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  1. mehahe

    Rogokk's free time

    Rogokk in his free time would help the local farmers by using his mastery over nature to help improve the crop yields and kill weeds and other plants that would reduce the crop growth as well as dealing with vermin and other pests that eat the produce. Otherwise he would wander the forest or roam the city perhaps even having a drink at one of the taverns. Quite recently having taken up craftsmanship helping fellow Sharptusk Tiger Company members with gear ;such as amulets of health for those of lowly fortitudes; and using his druidic circle power to heal the wounds of those unfortunate enough to have been wounded for whatever reason.
  2. mehahe

    Persuit of Greater Health

    Rogokk lifts an eyebrow and with a sigh says "alright then I will start work on it"
  3. mehahe

    Persuit of Greater Health

    "There are ways to bolster oneself the easiest i found was to get one of these" gesturing towards the amulet on his neck, "an amulet of health, quite powerful. Quite expensive a bit of a small fortune required to make one but still cheaper than buying one. Before i had the money for it, I too was quite frail so I understand how you might feel"
  4. mehahe

    Persuit of Greater Health

    Hearing the knocking at the door Rogokk loosens the latches and opens and with a unemotional face "Good day kind sir , I am home. Might I ask what brings you here that you are looking for me?"
  5. mehahe

    Cao's Free Exploration

    Rogokk will attend
  6. mehahe

    Rogokk languages

    Rogokk had decided that he wanted to learn "Hey man be cool" in as many languages as possible to try and be diplomatic in future situations and began searching the library in Ulmmarch for books relating to language as well as any dictionaries to learn just the phrase.
  7. mehahe

    Contract: Nightmares of the Bay

    Rogokk reads the job posting and is concerned about the nightmares and creatures being reported seen and signs his name to help.
  8. mehahe

    The Dark Creepeth Across the Lawn

    Rogokk would be concerned for the safety of gwawr and the garden and would sign up to help
  9. mehahe

    This is the Thirsty boy rp section

    -Tordar He never seems to run out, although he has better luck with actual weapons than throwing his vials
  10. mehahe

    This is the Thirsty boy rp section

    Tordar- Level 1 Sorcerer A truly amazing sight it is when he ACTUALLY HITS something with one of those vials
  11. mehahe

    Rogokks confusion

    Rogokk keeps getting told to come here but doesnt get why
  12. mehahe

    Hunter's Moon

    Rogokk indifferent to the plight and noticing that there is not payment disclosed figures he will join to see what is going on
  13. mehahe

    Missing Spices: COMPLETE

    Rogokk remembered seeing a bag of gold and note being sent off by J.F. Babineau and signs up to find out more
  14. mehahe

    Contract: The Missing Souls COMPLETED!

    Rogokk seeing the payment signs up.
  15. mehahe

    Contract: Gnoll Ritual - COMPLETE!

    Sign up Rogokk