehow that makes it their fault. So, let me get this right - i just pointed you to a study which did double bind tests resulting in applicants with female names getting a lower offered salary, and you're telling me this isn't correct since giving men higher salaries would be bad for business? So, with this brilliant reasoning, which also contradicts actual results, I'd assume that there has never in fact been any discrimination at all during the past 100 years! Because if women got paid less, everyone would just employ women, right? It must be that women are just chronically bad at making career decisions. Fucking genius. Let me tell you a secret: The wage you are offered reflects the expected value of your work. The reason women are offered less is simply because people expect them to do a worse job. By the way, here's a graph for you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender_pay_gap#/media/File:US_womens_earnings_as_a_percentage_of_mens_1979-2005.svg Looks like women have become gradually better at not being pregnant since the 70's! I wasn't questioning statistics in general, just the relevance of these particular statistics when it comes to judging whether a person is qualified for a job, or to explain why there are so few female engineers. There are so many other factors which are ridiculously more relevant in this regard - where you were born, what your parents work with, who you hung out with in school, and what kind of treatment you expect to get at your job. Wage discrepancies on the other hand are very hard statistics, so are the statistical results of studies conducted to investigate a certain phenomenon. James Damore's ad-hoc application of dubious scientific studies onto a problem they never covered isn't quite so credible. First of all - 3.2% and 2.9 percent are very small figures, almost within the error margin. You also forgot to mention the part where they said that the Australia Bureau of Statistics had doubled its proportion of female bosses by using blind recruitment the previous year. Either way, i don't really have an opinion on blind testing though, and frankly i wouldn't mind if women were slightly more likely to be selected for a job where females are scarce - and likewise i wouldn't mind if men were slightly more favored as nurses either. The reason they are favored isn't because of prejudice to the other, but because they want a more diverse work force... it's not like the scales will permanently tip in favor of females. Also, competence isn't an absolute measurement - a man and a woman can be equally competent and qualified. Selecting a woman doesn't have to mean going for the less qualified one. In an alternate reality where Northeners have a thousand year history of being considered biologically inferior, hysterical, not-so-hardworking and unambitious, I'm sure a letter like Damore's would have sprouted some reactions.
  3. Are you guys for real? The gender gap has been an undisputed fact for decades, and women in your family can likely testify to it. My own mother used to work on a chemical firm for a few years, and when she resigned, the guy who was hired to do her job got €160 more per month than her. But this is just anecdotal evidence, here is some actual research for you: This study from Nature.com illustrates the differences in the wages between men and women in STEM fields, and the discrepancies in the size of their grants. Female scientists earn on average 25-40% less than males. It also points to a study where identical applications were sent applying for a job as laboratory manager. The study found that the professor would offer USD$3,730 less per year to an application with the name "Jennifer" on it than to one with the name "John". https://www.nature.com/news/inequality-quantified-mind-the-gender-gap-1.12550 Another study found that women are more likely to receive negative criticism in their performance reviews. Men are seen as "assertive" while women are seen as "abrasive", when sharing the same trait. http://fortune.com/2014/08/26/performance-review-gender-bias/ There are also studies proving that female bosses are judged more harshly for failures than male bosses. In the study, test subjects were given a story about a police chief whose otherwise successful career was tainted by a riskful decision which lead to the injury of 25 civilians. In some cases, the chief had a female name, and in some a male - and when asked to assess his/her competence, subjects valued the female chief's competence 10% lower than the male ones. There are statistics from the whole world which proves that women, without exception, earn less on average than men. And no, it's not because they are lazy, or because they work less - they earn less by the hour. Just because some youtuber comes up with an excuse which sounds good in your head doesn't make it right. This is one of these things which really just makes me shake my head. The thing about statistics is that "on average" doesn't mean "every man is more x than a woman", any given woman is just as likely to be better at math than any given male. More importantly: these small average differences still don't explain the huge disparity we have today, but more on that later. Anyhow, why aren't we applying statistics this way on everything? For instance, northeners are famed for being more antisocial than southerners, and there is some merit to that. So why aren't we seeing more programmers in the north and less in the south? If you start applying this logic to other fields of society, you will find that it doesn't add up, and you'll just look like an idiot. As someone who has studied computer engineering, i have seen this problem first-hand. In my class, there were 2 females out of 40 students. One major reason to this is simply that women enjoy working with other women, or at least in a workplace where they're not the only woman. There's a very boyish, "bro"-culture in the tech business, and there's also the persisting notion that women don't know computers as well as men, especially among clients. This is very dissuading for women and probably the main reason for the disparity - it's also the reason why it's motivated to favor the hiring of women. Here is an article citing a study regarding sexism in the tech industry: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/apr/27/tech-industry-sexism-racism-silicon-valley-study Also, given all this, can you not see how provoking it is for some women when this guy comes and say that the reason women are underrepresented and underpaid is that they are too neurotic, and don't want status or high salaries. Frankly, i'm not surprised that he got fired. The memo is carefully worded, but still apologetic and basically claiming that we shouldn't work to increase workspace equality (refering to the comparison with college dropouts and prisons).
