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  1. Bias detected. Pona hate everything, 40k hate marines
  2. Well free Tibet then.... http://freetibet.org/
  3. For someone who doesn't play AWLR often I must admit this is more trolling and claiming the current editor is idiot :p. I think here what everyone need to do is honestly "take everything with a grain of salt." That basically what you have to do here.
  4. You win the best funniest story ever xD!
  5. HATE MARINE IS NECESSARY! Well I love space marines so yes :D.
  6. True Evad but there is a point to were if it so bad it will die out :p. It isn't true here which is a good thing that mostly mean the map maker have done there job correctly.
  7. I believe the saying is people never change :P. As we can see throughout the history of things and yeah I do get a bit of something of a joking matter or just whatever from Rhemar or something.
  8. This is were all logic fails.
  9. Couldn't they just take boat around? Idk even change up there unit so light infarty doesn't counter them? Massing one unit is never good in game, if it is then that a huge flaw unless the maker wanted it that way. EDIT: If he want to play that way so be it. You just flamed the guy for no reason at all.
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