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  1. Well I'd be very interested in that, Feanor. With regards to the USSR during Lenin and Stalin - did they not essentially fill the role of emperor elected by god as it was within the previous hegemony-type society? I just have trouble seperating the religious bits of leninist-marxism from the various religions it denounces. I have great difficulty believing that catholics were not atleast in some degree persecuted by the state after the death of Stalin.
  2. I'd really be curious about some relevant reading material - preferably not in russian - about Russias history during and after Stalin. I've read a Danish historian's take on the time between 1917 and 1980 where a shitton occurs almost simultaneously, so my view of the USSR in that time is mostly extremely negative.
  3. So they stopped suppressing political opponents with laborcamps after the end of Stalin?
  4. Steak surely you don't seriously mean to say that Greenland should be considered part of the Americas? That's ridiculous.
  5. Has the record for watching it the most amount of times whilst fully clothed.
  6. It's amazing how something I first encountered at age 13 was really the true meaning xD
  7. eh ok. I admit not having checked discord and it's not like I lack purpose when I can't lurk Diplo.. <.>
  8. yeah seriously though. Diplo has been down the last two days - u guys just reverted to jokes? xD
  9. Buddhism =/ Hinduism. The muslims and the hindus have never really gotten over the separation of India and Pakistan.
  10. Abdel you're trying to place yourself in some mediating middle of this discussion but you seem to not get Eagleman's point about the unknowable part of this whole situation.
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