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  1. Julian

    offical news about the Map

    i should have done it sooner but for anyone who did read it on brigands haven Third War got 3 new Editors under the Name Skillerino RedPanda and me we did already some updates but i wanted to tell it on Diplo now too that the Map got new Editors. I made a Discord for this Map where People can post Feedback and suggestions so that we can have more open discussions here is the Link for anyone who wants to join https://discord.gg/GE7MGZ Name of the Map is Third War Reborn 2.00 Besides that here are the current changes we did General changes: tier 3 heroes now start at lvl 5 instead of lvl 1 Some of the wc3 icons and models were either reduced or have been made into their wc3 original forms as we had to reduce the file size as much as possible to avoid crashes,when we have tried to dl the map thro ent we would get kicked we have been told that maybe it could be due to file size. All of the 500g upgrades have been temporarily disabled as they have helped quite well to reduce the file size and were causing some balance shinanigances.Gold required for tiers has been increasedTier 1: 200 goldTier 2:250 goldTier 3:400 goldMost of the upgradeable items were removed and with it the upgradeable system as wellRange demis stats were nerfedall elites got now hero dmg and hero armorMost of the units had cleaving attack removedA new command has been made to dissable spawns and re-enable them with -on/offAll of th demis should have mana bar and their spells should cost manaMost of the HOTS references and heroes have been removed from the mapseveral heroes have been tied to BuildingsRed: touch of death has been removed Lich king hero form: Hp regen has been increased anubarak lost spiked carapace and got now acid bombthrones dark summon can now target heroesnaxx tp mana got reduced from 100 to 50 but the tp time got increased nowliches hp has been nerfed to 850 but now have gained hero armorchanged kelthuzads healing wave to target now 6/8/10/12 units instead of 4/5/6/7 Blue: temple´s spells are now timebased which means after certain amount of time you will unlock your spells and you will no longer start with all of themdreadlords carrion swarm´s dmg has been reduced to 600Guldan has gained dark portal ability which now summons demons as his Whis R has been changed to summon doomguards on lvl 1 you will gain 2 doomguards and on lvl 2 you will gain 4Tichondrious has gained Inferno as ultimate and malganis has gained locust swarm Dreadlords mana regen has been nerfed by 0.20howl of terror has replaced with dark bladeguldan: his e summons are no longer magic immunehis q damage on heroes has been nerfed from 10/15/20/25 % down to 2/5/10/15%blackrock grunts gained now 1.20 mana reg instead of 1.00More units were added to nether to make life of blue player a bit easier:2 felguards 3 eredar warlocks and 2 nether drakesFel guards have been buffedYou will keep grunts after summoning the legion and will gain fel guards as bonusfel hounds matriach's war plating and devour magic have been removedArchimonde´s aura now buffs attackspeedTichondrious flaming orb has -10s cd on every lvlMalganis life drain ability has been replaced with SilenceNEW:Malganises silence now lasts on units 12/16/20/24 and 8/10/12/15 on heroes and has AOE is 200/275/350/350 Temple´s AOE has been decreased from 400 to 300 Purple: krasus lifedrain got now damage numbers instead of % Damage uther is now meele heroHis E now summons units instead of being dark arrow kind of spellgarithos is now tier 3 hero mastery you get calia when capital fallsGarithos has got now Scarlet Trance instead of holy lightcalia got now holy light instead of scarlet trancedemi garithos has been removeduther is now tied to the capital CityWhen forming SC now you will get normal amount of spawns instead of -2Orange: Vashjs ultimate is now faster with a 800 speed instead of 100 Jaina releases now more blizzard waves but the dmg has been reducedJainas ultimate ice queen bonus blizzard waves have been removedLorthemar´s starfall has been replaced with command auraNEW:Antonidas has been tied to Violet Citadel NEW:lesser firelords hp has been decreased and lava spawn has been removed rhonins deathsheep has been nerfed to 800hp down from 2000 zeratuls shadow on the council of six has been renamed to Mass invisibility Dark green:the tower of azora has gained now brilliance aurareginald has lost his devotion auravarian has gained a new aura a command aura increasing the damage of the units does not affect