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  1. comon lets revive di thread. so here is one more useless power the power to make chees out of chees
  2. true but in 150 years from now will you still be in dis world?
  3. they are no random numbers I give my life to it. it's just a really hard clue. edited. okay. let's make a contest between UoS and Diplo. the winning Forum who find the answer about dis will I donate 10 euro too. you have 3 days to find the answer. p.s I have not the money yet I did borrow away like 50 euro to some one so when I get it back I will donate
  4. well murdering a large number of people is not the way to be imortal
  5. nope. but i will be kind to you guys here are some clues. same i gave uos but no one have a answer. 2041889 18121878 2221732 137-100 128-30 dis number has a clue if you know what it means
  6. well tell me and i can tell you if you are right or wrong. no one in UoS have find the answer yet
  7. honey i'm home! yes baby i am back.. somebody stop me. well guys lets ask a series question now i want to here from you if you know any way to be immortal, i can say dis there is a way and i know it. just want to see if you guys know it to.
  8. the power to revive a dead thead. thats is a useless superpower
  9. wtf why take away the only think i am por at on LTA? i always destroyes Naxx in what way. R.I.P anden's forsaken games
  10. anden

    live in a game

    well ofcorse you need to follow the games rules like in WoW if you die to many times it will just take longer time to respawn. and good advice don't pick a game where you can't revive/respawn ofr if you die in that game when you are dead. thats why i want to play in WoW i can get back and not die and be gone
  11. you are totaly right in that UoS is not autistic i am. and i am prowed of it. ye i sad it i am autistic and prowed to be :cool:
  12. anden

    live in a game

    yes you die but not permanent
  13. anden

    live in a game

    am i the only one who have ever ask what if i get stuck in a game and need to live in that game and what i mean live in like sleep eat and shit all of what. what game would it be. and what would you maybe be and do? i would pick WoW and take the form of my main hero Losnok. hes a humen and i would just live a normal life there and tray to get Jaina to marrie me for who would not want that arcane ass?:p
  14. the power to make a thread populer just siply creat it and only need to post on time. .... wait i have that power already
  15. anden

    here you have

    well m ade dis in ower Forum for like 5 min and i want to share it whit you all. for i am kind so here it is. well as we all can see i am the master of posting. even Tehfebeb can see that. so just becouse i have not post any thing here in a long time here you have some. canser 100% canser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmV4dOxNbnU aaaaaaaaaah! the internet it destroyes us but we can't live whit out it
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