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  1. The map is being updated for the 1.29.2 ! ☼ More optimizations ☼ Jass Merging ☼ 20 players !
  2. New version (the a, b and c version needed some hotfixes that's why) ☼ Age X released ☼ Playable at 19 ☼ Color codes available for all the 24 players ☼ Added new intermediate units between some evolutions ☼ Revised the ingame score system ☼ Revised the price of units upgrades (cheaper and constant for each one) ☼ Economical upgrades' name forks at some point (depending on the type of paths : modern, steampunk etc). ☼ Fixed a bunch of bugs, including destroyed markets not lowering the income, some priests evolutions not auto-converting, techtree restrictions and many other details. ☼ Revised the sound for rock projectiles ☼ Sound played at map start; Players who pass an age will get a special sound. ☼ Optimized the code execution : major handle leaks cleaned, hidden leaks cleaned too, a bit less functions calls and a more compact initialization. ☼ Deleted unused sounds. ☼ New icons for some upgrades. ☼ Population cap raised to 400. ☼ Some balance changes, including cheaper and stronger magic AA. New updates may come soon, patching bugs and some balance issues. Let's see that on tests ! Link to the map (download not instant when clicking)
  3. Incoming in the 0.1.6.x ☼ 10th age 95% finished with 10 different researches on 6 different paths, but not yet optimized into vJASS. I need to add several units, techs and buildings + their evolution, conditions of appearance and their standard balance. ☼ Vanilla Warcraft III score edited for units and buildings (more the unit is expansive, more it gives score) ☼ Ships are slower to train (Fishing boats 16s -> 30s /// Basic Warships/Fireships/Submarines 30s -> 60s /// Siege Ships 45s -> 75s). ☼ 19 slot of player (one for each spawns) ☼ New models for Phalanx, Light cavalry, Bowman and Composite bowman and Mounted Javelineers ☼ Mounted javelineers renamed into Chariot archer ☼ Fixed Techtree errors spread on early ages (for example when a upgrade is unavailable even if you have the right path/age) ☼ Optimized the init triggers ☼ Workers gather rate increased from 6.5 to 13, gather strength increased from 5 to 10 (this won't affect the gather speed, but economic upgrades have less impact) ☼Mining upgrades changed : One upgrade for each ages starting at Bronze (included), giving +1 (unchanged) ☼ Wood cutting changed : One upgrade for each ages starting at Copper, giving +2 wood capacity (was previously +5) ☼ Fixed selection circle for most of the units ☼ Marine -> Sentinel (utopic/Standart Lazer age) / Legion (Dystopic laser age) ☼ Partisan -> Rebel ☼ Trench Mortar -> Advanced Mortar (Utopic/Standart Laser Age) / Thanathos (Dystopic laser age) ☼ Anti-tank Rocket Infantry -> Elite Rocket Infantry ☼ Destroyer -> Advanced Destroyer ☼ Battleship -> Advanced Battleship ☼ Nuclear submarine -> Submarine -hammerhead- ☼ Jet Fighter -> Advanced Fighter ☼ Helicopters -> Helicopters II ☼ Imperial rifleman -> Armored infantry ☼ Sharpshooter -> Armored Sharpshooter ☼ Heavy Steamtank -> Armored Steamtank ☼ Tesla Vehicle -> Armored Tesla Vehicle ☼ Destroyer -> Imperial Destroyer ☼ Dreadnought -> Imperial Dreadnought ☼ Heavy Submarine -> Armored Submarine ☼ Aeroplane -> Armored Aeroplane ☼ Bronze canon -> Heavy Canon [steampunk III] ☼ Gun Minotaur -> Cyber Minotaure [Laser] ☼ Elite Centaur -> Chosen Centaur [Lapis] ☼ Ancient Minotaur -> Chosen Minotair [Lapis] ☼ Adamant Charger/Legion/Slasher/Ranger/Mounted Ranger -> Chosen Guardian/Legion/Slasher/ranger/Mounted Ranger ☼ Demonic Legion/Charger/Crossbowman -> Hell Legion/Charger/Hurler ☼ Infernal added. ☼ Siege Shell Monster -> Heavy Siege Monster ☼ Magic Destroyer -> Sky Destroyer ☼Magic gunner -> Magic Infantry [Onyx] / Armored infantry [Dark Iron] ☼ Wall Breaker -> Magic Breaker [Onyx] / Iron Breaker [Dark Iron] ☼ Dark/White Legion -> Onyx Legion [Onyx] ☼ Dark/White Legion -> Dark Iron Legion [Dark iron] ☼ Fire Mounted Gunner -> Onyx Flyer [Onyx] / Dark Iron Flyer [Dark Iron] ☼ Magic light cavalry -> Light Rider [Amethyst] -> Horror [Hell] ☼ Heavy ram -> White Ram [Diamond] ☼ Magic light cavalry -> White Cavalry [Diamond] -> Chosen Cavalry [Lapis] ☼ All Heavy melee Infantry upgrades cost now 250 gold. ☼ All Pikeman Upgrades cost now 225 gold ☼ All Heavy Ranged infantry upgrades cost now 400 gold(modifié) ☼ All Skirmisher upgrades cost now 200 gold ☼ All Cavalry upgrades cost now 500 gold and 100 wood ☼ All Tank upgrades cost now 600 gold and 150 wood ☼ All Archer upgrades cost now 300 gold ☼ All Light cavalry upgrades cost now 275 glod ☼ All Ranged cavalry/Vehicles upgrades cost now 400 gold(modifié) ☼ All minotaur upgrades cost now 650 gold ☼ Windmill [Powder] -> Dark Garden [Amethyst] -> [Demonic] ☼ Scout tower [iron] -> Sky fury Tower [Diamond] ☼ Scout tower [iron] -> Sky fury Tower [Amethyst] ☼ Sky fury Tower [Amethyst/Diamond] -> Sky fury Tower [Ruby II] ☼ Tower [Ruby] -> [Onyx] Tower [Ruby] -> [Dark Iron] ☼ Rifle Centaur [Oil/Steampunk] -> Cent-OR [Laser] ☼ Priest upgrades will split at age VIII in the names.
  4. New version 1.3 number 17 I forgot to update here, so i typed the whole changelog from last time. Global : Atlant : Fantasy : Steampunk Modern : Primitives : Insects : Myth : Spirits : Scify : Oriental Hybrid :
  5. Update New features : ☼ Champions unlocked at age VI ☼ Veteran short swordsmen renamed to Legionary ☼ Legionary upgrading to Man-at-arms at age V ☼ Man at arms upgrading to Champions at age VI ☼ Bronze cannons available at the Enlightenment age ☼ Bunch of new upgrades : Buildings HP, Worker/scout HP and movement speed, Priests HP, Fort HP, ☼ More models for buildings and units ☼ Workers have two separate attacks : one short ranged against everything, one slow in melee against ressources. ☼ Advanced trebuchets evolves to Town eaters for the demonic age ☼ Wolves, ice wolves, lions, tigers and panthers are roaming the surrounding of the map, making expanding and rushing a bit more late. They get easily crushed by age III troops. ☼ Mining, foraging and hunting sounds added. ☼ Elephants have elephant noises, instead of the basic hear rape in Warcraft III. ☼ Added Stone throwers, a splash siege weapon effective at taking down archers, skirmishers, ships and other sieges, at age III. Evolves to Onagres at age V and Bronze cannons at age VII for tech paths, Disc launchers at age VII for fantasy. Bronze cannons disappear at the oil ages, not for steampunk. ☼ Added wild elephants having a splash attack, making it dangerous for isolated unimproved workers but gives a lot of food to gather once killed. ☼ Added nuclear submarines, evolving from submarines at age IX ☼ Added Gryphon hunters for the silver age, a heavy crossbowman targeting early air units. They evolves to dragon hunters at age VII and into sky watchers at age IX ☼ Added dark rangers, evolving from elite Horse archers for the Demonic age. ☼ Added Heavy artillery, evolving from field gun. Culevrins evolves to Artillery. ☼ Added Hussars, evolving from Elite Light cavalry at the enlightenment age, they evolves to Lancers at age VII. ☼ Added Royal cuirassiers, evolving from