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  1. lee0181

    Cao's Free Exploration

    I will and try and make it
  2. lee0181

    Returning with magic sword

    As soon as goblet leaves the office she walks around town trying to get the sword identified. She find someone. Goblet : how much how much to identify this sword . Madam:( she takes a look at it up and down doesn't take it from my hands) no less than a hundred and fifty gold . Goblet:(looks at her in the eye) wold you take 75 gold ? Madam: ( smiles) no.( then proceeds to hold out her hand) Goblet:( reaches into her pocket counts out the gold) okay you see that I have the coin identify it.( she holds out sword so she can identify it in one hand,and in the other is the gold)
  3. lee0181

    Repairs to the green door

    As night fell goblet scrounged the city for any scrap pieces of wood and brought them back to her soon-to-be new home. The help of some tools that she was able to acquire she was slowly able to make similar pairs. She made mistakes and learn from them measure three times cut once. But after some time the floorboards stoped Creaking, the doors were hung straight , cloth mixed with mud was pushed into the cracks in the wall with the tip of her dager to stop any draft she worked all day to earn some gold and fixed up her new home /job bit by bit. She fixed up some tables and made some benchs some barrel s by the wall for a makeshift bar. She cuts up an old sail and sews table cloth she does the best that she can . She goes out and finds her partner and bring some to the Green Door. She holds her breath as he enters. after a long nights she says to him ..I've done all I can. I have a small list but it still needs to be done some beds for the girls, some food, booze and some entertainment musically would you be able to help me out with any of that ? During the daytime I plan to still adventure and make money but I also plan to make a couple push cart food Stahl this way we have a legal business on top of this one.
  4. lee0181

    Hanging the Green Door

    Walking hand-in-hand with her partner is a dream come true in at of its self. The smell of the Sea Air was a prominent in her mind thinking to herself that the yelling of the sailors drowning out her own heartbeat . She Tunes them out and listens only to him the building the business her heart Harden's for a moment at her eyes closed. As she opens them she says to business then the girls will not this is a mansion compared to where they were. And if you look the clientele is abundant. One coat of paint should do it. She wanders the entire building looking at every nook and cranny . In her hand she has a wrinkled piece of parchment and a piece of charcoal she draws out the layout of the building along with some notes. Notes for better to entertain the guests ,better security and weak points in the structure how she would get in and out. After about an hour and a half she returns to him hands him the piece of paper what do you think. If you look upon the paper it's kind of smudge but you can make it out hiding spaces for girls in case it gets too rough places to hide money how to fix up Windows and she drew a design for a small stage/ bar for the lounge area were guess we'll wait for the girls.
  5. lee0181

    Contract: Gnoll Ritual - COMPLETE!

    As goblet looks at the job board .there she's noticing most of these jobs are not copper and silver they are gold .her eyes pop out of her head first second with disbelief. as she goes over the board she seems one that looks like she can do she tears it down goes to the fire pit and finds a piece of charcoal and signs her name GOBLET in big bold letters across the paper
  6. lee0181

    Contract: The Missing Souls COMPLETED!

    Squire Belfrith I have received your letter for help . I am gladly At Your Service I will do everything in my power to help in your time of need. Goblet ( the letter is written on Old crinkled up paper written in charcoal and sealed with old candle wax pressed against goblets lips)