  4. Dany does have Varys, who is the spymaster after all, and since Olenna is one of Danys allies she ought to have sent her a raven. Also, the assault on Highgarden might have taken days (they would probably have to build siege towers). The news of the Dothraki landing might very well have reached Cercei, but it would also have to reach Jamie, and ravens (just like pigeons) only fly between locations, they aren't trained to find armies on the move. Yeah, except they're not exactly going to look over all that distance if they know that their target must be traveling on the road between Highgarden and King's Landing. With dragons and a fast cavalry force this is by no means unreasonable.
  5. How do you know Dorne is really counted out? There are still more episodes to come. Still, Cersei has hostages, which means leverage. The Lannister army is the most battle-hardened army in all of Westeros at this point, while the Tyrell army has done absolutely nothing since season 1. Also, the strength of Riverrun is that it is surrounded by rivers on two sides, making it extremely hard to lay siege to. Highgarden is without doubt the weakest of the major strongholds in westeros. One thing i agree on though is how they reduced Littlefinger from an interesting and clever character to a perv who stalks around Sansa saying awkward and creepy things.
  6. Mizmoon

    Steam SALES

    I hope you picked up Payday 2 last month when it was free! Then you just have to work through the 2 pages of paid DLC content. Ugh.
  7. Mizmoon

    Steam SALES

    I bought Alien Isolation for 9€ and Prey for €39 (it was released this year). Both great games, Prey reminds me a lot of Bioshock, i'm about half way through and i've already had my money's worth. Regarding M&B Warband: yeah, 600 hours here... probably the best value for money i have ever gotten. There are also so many brilliant mods for it, like Gekokujo (feudal Japan) and L'Aigle (Napoleonic era). Napoleonic wars is also amazing, especially the Commander Battles, where each player controls a regiment of bots as a part of a huge line battle. Such an epic feeling to smash your regiment of hussars into the unsuspecting rear of the enemy infantry. Or the other way around, to have your line hold fire until the enemy cavalry is at point blank range and then give them a full volley to the face. It's strategy and teamwork in its purest form.
  8. Sorry, didn't see this thread until now! Yeah, i agree that zombies right now are probably overpowered. I'll reduce the amount of zombies spawned from a city, and reduce the movement speed of some of them slightly. Not exactly sure how to solve the overlord problem, if i add a higher zombie count requirement, the players will just infect more of their own units.. we'll see. Maybe i'll make it more expensive and time consuming. I'm personally fine with nuclear winter... it's mostly sensitive to when you fire a lot of nukes within a short time span. I might play a few games and test it out. Laser turrets can shoot down nukes, but you may need more than one of them if the enemy has upgraded his nukes. Also, in a previous patch, they were kinda broken, though that has been fixed now.
  9. Yeah, that's just it, the wahhabiststs want to sway Europe to send back the Shias so that they can purge them in peace.
  10. Jeez, leave the puritanism to the religious fanatics and let people listen to what they want... Every 90's kid owned an Aqua album, and these things were full of sexual innuendo which went right over our heads back then. We grew up none the worse. By the way, i thought M3rkabo was the resident shitposter of this site... you should find your own niche.
