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  1. Yeah Livecasting is fun and all, but almost everyone I watch who does it (excluding hearthstone of course) tends to end up doing worse. Variety is the spice of life tho... or something.
  2. Some days the Alliance has to deal with a green problem Other times there is a little bit of demons invading their lands Yet by Sigmar man sized rats? Heresy! Oh wait you mean Ratso I have been playing a lot of Total War Warhammer
  3. Well now that I have taken some time to ponder it, I guess it is actually kind of what I expected. I more just didn't expect the accent but I also don't really remember where you are from so that doesn't help at all. I am just always surprised when people have accents, been in Colorado way to long.
  4. I think it would be fun if us more seasoned COTH players played together and live casted it. Also that is not at all what I imagined your voice to be... :P Also that Teal player in the first video was terribad.
  5. I... I uh don't really wanna deal with them again. That was to much for my ol' bones. Also I didn't get invited to none of it! Well except you know the first time.
  6. Something to do with the Ogrim Doomhammer, perhaps we should change ones of his passives to an activate? I mean Bronze does not like passives but here we have hero with not one passive, not one of the best passives, not two passives but TWO of the best passives. Like Seriously 50% chance to reduce damage by 50 and his ultimate the everything explodes lulz. I honestly think changing the non ultimate to an activate would balance the hero remarkably well. Like just reduce all damage by 50 for the duration or something.
  7. #66 Never trust a gnome. #99 There is a secret vendor that sells the best items in the South West part of the map.
  8. Your Gavin build needs Journey's End kappa. Arcane Wonder + Journey's World Ender Gavin build.
  9. Here I am... just having a peaceful day... when all of a sudden in the COTH forums I do but see, someone slandering the almighty Gavin. The Hammer of God, the bringer of justice, the wrath of heaven himself, do you even know what you speak? I do not pick Gavin that much to be merciful to the Horde, they are not prepared for such savagery, none are. For Anton maybe his Brilliance Aura could be shifted to a Magic Reduction damage reduction ability? Then we could make a new item that provides a Brilliance aura, would be cool :). I think that would make him more comparable to the almighty god tier Kael.
  10. I know, that is why I began out with stating that Ogrim is kinda powerful, just kinda though. I still hate going against Rend more, Rend can destroy your army while destroying your hero and smoking a cigar.
  11. Yeah a hero shouldn't be able to build pure tank and still be able to wreck whole armies. Kinda powerful there but you guys keep forgetting one hero that can wreck a pure tank hero. Mishan is designed to counter them, that is why you need to wait and see the horde heroes before everyone picks theirs.
  12. I have an idea to help people deal with pesky Alliance tanks based on hero selection by changing two hero abilities slightly. First would be Finger of Death on Gul'dan could deal damage based on the units current HP. For example 100 damage +7/8/9/10% of current health. So kinda like Death and Decay but more focused blow. Then for Teron Death Coil could deal damage based on the enemies missing health over the duration of the sleep effect. So like 10/15/20% of missing health per second (or .5). Thusly the initial damage of Death Coil would increase the damage dealt during its duration further implying Teron is very dangerous vs weak health pool units. Or you could change Drain Life to be somewhat similar to my suggested version of Finger of Death and Finger of Death like Death Coil.
  13. That is totes not a CotH game my dude xD If I know this game in question it was because Ogrim had no counter. If you ain't got counters you are gonna get steamrolled. I tried explaining this numerous times but it just fell to death ears. Our only counter was Brann and he was basically managed badly by an inexperienced player. Lots of Int heroes and two alliance tank heroes and duke. You gonna get wrecked by a well rounded horde goon squad.
  14. I brought the hammah, all the hammah. I heard you like the hammah. Soon I will bring the bouldah.
  15. I love SJWs, probably the only group that the longer you listen to them the more you realize they are the ones who embody all that they despise.
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