knights at the enlightenment age, they evolves to Imperial Cuirassiers at age VII. ☼ Lancers evolves to Tesla vehicles or gun trucks, depending on the age VIII Steampunk or Oil ☼ Balance : ☼ Scout towers nerfed, but are now affected by HP upgrades. ☼ Horse archer lines are 10 gold more expensive ☼ Elephants cost 4 food ☼ Stone piles 25% less ressource and HP (same gather speed, but depletes 25% faster) ☼ Trees have less wood, so in late game some space is saved ☼ Hostile mobs no longer attack buildings. ☼ Water path between Israël and the Persian gulf, water path in panama, water path between egypt from the nil, to the red sea. ☼ Wood depots faster to build and don't cost additional ressources ☼ Rams have now a splash attack ☼ All non-AA units no longer attack air. Early light artillery have a weaker attack against air. ☼ Siege weapons have a correct ranged armor, making them less weak against skirmishers, siege and ships. ☼ Mexico spawn deleted because it was too disadvantaged. There's a total of 18 spawns : Optimization : ☼ 11000+ lines of code deleted, leaving almost 7000 lines of optimized scripts in vJASS /o/ ☼ Once build, a building takes immediately the latest form instead of switching almost instantly one by one each evolution (each evolution increase the memory) ☼ Markets have a 5x slower income, but 5x stronger (instead of 1 every 1.5s, it gives 5 every 7.5s) so there's less spawned corpses so less used memory. Fixes : ☼ Market income is properly separated between players ☼ No longer crashes due to leaks To get more informations, here's the link to the main topic ^^
  6. It's been a while before i updated the topic. Almost all worlds are fully updated except Spirits (they already have a nice amount of content, but i plan to add more one day)
  7. Gameplay of all worlds improved and now in beta-test. All worlds terrains are finished as well as separated by limits.
  8. Many upcoming features for insectoid, atlant, primitive and myth worlds.
  9. New terrain with seperate worlds started.
  10. I'm improving Primitives right now. They lacked of diversity in abilities, so i'm adding new casters. The farseer is a an anti-armor which can put a stasis field on a particular unit. It can also reveal units in large areas, usefull to prospect ennemies's defenses. I'm also editing their economy : less sky-rocket-able and more flexible.
  11. Modern and Fantasy world officially updated at 100%.
  12. Hello there, Modern, Heroic fantasy, oriental hybrid and Insectoid are almost renewed. I would like to organize some tests sessions for these 4 worlds. Let's gather some members before picking a day of test.
  13. Update ☼ All units (except land-siege and ships) 30% smaller and slower ☼ Most of buildings are smaller ☼ New smaller map (250x300 instead of 480x480) representing world map (with portal from east to west and west to east) ☼ Musics deleted for faster download and upload ☼ Custom voices for some units and most of the buildings ☼ Known bug : Map desync half the lobby around 11-13mn New incoming features in the ☼ Champions unlocked at age VI ☼ Veteran short swordsmen renamed to Legionary ☼ Legionary upgrading to Man-at-arms at age V ☼ Man at arms upgrading to Champions ☼ Bronze cannons available at the Enlightenment age ☼ Scout towers nerfed ☼ More paths !
  14. What do you think of separate terrain for each worlds (with random portals) ?
  15. The showcase is now up to date with images, descriptions of each worlds with their features (some of them may not be finished yet at the moment) !
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