  11. The problem was never about the information itself, but about the way it compromises the source, and also the fact that it broke international etiquette in the sense that the country which the agent serves has the right to dictate which other countries get to share the information. In this case, the source was not American (likely Israeli), and if they wanted Russia to share the information they would have given it to them directly. Wapo have of course omitted the sensitive details (such as location and nationality of the source) and only included the non-sensitive information in their articles. The president has many advisors, especially when he's newly installed and has no previous experience in politics. Naturally, before an important meeting, they will discuss together what should be said, and what shouldn't. This is true for other presidents as well and has nothing to do with being a "puppet". Frankly it's rather naïve how some Americans seem to think that the president is as self-sufficient as Harrison Ford in "Air Force One". I bet you have no idea what Wapo actually writes and just went off your own hunch (or desired reality) here in order to discredit them. They have in fact repeatedly blamed the situation in Syria on Obama's administration, here are a couple of articles for you: The bloodbath in Aleppo will haunt humanity The United States is giving Putin green light for atrocities And the following articles, not written by the newspaper themselves but still selected for publishing: Trump has an opportunity to right Obama's wrongs in Syria Aleppo's fall is Obama's failure It'll take more than a missile strike to clean up Obama's mess in Syria I guess "Fake News" is now a term you can use about anything to justify your own fact-resistance.
  12. Watched the series as well, great production quality and acting. At first, i thought the whole "christian fanatics take over the US"-concept would seem forced and implausible, but the way it's presented is so complete and capturing... makes you sad thinking how much of this stuff happens in reality today. Speaking of which, Stephen Fry is being investigated for "Blasphemy" in Ireland, possibly facing a fine of €25,000, after criticizing god in national television... what year is it??
  13. Available for download at MakeMeHost or at the first post in this thread. Here are some of the new cool things added in this version: Sarin Gas One feature which has been long in the making for this map is gas bombs, and now, at last, they are here! Mobile Artillery can now fire gas canisters (rather than viral canisters), which will spawn a gas cloud which slowly expands and deals great damage to organic units in range while also slowing them down. Dropping napalm on the cloud will ignite it, triggering a chain reaction which deals further 200 damage per explosion - this also affects mechanical units, and is a very powerful combo for killing off slow-moving zombies. Overall, gas is a great area denial weapon for preventing infantry from passing choke points, or for covering your retreat. In the future, i plan to make Chemical Troopers immune to gas - unfortunately, i haven't been able to solve this in a satisfying way as of yet though. [ATTACH=full]6321[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6322[/ATTACH] Arleigh Burke-class Destroyer This version features a new destroyer variant available for the US, Australia, Brazil, and Indonesia - the Arleigh Burke-class. With its impressive battery of 90 VLS-cells, it has a much higher fire rate than the Daring-class, but also the least hit points of all the destroyers. Its sight radius lies inbetween the Daring and the Slava. As a part of further balancing, the Daring-class has now been given a slow, but potent AA-attack; it is supposed to be an AA vessel after all. [ATTACH=full]6323[/ATTACH] Astros II MLRS The Astros II is a Brazilian-built multiple rocket launch system designed to be highly mobile. It has the shortest range and lowest health of all MLRS units, but significantly higher speed, lower price, and the fastest fire rate - plus a faster missile speed, which helps against ballistic defenses. The Astros is used by Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia. [ATTACH=full]6320[/ATTACH] Performance improvements Missiles should now cause considerably less lag, and the overall game performance should be a lot smoother compared to earlier. See full change log for more info. 1.8g changelog: Changed the way missile orientation was calculated, which reduces lag and makes particles display more properly (= better visual effects for missiles). New unit: the Arleigh Burke-class Destroyer. Daring-class cruisers now come equipped with a basic AA-attack. The multiboards now update in their own "thread", which should probably reduce framerate stuttering. New unit: the Astros II MRLS. This might have been added already in the previous version, but if so i must have forgotten to mention it. Zombie Overlords will now properly see their biomass drain in their