yellowlvl 1 5% lvl 2 10% lvl 3 20% and lvl 4 30%varian has been tied to StormwindGreen: nzoths devour no longer casts silence zuldare spawns only 1 second war veteran nowNefarian will now always spawn at lvl 6 and is unrevivableyou no longer loose nekrosh when you summon chogall or deathwingthe fortress in outland changed owner to teal and the dark horde hall has been removedthe drakkari, gurubashi and shatterspear event has been removedyou need to summon now chogall first to get deathwingwarlocks have gained twilight magi´s dispell and the twilight magi have gained now devour magicblackwing spellbinders have gained hero armorchromatic dragons and black dragons have gained heavy armor and their hp has been reduced by -200NEW:Rend has been tied to BlackrockNew: Dragonmaw port is now obtainable after clearing all of the creeps in the area NEW:If you accept lvl 4 and above of corruption you will be unallied from teal permanently. NEW:rends endurance aura has been reduced to 3/5/8/10 % NEW:magram marauder´s speed has been increased Teal:fel matriach has been made into a normal unit and her stats have been reducedbutcher removed has been removed(if you have any suggestion with who to replace him and mby even skillset we are all ears)magtheridon now gets only +2 lvl from absorbing nordrassilfel maw only spawns 1 unit nowNEW:magtheridon has been tied to Black Temple nowNEW: Maghteridon is now classified as UD (we might make other demons into UD if people will demand it)Yellow: rifleman health has been reduced by 100 and their dmg has been reduced by 4Pink: crossroad being destroyed will no longer show the message 5 timesmannoroths lvl has been reduced to 6feral spirits now require nordrassil sergeant doomhammer has been removedthrall is tied to ogrimmarbladmaster´s stats have been reducedlesser firelords hp have been nerfed and his lava spawns have been removedgrom has gained bladestorm instead of hellscream as new W counts for the bloodpact version toostonemaul magi can attack airsealing the ashenvale pass has been removedtransmute on tinkers has been removed and has been replaced with repair abilitykodos gained mana bar and mulgore pie costs mana nowthe goblin tier 2 mastery does now only give +10 gold reduced from +30garrosh demi/hero has been removed for nowthralls healing rain got range reduced to 900 down from 1200NEW:Huffer is no longer a permanent unit but a summon as well Thanes have gained +200 hpone gnomish factory has been removed from menethil harbourMuradin: firebreath has been replaced with shockwave and blinding cloud has been replaced with cleaving attackgryphon riders have gained cloudfalstads xp boost has been reduced by -200 on all lvls2 warriors and 1 riflemen and 2 towers were added to northen side of ThelsamarNEW:skybreaker has gained now pierce attack NEW:Magni has been tied to Ironforge NEW: gnomish terminator´s collision size has been increased and they now give xp upon dying at enemy handsthanes and magni have gained two diffrent modelsGrey:you need now 300 blood to summon hakkaryou now get 3/5/8/10 % attackspeed from cairnes endurance auravoljin is now tied to darkspear holdgoing hakkari over shadow of the darkspear path will now remove bwonsamdis totem and voljin bonus stats he got was reduced to 10 down from 20voodoo zombies now cost 10 goldghazranka´s stats have been reducedNEW: Spirit Walker´s spirit link now costs 50mana down from 75Brown: murky´s W has been replaced by mass slowmalfurions lvl changed to 4 instead of 6ranged mountain giants can no longer switch to meleeBrown:lunara has been removedmalfurion is tied to nighthaven nowtortolla got now only 2000 healthawaking malfurion event got moved to moonglade so you dont have to fight through the orcs to get malfurionall murloc units got +200 healthNEW:Brightwing has been removed and as a replacament we have added Broll Bearmantle Broll´s skillset Imma keep it simple(i´ve got more creative ideas but yeah we can´t affrod that not at least right now as we need to keep the file size where it is perhaps even decrease it but i´m afraid that won´t be possible withot removing some good events etc BUT if you´ve got any good ideas feel free to share them! So Q:Entangle,W:Small AOE heal,E:armor buffs,R:AvatarCreeps and pictures:strand of the ancient has been removed the aegis from there are now droppable from Thorim the bandits at twilight highlands left the areadragonmaw usurper will give now +50 gold when killeda tinker was added to booty bayItem Changes:gorehowl does now +20 damage the agility bonus got removed If anyone wants to complain go ahead