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  1. That's so amazing what you do with those doodads SilenceX! I tried to replicate them into the latest version 10 but I just couldn't get it the same way. :(
  2. Come play Eragon on MMH with me!
    1. Talinn


      I didn't pay for my internet in my apartment though, and I can't really bring my desktop out to the clubhouse with the free wifi, that's just weird.
    2. Talinn


      Otherwise I actually might
  3. You completely misinterpreted my inquiry, are you dyselectic sir? Let me explain something for all you geekers here. If you actually want a girl to stick around it's required of you to have some minimum scale of self esteem and dignity. Avoiding direct questions while also projecting weakness will make the girls biological instincts turn off towards you immediately. Ponasozis 27 years old and never had a girlfriend, that literally breaks my heart.
  4. Good job finishing your own sentences. Must be quite a low bar to reach Moderator status on this forum. I have no negative ratings and nobody disliked my invitation to play Eragon. Spam implies unwanted advertisment, but clearly the head moderator here doesn't understand english words very well.
  5. So you can read, that's good. Maybe you should do some work to improve your writing aswell. 27 years old and you don't know capital letters and punctuation marks.
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      Where is the dislike button for profile posts ayy
  6. I say this in a good spirited way, move out of your mothers basement and join the real world.
  7. So you can read, that's good. Maybe you should do some work to improve your writing aswell. 27 years old and you don't know capital letters and punctuation marks.
  8. [ATTACH=full]8686[/ATTACH]
  9. Eragon Spoof - Waiting by Eva-Dragon-Goddess, Jul 23, 2010, 8:22:50 PM Literature / Fan Fiction The characters of Christopher Paolini's Eragon, while waiting around for the fourth book. Galbatorix: Mwahaha you will neverss defeat me!!!! Eragon: yoink *steals mug of ale* Galbatorix: Oy!!! Arya: Eragon, stop picking on him. Galbatorix: *sob* Shruikan oh shut it you pansy I don't know how you became king in the first place Galbatorix: I'm a master of hacking people's minds *retarded happy face* Eragon: Try me, we have ages here anyway Galbatorix: O #CENSORED CENSORED OHMYGODDIDHEREALLYSAYTHAT OHMYGODHOWCOULDITHINKLIKETHIS# yes - #I'MSORRYKEEP CENSORED CENSORED# Eragon: o__________o ... Roran: Seriously I didn't need to hear .. or see .. that .... Durza: Co- Random Twin no.1: You're dead, piss off Roran: so are you, get your ass outta here Random Twin no.2: Not until we have a few drinks first *Twins #CENSORED#* Saphira OH MY GOD GET A ROOM!!!! D: Arya: So am I seriously going to be the fourth rider?? Nasuada: No, I am!!! *sqeaul* *Arya and Nasuada catfight* Murtagh: Haha hot Eragon: *droooools* Roran: *staaarrree* Katrina: Hey!!! *slaps Roran* Saphira oy, you!!! Elf!!!!! I luuurrrrrvvv youuuuuuuu honey!!!! *whistles* Eragon: *donk**facepalm**bangs head on wall**blacks out* Orik: Ohnoes that dragon's drunk again Hrothgar: Hmm... *disapproving look* Orik: OMAGOD ur alive!!!! *glomp* *Hrothgar falls away in dust* Orik: oopsy daisy Solembum: Hahaha!!!!! I'm druunnnk!!!!!!! Lala!!!!! He who walks alone is coming to Varden!!!!! Lalala Nasuada: Wha?? Who coming to *hic* Varden?? Roran: People!!! Who's *hic* drunk?? Saphira: Not meeeeeee *blacks out* Thorn: Hmm.... she looks cuter when she's drunk... Elva: Are we there yet?? Are we there yet?? Christopher Paolini: Uggh, let me write in peace!!! Elva: Hahaha my questions are causing you pain >) Chris *facepalm* Angela: *hic* look its a rain*hic*bow cloud I have to study that *hic* it not right Murtagh: We're indoors .... *hic* Galbatorix: No we're *hic* in that one place that *hic* I've been before... Chris P.: Ok that's it I'm erasing all the ale Saphira *gasp* ohnoes!!!! D: Orik: That will not be tolerated!!!! *hic* Chris: Alright, I won't, geez Galbatorix *gets on Shruikan* Farewell my fellow creatures I shall go for a (Shruikan takes off) *Galby falls off**doomph* Krystal: haha I've always wanted to see that happen!!!! Everyone: >( Krystal: ...what?? : Eragon: MY story!!!! MINE!!!! >( Krystal: alright alright ... *sniff* Islanzadi: I command thee to leave the premises!!! Krystal (mutters) fine then be that way *slam* Galbatorix: Well hello there, I'm a king and your a queen... Islanzadi: o__o Murtagh: I'm drunk!!! Yay!!!! *happy face: Eragon: *vomits* I'm more *hic* dr - *vomit* - unkfslksjdf Roran: I love you Ra'zac!!!!!!!!! *kisses shorter Ra'zac* CP: 0___o Thorn: you guys!!! Getta freakin' room!!! D: Green Dragon: hello!!! I hatched!!!! lalala Thorn: No you didn't, get back in there!!!! And, between me and you, you don't want to hatch either, until the Varden steal you Greeny: o.O wth?? Thorn: Ah stuff that hatch for Arya Arya: Yay!!!!!! *happy face* Nasuada: Aaargh!!!!! How can you be so cruel!!!!! *bangs Thorn's head on wall* Murtagh: Ah shit #%&@(#%* Thorn *growl**faint* Saphira: nom Solembum: I seriously don't recommend that ... you should try an Urgal eye, it's not as gross as it sounds Saphira: um, no thanks Nar Gajvok: You'd better not, dragon Solembum: *nom* To be continued...
  10. Today we finally launched our final product, Epic is an understatement :D
  11. [ATTACH=full]8685[/ATTACH]
  12. [ATTACH=full]8683[/ATTACH]
  13. So the Eragon team (Me and SilenceX :) is proud to present the final ERAGON INHERITANCE product. Thanks to incredible effort and persistence both doodad and unit limit is now reached. I have been hosting this a lot from MMH, feel free to join anytime! Eragon Inheritance Final 10 https://www.epicwar.com/maps/282053/ [ATTACH=full]8681[/ATTACH] Before we started. [ATTACH=full]8682[/ATTACH] Complete overhaul, if you remember the old unbalanced map then you are in for a beautiful experience in the new Algesia
  14. Did you play the new version? It's not the same unbalanced map anymore.
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