multiboard. Also fixed the zombie tooltip so it displays their cost. Made a small change to the way the radar jammer effect is applied, which should hopefully further reduce lag. Added Sarin Gas! Gas canisters are now launched from Mobile Artillery (instead of Viral Canisters, as previously). The gas slowly expands and deals damage/slows down all organic units inside it. Quite effective against zombies! Napalm Bombs will now ignite gas clouds in a chain reaction, dealing 200 damage per explosion. A single gas canister typically spawns around 12 clouds (the first cloud spawns 3-4, these spawn 2-3, which in turn spawn 1-2, etc). Fixed a bug (or feature?) which allowed Cthulhu to enslave you if he captured your capitol during conquest mode. This would prevent the game from ending as Cthulhu doesn't have a capitol of his own and thus can't be conquered. This also applied to neutral zombies. The tooltip for Spec-ops Soldiers no longer says that they can plant C4, since they have never been able to do this. 1.8h changelog: Fixed an issue with missiles not orienting properly. Recoded a lot of the multiboard system so that it only updates when values change instead of once every 0.3 seconds. It also only updates if the associated player slot is actually in use. I suspect that many of the game crashes may come from unavoidable string leaks in the multiboards, so this might help. Took the opportunity to add flying dinosaurs to the dimensional rift event. These don't reproduce, although they do grow, and they are quite dangerous to helicopters.
  14. All right, so after a long break i am now releasing a new version of this map, this time including the long-awaited zombie overlord mechanic! The way this works is that after releasing the zombie virus, once there are over 30 zombies on the map, you can research a tech called "Zombie Overlord". Once the research is complete, you will instantly lose all your units and structures, and instead gain control of the zombies (any other players can't complete the research). The overlord has a completely different resource system based on biomass, which he can use to spawn more zombies from cities or to mutate existing ones into stronger variants. The available zombies are: Zombie: Your regular, run-of-the-mill zombie. Slow but durable. Zombie Mutant: Stronger zombie which can spit acid at air units. Zombie Runner: Fast zombie with fast attack, but low armor. Zombie Horror: Big, lumbering zombie which creates an acid explosion upon death. Flesh Titan: Created from merging two Zombie Horrors. Giant zombie which can crush vehicles and fling rocks at ships. Zombie Swimmer: Further mutation of the Runner, which can... you guessed it: swim. Something worthy of note is that zombies can't rebuild cities, and only non-ruined cities provide biomass. Zombies also now have a larger impact on the wealth reduction of a city when capturing it. Since this mechanic introduces many changes to fundamental parts of the code, it is likely that there will be some bugs. For instance, the win and lose conditions surrounding the Zombie overlord are still a bit unclear, but i can say as much that losing your capitol as overlord has no effect (fortunately). You also leave any teams or factions you belong to (like in "cold war" or "4 teams" mode). When playtesting, i have experienced a rather alarming crash a couple of times in close proximity to researching the overlord tech, but so far i have chosen to blame it on the buggy AI... please let me know if this happens during online games. Other than that i have done my best to fix UI inconsistencies and such. Screenshots: [spoiler=Images][ATTACH=full]6115[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6116[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6117[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6118[/ATTACH] Full changelog: Added "-income" command which lets you see your incoming and outgoing resources in detail, as well as your number of cities, mines, and oil refineries/rigs. Added a new hovering text when selecting production structures, showing what they are producing and how large the resource drain (per second) is. Turned off player hazards for now, as they were more annoying than fun. Added "Zombie Overlord" research, which lets you abandon your nation and instead take control of the zombies. The Overlord can manually mutate zombies into progressively stronger variants. Three new zombie types: The Zombie Runner, Zombie Swimmer, and the Flesh Titan. The runner is a faster version of the regular zombie, with faster attack, albeit lower armor. The Flesh Titan is a giant zombie which can fling rocks at ships and has AoE damage. Fixed a bug which would cause some zombies to not be infectious. Capitols now get +1000 bonus health during Conquest mode, to prevent cheese.
  15. Well, i do have some cheats which i enable when debugging, but they are not active in the map at the moment... i can enable and post them next time i release!
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