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  1. Draupne

    Ask Diplo

    Been away for a long time, then I got this strange email. Is this Diplo's Rude Awakening?
  2. Draupne

    Ask Diplo

    Posting in an attempt to reincarnate Diplo.
  3. Draupne

    Ask Diplo

    Diplo is already dead, this current iteration of Diplo is simply a wraith stuck in Limbo
  4. Draupne

    Ask Diplo

    Soup-heads like that are usually quite timid so like Nodle suggests an assertive verbal threat should do the trick
  5. Everyone has too much money for their own good at their disposal in my country Even the alcoholics are decadent and the only thing keeping them from drinking themselves to an early grave is the strict alcohol laws
  6. Holy macaroni berlusconi - is that 30 USD for a pack of cigarettes? And I thought Norway had high taxes on tobacco, sugar and alcohol If thats 30 USD and not some other currency then Norway has to be relatively cheap for stuff like that Ofc one can argue that its removes incentive, but I was hoping to be naive enough and have faith about humans knowing their economy and health status well enough Fucking idealist Draup
  7. Destroyer - Kaputt (2011) Several online reviews of Kaputt suggests that this album is Destroyer's frontman Dan Bejar's love letter to a lost era, or more precisely the decadence and supposed grandeur of the 80s. Excessive instrumentation in trumpets and saxophone flows overboard on many of the tracks, and lyrics about America in excess, cocaine and women give the tracks a luxurious aesthetic. In this the album feels self repugnant to a certain degree, to the point that Bejar projects self awareness of it all in his vulnerable vocal performance. This is a pop piece reflecting upon the past while retaining non-intrusive postmodern self-deprecation (which may even seem absurd). My favorite section of this gig has to be the incredible finale of the track Suicide Demo for Kara Walker. I've had many walks home after a few listening to that stuff, and its given me shivers. Love this thing.
  8. Not too long ago the Norwegian parliament voted for gradually censoring the use of stimulating visuals on tobacco products. Cigarette packs, loose tobacco packs and snuff boxes can no longer maintain their old design, and must switch over to a sewage green color sheme on their packaging. While at work at the gas station I noticed that this regulation has started. What do you guys think about such a move? Its intent is to discourage people from buying by removing any stimulating aesthetics from the packaging. I'm not using tobacco whatsoever, but I still find this appalling legislation. Thoughts?
  9. Here in Norway people are always uptight and butthurt. So we drink alcohol to gain the power of shitposting and to let go of our butthurt
  10. Has yet to figure out the obvious puzzle about Archi's sudden absence
  11. nah fam archi can be found in the post right before yours your autismo-detector must be defect to not notice those high levels right beside your very own post good sir
  12. Yeah I had that struggle too, it seems the minimap is unusable to navigate the map Hope they solve that
  13. Didn't download 1.29 yet but I had that exact issue with 1.28. I did a clean install from the Battle.net client you can download from Blizzard and then ran the game as admin and it worked like a charm
  14. Who in the world got time to address their teammate as Turquoise during battle Aint nobody got time for that This sure is some spicy stromboli stuff
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