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  1. making it to where red can get attacked by ships is a horrible idea unless u increase reds gold or decrease hordes gold red wont beable to defend because he cant make ships and units he doesnt have the gold to spread it around As for Quel i think just some different terrain changes is good enough so its not stale cause it doesnt really look like a elf city I also got a idea for black and its where black should be given the chance to spend either 2000 gold to build the giant wall/gate around his city or to build greymane tower.
  2. some suggestions for red is right outside his outer gate horde can build shit idk make a little river/stream right there so they cant build there so they cant get men in there faster than red can get them to his outer with green u could make the terrain smaller where the cliffs are
  3. i think its gay how u can kill gate levers and i think they should not be targeted
  4. adding new heros would be cool for alliance like maybe sylvanas windrunner King terenas and maybe even Kel'thuzad
  5. also i think it would be cool if every base had the ability to defend outer
  6. i think u need to let OPG do some terrain he does very good work and it looks nice when finished go check out some of his maps for yourself
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